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Safeword: Storm Clouds(7)

By´╝ÜCandace Blevins

So why in the hell was she feeling like following this human's instructions? Why was she getting turned on by it? Time to take control.

Kendra quickly stepped closer to Eric and very quickly but carefully picked him up and then laid him down on the ground, being careful to slow down just before he touched the ground so he went down gently. She did it at full vampire speed, so he'd just sense standing there one moment and then laying on his back the next, without it hurting. She sat on his legs and leaned forward and kissed him. And kept kissing him, with no doubt as to who was controlling the kiss this time. When he reached up with his hands to put them around her she gently but firmly took them and put them on the ground beside his head and held them there. About ten seconds later when she felt him start to resist, she smoothly stood up and reached her hand down to help him up.

He gave her a wary eye and rolled his body up and was standing all in one motion, deliberately not accepting the offer of her hand to help him up. Once he was up he quietly asked, "You were trying to make a point with that?"

"Did you enjoy it?"

He closed his eyes for a second or two and opened them, shaking his head and talking in a nice conversational style, still not upset or flustered in any way. "Oh, this is rich. I begin to wonder if maybe I've met someone I might want to have a relationship with and it turns out she's a Domme. Is that it?"

"You're telling me you're a Dom, too?"

He turned away from her to walk towards the trees that the ropes were tied off to. "Yeah, and you seemed to be responding like a natural submissive right up until I found myself flat on my back." He stopped at the first tree and turned to give her a lopsided smile. “You sure you aren't a switch?"

She returned the lopsided smile. "Positive. You still haven't answered whether you enjoyed it or not. You responded like you did."

"I kissed you back, the kiss was nice, but being dominated didn't do anything for me."

Damn, he was telling the truth. She'd picked up the quickened pulse and thought it was lust, but it wasn't, it was just the rush of it, the adrenaline. He'd enjoyed the kiss for the sake of the kiss, but not because of some latent submissive tendency. She didn't smell the kind of lust she'd smell if he was being turned on by her dominance. But, there had been that adrenaline rush, so she tried that angle. "How big of an adrenaline rush do you think you would have under my control? Isn't that what you liked about what I just did? The unknown? You've never had a woman able to lay you down and take control like that. And when I put your arms down, you didn't fight me. Not at first. As soon as you resisted I pulled back and stood up. I'm not into force, I'll only take you if you submit. But if you submit, I guarantee you an adrenaline rush."

"And I can guarantee you mind blowing orgasms if you submit. Are you suggesting we switch? You one night and me the next?"

Kendra smiled. “No, actually, I was just suggesting that you submit to me."

He shook his head as he disconnected the webbing from one of the trees. "I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen. Once a relationship is established I might agree to submit to you for one night just for the adrenaline rush, but I'm wired as a Dom and that's the only way a relationship with me will work. I've tried vanilla with people who weren't into power exchange and it's just a road to heartache because it isn't enough for me. I don't date like a normal guy, my only relationships now are with people I know are in the lifestyle before we even start. But something about you made me want to learn more about you. That kiss on the way back up was so I could see if you had submissive tendencies. And you do. Deny it if you want but you responded, I didn't imagine that. You responded to the kiss and you responded to my instructions once we were back up on top."

Kendra thought about it. She liked this human, and he'd be a great companion. If she could, well, tame him into it. And she didn't see how that would happen if she submitted to him. But, damn, he was right – she was turned on when he kissed her while they were in the harnesses.

She deflected the conversation. “Can I help you pack the ropes up, or are you picky about the way they get stored?"

He smiled. “I'm picky about the way they get stored. Just sit and we'll talk while I do this, don't feel like you need to help. If we do this a lot I'll show you how I like it done, but tonight it will be easier for me to just do this part of it myself."

"Give me a minute. I'm going to walk into the woods a second while you do that."

He shook his head as he worked, "It's not safe to walk around on the edge of a cliff at night. If you just need a minute to think then sit there and do it and I'll be quiet while you think."