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By:Sam Crescent

Whimpering, she wrapped her arms around his neck, loving the feel of his tongue as he slid it across her lips. Opening up to his invasive tongue, she met him halfway, and the taste of him exploded on her tongue.

Tiny pulled away from her first. He stared down into her eyes, and she felt open to his gaze.

“I think it’s time I showed you who owns this body.” In quick moves he had her pressed up against the sink, away from the bath. In the mirror she watched him looking down and heard the sound of his belt loosening. The sound of his zipper opening echoed off all the walls.

Heat built between her thighs, making it impossible for her to think.

“I don’t give a fuck what Gonzalez has planned. He can go and fuck himself, Eva. The only woman I want, the only woman I’ll ever fucking want, is you.” His hands touched her hips then cupped the cheeks of her ass.

She felt him spread her ass open, and then the tip of his cock was pressed to her entrance.

“I wish I had some lube on me. I’d fuck your ass as well to prove to you how much you fucking own me.” In the next instant he slammed deep inside her, taking her by surprise.

Crying out, she gripped the edge of the sink, holding on as he went to the hilt, refusing to back down. One of his hands gripped her hip as the other went to her neck. He lifted her head up so she had no choice but to look in the mirror.

“Look at yourself, baby. Look what I’ve got to call my own.” He pulled out of her only to ram back inside. Gasping, Eva loved the way he filled her. His thick prick stroked along the walls of her pussy, showing her how hard he was.

Staring at her man, she saw the raw desire shining back at her. He stared at her with love and lust.

“I’m fucking old, Eva. You could have any man you fucking wanted, and yet, you’re with me.” Again, he pulled out of her and swiveled his hips to plunge back within her. Screaming out, she closed her eyes at the intense pleasure his rough fucking was creating. “No, you fucking look at me.”

She had no choice but to open her eyes as he refused to move until she did. Looking at him, she waited for him to move. Tiny didn’t keep her waiting long. Over and over, he thrust deep inside her, going to the hilt then back again. He drove her to the edge of orgasm but wouldn’t let her go over the edge.

“Please, Tiny.”

“No, you don’t get to come until I know you understand who’s getting the better fucking bargain.” He slapped her ass and held her neck tightly. There was nowhere else for her to go. Tiny was the one in control. His cock fucked her, getting her wet with each thrust.

Begging him to fuck her, she tried to push back against him. He wouldn’t let her move. With the hand on her neck and on her hip, he was the stronger one.

“Please,” she said, begging.

“No, look at yourself, Eva. You’re a fucking beauty. You’re young, sexy, and could have any man begging for your attention.” He fucked her in three hard thrusts.

Crying out, she tightened her hold on the sink, hoping he made his point soon. She didn’t know how much more torture she could take with him fucking her.

“I will never cheat on you. I know what I’ve got is fucking heaven. Anyone who cheats on their woman is a fucking coward. I’m not a coward, Eva. I’m your man, and I love you with all my heart.”

“I love you, Tiny.”

“Then tell me you believe me and fucking trust me.”

“I believe you, and I trust you.” He’d never give her any reason to doubt him.

He leaned over her. His lips brushed her ear. “I’m never going to give you a moment to doubt me. I’m yours, Eva. You own me and this fucking cock.” Tiny sucked on her earlobe as the hand holding her hip moved down to brush her pussy.

Gasping, she opened her thighs wide. His fingers touched her clit, stroking the bud.

“Now, come for me.”

She had no choice but to do as he told her, splintering apart within his arms as her orgasm took her unawares. Tiny held her close as his cock jerked inside her, spurting his cum within her.

“I need you to know and trust that I love you, Eva. Always and forever, no matter what fucking happens. I own you as much as you own me.”

Eva nodded, holding onto him as she came down from her orgasm. She didn’t need anything else in that moment other than to have his arms wrapped around her, holding her close.


Whizz stared at the computer screen while also taking a swig out of the bottle. He looked among the multiple screens trying to find a connection between all of the people. So far he’d gotten in touch with three men who claimed to owe a favor to Gonzalez. They’d been called in to deal with Ned and some of his fighters. The men were in Vegas waiting for Gonzalez’s signal.