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Riding Red(48)

By:Alexa Riley

“Fuck, baby, I can’t wait. I need to get inside you.”

“It’s my birthday! Don’t I get a say?”

“After this, I need to take the edge off.” Chris scoots up the bed, thrusting inside me, hard and fast. “Goddamn, eating that pussy gets me so fucking hard.”

He reaches between us, rubbing my clit, and then leans down to kiss me, letting me taste myself. The flavor of my need combined with his hard cock fucking me tests my limits. Chris pulls back, putting a hand over my mouth as I shout my release. I feel myself squirt on his cock, drenching him in my cum.

“Fuck.” He buries his face in my neck, biting me there while he empties inside me. The feeling of his warm cum flooding me makes me twitch and sparks off another, smaller orgasm.

“Mom! Grandma is here to take me to soccer practice!” I hear Fae yell from the bottom of the stairs.

“Tonight the kids are going to your parents’,” Chris says as he licks my nipple, sucking it into his mouth.

“What are we going to do with an empty house and all this time on our hands?” I giggle as I rub his hairy chest. God, he’s forty and just getting sexier with every year that passes.

“I’m sure we can think of something.”

“How about you put on that Darth Vader mask I got you and you punish me for being a rebel?”

He gets a wicked look in his eye and nods his head. “I think I’d enjoy showing you my Lightsaber.”

We fall into giggling pile as we roll around in our happily ever after.



“What the fuck are you doing here, Cherry?” Carter growls and stands up from a metal chair.

I’ve never seen this look on him before. Well, not directed at me anyway. What should I expect though? The man is in prison and has been for four years, and still has another four to go.

I haven’t seen him since that night. The night I can’t remember. The reason I’m here.

“Did you get my letters?” I ask, ignoring his question. I sent hundreds over the years and never once did he respond.

“Yeah, I got them,” he fires back.

“But…you never...” My words trail off as the force of what he’s saying hits me. He got my letters; he just didn’t care enough to write back. The first ones started off asking what had happened, because I had so many questions. All I have is this giant blank spot in my mind driving me insane. One second I have a perfect life and the next I wake up in the hospital covered in bruises, with my mother missing, along with my bodyguard. Poof! No more Mom and no more Carter. For some reason, the loss of Carter hurt the most. After that my once-loving father turned cold. Others might have called my father cold before on account of his dealings with the dirtier elements of society, but I never thought he was…until now.

“Ever think there was a reason I didn’t respond? I threw them out. I don’t want you here.” Carter has always been blunt and to the point but he was never intentionally cruel, and never with me. He had been my bodyguard for six months before that night. I couldn’t turn around without tripping over him. Anytime I was allowed to the leave house, he was at my side like a shadow.

Shifting uncomfortably, I take him in. He’s huge. I remember him as always being big, but now he seems massive. His six foot four frame looks like it’s been chiseled from stone and could bust the seams of his prison uniform. I don’t recall him having so many tattoos either, but now every inch of exposed skin is covered in them, peeking up around the neck of his uniform. I also don’t recall ever wanting to lick them as I do now.

Slowly moving my eyes back to his face, I see his jaw is hard from clenching it. His eyes lock on mine, so green they almost look like colored contact lenses. Those blazing emeralds snap away and do a head-to-toe sweep of my body. My breath catches in my throat at the look he gives me. It was hard and deadly before, but now it appears hungry and consuming. He makes me feel naked, completely stripped.

In three long strides he’s in front of me, lifting me into his arms. Caught completely off guard, I gasp. He wraps his free hand in my long hair and pulls my head back, claiming my mouth. My fingers grab the fabric of his shirt and try to pull him closer. I feel like my whole body has just come alive. My body is overcome with all the passion and fervor I’ve felt all these years, but I don’t exactly have any experience to guide me. I’m twenty and I’ve never been kissed. But this doesn’t feel like any kiss I’ve ever imagined. It feels like he’s devouring my body with his mouth, his teeth, his tongue. It feels like Carter is ravishing my soul.