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By:Joan Swan

He kissed her and wrapped her in his arms, whispering, “That’s the best present you could give me.”

When he released her again, she picked up the last key and studied it, her memories sliding back to those days of team get-togethers and family visits. “This looks like one of the keys you had mounted in that shadow box hanging in your kitchen.”

“Good memory.”

“Your grandmother’s…or something?”

He nodded.

“This was the key that started her collection. My grandfather gave it to her the day he told her he loved her, explaining it was the key to his heart. And I’m giving it to you as the key to mine.”

She couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. They spilled over her lashes and tickled her cheeks. Josh pulled something from his pocket and took the key from her. He threaded an antiqued silver chain through the heart, moved behind her, and fastened it around her neck. The key fell directly against her own heart.

He turned her in his arms and traced one finger down the chain with a soft smile. “Perfect.”

“I couldn’t love you any more than I do right now, Josh Marx.” Grace linked her arms around his neck, and pressed her forehead to his. “I promise to take very good care of your heart.” She kissed him gently, then whispered, “And that’s no rumor.”