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Safeword: Storm Clouds(8)

By´╝ÜCandace Blevins

She wanted to argue about her night vision but decided it wasn't worth it. So she just walked a few steps and sat down on a rock that was the perfect size for a seat, and sent the feelers in her mind out to Abbot.


Just a minute Kendra, let me finish up what I'm doing. Are you okay?

I'm okay, just need some advice.

Okay, just a minute or two, please.

And, true to his word, a few minutes later he came back with, Now you have my undivided attention.

I found a human tonight who will make an excellent human companion. He's so full of life. And we really hit it off. He took me rappelling off the side of a mountain tonight. Anyway, turns out he's a Dom. And, when he kissed me, I felt, well, I reacted. You know, like a submissive. It's been over a thousand years since I submitted to one of us, and I've never submitted to a human. I know this is hopeless, but Abbot, he's so full of life. I've only known him a few hours but I don't want to walk away from him. What's going on? And how in the hell could it work for me to submit to him anyway? I'm so much stronger than he is, there is no way he'd ever be able to overpower me.

Human men submit to human women who are weaker than them all of the time Kendra. For humans it isn't about who is stronger, it's all about an agreement to exchange power. An agreement that one is turned on by submitting and the other is turned on by being in control. You may have some challenges to your status if it gets out that you are submitting to a human, but once you make a few examples of those who challenge you no one else will say anything. If you find yourself wanting to submit to him, go for it. I'll back you with the other vampires if anything is said about it. I'd have a hard time doing it if you wanted to submit to another vampire of course, but submitting to a human doesn't effect the vampire hierarchy.

But, if he's in control, how can he be a human companion? I need to be in control in order to feed from him.

I've never done it myself, but I know that other vampires have made it work. I can't give you any advice other than to say it's possible.

I think he needs to know I'm a vampire before we go much farther. He needs to understand I'm stronger than he is. Normally there is more of a relationship established before we talk about that, but in this case he needs to know before he and I start talking about limits or he'll never understand why my limits are going to be so far out there.

Okay, set a time with him. I can get away tomorrow night if you want to meet him around 8:00, either at his house if he lives alone, or bring him to the coterie house. I'll help you tell him and make sure the binding takes.

Kendra wasn't terribly sure about this but she was willing to give it a try to see what happened. She wanted to taste of this man, not just his blood, but his life force. But more than that, she wanted to spend time with him and get to know him. When you live for thousands of years you tend to pay attention when someone pops into your life who might have the ability to bring some excitement. She wasn't willing to submit to him around the other vampires until she was sure it would work, but once she was sure it would work then she'd figure out how to deal with them.

"Eric. Come give me another kiss."

He gave her a lazy smile as he looped the rope around itself. "You giving me an order? I think we've already covered the fact that I'm used to being the one giving orders."

Yep, that settled it, that extra little twinge she felt between her legs meant she was indeed responding to his dominance. She'd go ahead and say it the way she figured he wanted to hear it. "Eric, please come give me another kiss."

He smiled and gently placed the rope he was working on at his feet before walking to within a few feet of her. He spoke softly, but she could sense the strength in that gentle voice. "Stand up Kendra, and put your hands behind your back."

She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes. "Don't push it, Eric."

"You want me to kiss you so you can be sure my kiss really affects you the way you think it did when we were hanging off the cliff, right? Does the idea of having to hold your hands behind your back while I kiss you turn you on? I'm trying to help you answer your question, Kendra. If we're going to do this, you'll have to learn to trust me."

Damn, he was right. She gracefully stood up and put her hands behind her back, realizing it made her breasts stick out some when she did. She was very under-endowed, she barely filled out a B cup, so it wasn't like they were sticking way out. But she still felt self conscious about it. After going so long without submitting it was almost like she had never done it before. This was going to be very hard.

Eric took the last two steps to her and put one hand ever so gently on her cheek and kissed her. Gently at first, but then he reached around with the other hand on the back of her head just under her ponytail and his kiss grew more insistent until she was melting into him. He slowly eased up, then pulled back a few inches before placing both hands gently on her cheeks and then ever-so-softly kissing on her forehead.