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By:Sam Crescent


Six months from Blind Devotion

The Mess

“Butch, wake up, baby. Please, you’ve got to wake up. You can’t die,” Cheryl said, screaming his name. There was blood everywhere, and none of The Skulls agreed to help him. Everything had gone wrong, and she didn’t know how to make it all right. “Please, somebody, help me.”

Tiny, Devil, Alex stared down at the body refusing to help. Why wouldn’t they help? Butch had done everything they asked.

He didn’t tell you everything about the Savage Brothers MC, only part of it.

“He’s dead. Leave him be,” Tiny said, spitting on the ground. He was covered in blood, his arm holding a giant gash that revealed too much of his flesh. Gonzalez and the Savage Brothers had taken them all by surprise, and now both crews were having to pay the price.

“No, he’s not dead. I can feel a pulse. Please, you’ve got to help him.” Cheryl tried to cover the bullet wound to keep his blood from leaving his body.

No one was helping. Sandy was passing out across the room. What remained of the Fort Wills town hall left a lot to be desired. Civilians were running around trying to get away from the attack that had hit the town within days of Tiny going to war with Devil. For the first time in years Devil and Tiny didn’t get along, and it was all because of Gonzalez. They’d all been mistaken. Gonzalez had never intended to choose between the two men. He was going to take on Fort Wills and Piston County, killing all of them. Cheryl saw the glares they were shooting at her man. It was all a big mistake. They were all staring at Butch as if he was a rat, vermin, something they couldn’t bring themselves to touch. Didn’t they know he was helping them all?

“He’s not getting my fucking help,” Zero said, standing up. “He’s fucking dead to me.”

“This is what Gonzalez wants,” she said. Butch had told her nearly everything about what he’d done and why. He’d missed the part about the Savage Brothers coming today. He promised her that he’d given them a different location. Either Butch had lied to her or the Savage Brothers had lied to Butch. Gonzalez had to be put down. There was no way to stop what he had to do. He was betraying his brothers, and yet he was protecting them at the same time. She saw through the actions that had played out only moments ago, so why couldn’t they? The Savage Brothers club was in his blood. He was helping all three clubs without even picking one. The Skulls were his home.

Butch did what Alex told him to. He’d told her as much as he could. The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds were refusing to see the truth, and now the love of her life was dying in her arms. Glancing around the room, she saw members of both crews were dying all around them. It didn’t have to be this way.

She tried to think fast.

Staring from one man to the other, she tried to figure out the fastest way to help her man.

All of them, apart from Alex, were married. Those women were in a safe house, or at least they thought it was safe. Butch had arranged for the women and children to be at the warehouse in the hope of luring Gonzalez away from them. The Savage Brothers knew where they were, and perhaps Gonzalez did as well.

“If you let Butch die, every single person you hold dear will die,” she said, letting her words sink in. She hated threatening them, but she had to do something to save her man from dying. Butch was her whole life.

“They’re safe.”

“Are they? Have you heard from Lexie? Eva? Tate? They’re all where Butch put them, and I know I can end their lives if his heart stops beating.” She gritted her teeth as the blood seeped through her fingers.

Cheryl was willing to do everything to save her man, even put the lives of the clubs’ women at stake.

Chapter One

Tiny and Eva

Three months earlier

“Do you have any idea what you did?” Tiny asked, turning to glare at Devil. Their closest men were present for the fight that was about to happen. After hearing what had gone down in Piston County, Tiny wasn’t in the mood to play games. His daughter ended up in a fucking coma because he’d hit out at Gonzalez. Tate had almost died because of him, and for a month it had been touch and go. He’d spent so much time in the fucking hospital by her side begging for her to come back. She was a total bitch at times, but she was still his daughter and he loved her. Tiny didn’t want anything to happen to his women, family, or club. Everywhere he turned bad shit was happening to the people he loved, and he couldn’t stand it. How much was he supposed to put up with before enough was really enough? Devil was not only putting the Chaos Bleeds crew at risk, he was harming Tiny’s club, and that he didn’t accept. Whizz was working around the clock to get something on Gonzalez. There had to be something big for a man who could have so many men working for him. When they did have something, Tiny had every intention of hitting the man back, only this time he was going to do it in the right time and in style. He had faith that Whizz would come through. There was no way he’d accept failure, not in Whizz, not after everything that had happened. Seeing the smug smile on Devil’s face angered him. Tiny was pissed off, beyond pissed, and he wanted to kill the fucker standing before him. They’d been through a lot together, yet Tiny was having a hard time dealing with what had happened.