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Ride With The Devil(2)

By´╝ÜJoanna Blake

Not tonight.

Tonight she was meeting her best friend. She was finally seeing Kaylie for the first time in six months. Since she'd left for college.

That had gone really well.

College had not been for her, to put it mildly. She missed dancing too much. After the accident, nothing could quite get through to her. She hadn't enjoyed her classes, the dorms or anything really.

Well, except for one thing…

She rolled her eyes and forced herself to keep still. She was ready to bounce out of her chair with excitement. Not just because she was going to see Kaylie, but because of where they were meeting.

They were going there.

The SOS clubhouse.

Janet had never been inside the Spawn's headquarters. Few outsiders had. And tonight was her chance.

Her best friend was dating the President of one of the most notorious MC clubs in all of California!

She was bursting with anticipation. She wondered if there would be anyone there she might want to date too. Kaylie had warned her that most of the guys were pretty cavalier about women, but you never know.

Besides, Janet decided that she could be cavalier too.

She'd been feeling particularly reckless since getting kicked out of college for poor grades. She'd spent a semester and a half on academic probation, struggling since almost the first week of school.

She didn't really blame her parents for being mad about that.

But how could they understand what it was like?

There was no way to explain it to them. College had changed everything for her. Once she wasn’t dancing seven hours a day, her curves had blossomed.

After years she was finally a woman. She'd always been distracted by boys. Kaylie teased her about it endlessly.

But after all this time, she distracted them too.

How was she supposed to concentrate on school with so many other things to do? She just wanted to dance and have fun. She'd gotten into the habit of hitting the night clubs almost every damn night.

Of course, she was flunking out!

She peeked up at her parents sour expression. It was painfully obvious that they were still disappointed that her ballet career had been cut short.

It didn't seem fair.

She was the one who'd worked so hard for all those years. And besides, it's not like they had been expecting her to go to med school.

No, they expected her to rub shoulders with the rich art world, get married as quickly as possible and start popping out future rich people of America.

Janet hadn’t thought much past her next pair of tights. But she had been hoping, in a vague way, to become a physical therapist someday.

It was the last thing anyone expected from her, but it was true.

She'd fallen in love with the profession after the injury that forced her to hang up her toe shoes for good. Her physical therapist Becky had been amazing and so smart. It was around that point that she'd started to fill in and finally develop- after years and years of waiting- actual boobs.

God, she loved her boobs.

She loved the way they looked, the way they felt, and especially the way they seemed to open doors… get her out of speeding tickets… even get her free drinks.

Lots and lots of free drinks.

She tugged her skirt down over the tiny heart tattoo on her outer thigh. It was a good thing they hadn't seen that yet. No reason to send them into the stratosphere.

Especially since that wasn't the last tattoo she planned on getting…

After another twenty minutes of lecturing they finally seemed to lose steam. Janet had heard enough about responsibility and becoming a productive member of society for a lifetime.

She wasn't sure how she was going to fit into this world just yet, but she was sure it wasn't going to be the way her parents were talking about.

Not even close.

Chapter Two


Jack stood watching while Donnie kept everyone in stitches. Donnie was practically sitting on the bar while he told the guys a hilarious story about Dev and Kaylie. He grunted at the punch line, as amused as everyone else.

Jack never spoke and Donnie loved to gab. The SOS’s third in command could charm a snake out of it’s skin. Jack didn’t mind though, he actually liked listening to Donnie talk.

It was a good thing too.

Donnie’s story escalated, painting a picture of Devlin as a marked man, doomed for a lifetime of serving his tiny, young old lady.

Making fun of the club President's sudden and utter devotion to a mere slip of a girl was everyone's favorite pastime. The Spawn's all adored Kaylie too so it was never mean spirited. But it was funny, even to Jack.

Especially to Jack. He didn’t believe in love, but Devlin might change his mind. The formerly gruff Club President.

It was just too funny to see Devlin mooning over a woman when he'd had the chance to bed nearly every woman in two counties. You would think that would jade a man, make him bored or cynical.