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Ride With The Devil(52)

By´╝ÜJoanna Blake

"I don't! I'm petrified."

I grinned at her.

"I'll protect you."

She laughed as if that were the wittiest thing I could have said. I laughed too, her laughter was that infectious. As soon as we got to the top of the wheel I slid over to her. Her face was startled as she looked into my eyes. My eyes lowered to her soft inviting lips.

I leaned in and tilted my head, angling my mouth against hers.

Her lips felt like pillows underneath mine. Warm and sweet. Her breath mingled with mine as I slowly eased into the kiss, nibbling and licking her until she opened her mouth.

Then the kiss went wild.

My hands reached for her hips as I pulled her against me. Her breasts mashed against my chest and I moaned, diving back into her mouth to tangle my tongue with hers.

I felt like my dick was a fucking rocket, it was so ready to lift off.

The next thing I knew the ride had stopped and a crowd of people were staring at us. I guess we didn't notice. I wanted the ride to go on and on. As it was I had to hold my jacket in front of me as I climbed out.

I glanced at Frannie. Her pretty lips were swollen and pouting. I wanted to get horizontal with her right fucking now.

Jesus Christ, what was she doing to me?

The girl had the moves that was for fucking sure.

I took her hand and pulled her toward the boardwalk, desperately looking for a place to be alone with her. She smiled at me shyly. There was an innocence in her gaze that made me absolutely sure that she had no fucking clue what I had in mind.

I had a sinking feeling that Frannie was a good girl. That her innocence might be a problem. That it might take more than a Ferris wheel ride to get into her pants. It wasn't going to stop me from trying though.

I knew something else too.

I knew it without a doubt.

This girl was going to be mine.