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Safeword: Davenport(9)

By´╝ÜCandace Blevins

"She didn't. She got Ensure, water, and daily vitamins. A liquid diet hung in a clean enema bag above her head with a tube going to her mouth while she was on the seat, and again as she walked on the treadmill. It had one of those biteable nozzles bike riders use."

Dana was so horny she couldn't think straight. She hadn't thought she'd ever submit again, but for this man she might consider getting back on her knees. Zach interrupted her reflections. “You were turned on by my coffee table cage. Can you tell me why it appeals to you?"

She swallowed a few spoonfuls of soup as she organized her thoughts. “When I was caged, I was put away. Stored. I didn't learn until I was preparing the house for sale that he'd installed a night vision camera and must have kept an eye on me. I can't explain why, but the idea of being imprisoned in the open, part of the furniture, so I'd be seen while put away—stored as art instead of warehoused and forgotten. I now know he was watching me, but I didn't realize it at the time. So, yeah, your cage—in full view of the room—was a huge turn-on."

"Is a huge turn-on."

She sighed and looked down, her face going hot as she said, “Yeah."

Zach walked Dana across the parking area and leaned her against the passenger door, trapping her. She'd had several first kisses in the past year and this wasn't like any of them. It started strong and got stronger—the warmth of his lips on hers, his hot breath on her cheek, his tongue sweeping her mouth, one hand firm on the back of her head, the other gently holding her left arm in place. Instinct made her want to touch him but his hands requested she stay put, so she held still and submitted.

She was breathless when he finally pulled back, his eyes meeting hers with a hunger that made her blood boil; made her want more than a kiss.

He brushed his fingers across her cheek, the light stroke incongruous with the intensity of the moment. “I'd like to take you home tonight. No power dynamic, no safewords needed because if you tell me to stop, I will. I want to drip hot wax on you until you're encased in it, and then flog it from your body and either make love to you or fuck you—depending on where the energy takes us."

Dana's mouth said, “Okay,” before her brain had a chance to weigh in.

He smiled, gave her a few seconds, and said, “You sure? Was that a heat of the moment okay?"

Was she so obvious to him? She felt a shy smile form and laughed to cover it. “Yes, it was, but it's my final answer, for the wax and flogging anyway—not certain about the fucking part. I've never had sex on a first date, but this feels like more."

He stroked her jawline, touched the end of his nose to hers, and pulled back a few inches. “That's because it is. If you aren't comfortable having sex yet, we'll wait. No pressure."

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Chapter Four

* * * *

The playroom door was already open, and Zach walked her straight in, gently pushing her against a padded portion of the wall, using his body to make escape impossible. He leaned down, small kisses, his lips on hers with just the barest pressure behind them. When she was ready to melt again he pulled back. “You may want to visit the restroom while I'm setting up."

When Dana returned, Zach had taken his suit jacket off and was busy with preparations. Clear plastic peeked out from under a tan sheet on the bondage table. A wheeled cart held two identical crock-pots, wax shavings, a few pillar candles, and a long handled lighter. Yeah, he'd done this before.

He glanced up as she stepped towards him, looked back at the crock-pots, and dumped some wax in both. “I need ice and we'll be set. I'm a little off my game here—ordinarily I'd tell you to strip and get on the table, but that's not the dynamic tonight. Come with me to the kitchen, please?"

She didn't think he'd meant it as a complaint, but wasn't sure. He put his arm around her as they walked through the house, and she asked, “Are you really okay with this? Is it too weird to do this without power exchange? Am I wanting to have my cake and eat it, too?"

Zach filled a glass with ice and plunked it into the stainless mixing bowl several times. “No, it's fine. I think this is a healthy way for us to begin. The wax will let me easily switch sensations, go from pleasure to pain as I learn your body. I promise you I'm looking forward to this."

Dana was silent as they walked back, a little nervous and a lot excited—she remembered the feel of the hot wax, and her skin itched for it.

The ice glittered in the spotlight over the cart, and life went into slow motion as he gently turned her around. “I assume this long zipper makes unwrapping you fairly simple. I love this dress, by the way."

Her heart fluttered as his hand dragged the zipper down, drawing out the anticipation, the slow vibrations making her want to squirm. Cool air kissed her lower back, warm hands pushed the straps down her arms, and the fabric slithered down her body. He stopped it as the opening brushed her knees, and asked her to step out.