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Secret Moves

By´╝ÜMiranda P. Charles


Oh, weddings, you bring out the best and worst of emotions. Kristen McCann smiled wryly as she spotted a pensive-looking young woman stare surreptitiously at a couple kissing passionately in a quiet corner of one of Sydney's luxurious five-star hotels. Judging by their clothing, the sad-faced girl and the canoodling pair were guests of the bride and groom. She didn't recognise them, so she guessed they were on Kane Summers' guest list, and not on her best friend Jasmine Allen-Summers'.

She sighed as she made her way back to the grand ballroom after a quick trip to the ladies'. This wedding—and the lead-up to it—elicited something in her, too. Lately, to her discomfort, her libido had been very much awake.

Ever since she and her cousin Samantha Lane arrived from Melbourne a few days ago to fulfil their bridesmaid duties, she'd been constantly in the presence of two loved-up couples. Since she and Sam were staying at Kane and Jasmine's place while in Sydney, she'd been witness to the newlyweds' desire for each other, even though the pair tried their best to keep their passion private. Then there were Ari Mitchell, their other best friend, and her boyfriend Dylan Summers, Kane's brother. Those two seemed to be in competition with Kane and Jasmine for the title Sizzling Couple of the Year. Add to that mix the fact that she'd had a long sex drought of eleven and a half months. It was no wonder she'd been craving a warm, masculine body to alleviate some tension.

She glanced at the amorous couple again, and her eyes widened in disbelief. The PG-rated kiss of a few seconds ago had now become an R. She let out an incredulous laugh, surprised at the audacity of the guy to visibly fondle his girlfriend's breast in full view of anyone who passed by. Fortunately, most of the wedding guests were inside enjoying some dancing. Honestly, they should get a room!

She placed her palm on the heavy door of the ballroom and pushed, only to misstep and stumble when she saw who was on the other side of it.

"Oops. I'm sorry," a deep masculine voice said as he grabbed her arms to stop her from falling flat on her face.

She grinned. "It's not your fault. I was just surprised it's you."

The hunk with incredible grey eyes and dark brown hair lifted his eyebrows at her questioningly.

"Don't mind me," she said with a shake of her head. "I just happened to be talking about you with Ari a few minutes ago. Your name's Trey, right? I'm Kris McCann."

"Hi, Kris. Yes, I'm Trey—Trey Andrews." The gorgeous one gave her a curious look as he shook the hand she offered him. "But of course, I already know your name. Hard to miss when you're one of the stunning bridesmaids."

She smiled at the compliment.

"So, why were you and Ari talking about me?" Trey asked.

"Oh, it was nothing important," she said with a laugh. "Besides, I really shouldn't tell you."

"Now, Kris. You can't just leave it like that. You can't incite my interest then leave me hanging," Trey said lightly.

She pursed her lips. "Considering I agreed with Ari's suggestion, there's really not much point discussing it with you."

"Now I'm even more intrigued," Trey said with a wide, engaging smile.

She sighed—well, it was really more like a swoon. Trey really was gorgeous. Should she tell him that she had asked Ari to introduce them to each other for the possibility of some casual sex? Ari was clearly against the idea, warning her of Trey's reputation as a playboy. Since it had been Dylan who'd told Ari that, and Dylan was Trey's best friend, she had no reason to doubt the accuracy of that statement.

Not that she cared about Trey being a playboy. Crude as it might sound, all she wanted was to get laid and Trey happened to catch her eye. But Ari had been concerned about possible complications. To put her friend at ease, Kris had agreed that it would be better if she considered someone else who was a complete stranger to all of them.

"I can see the wheels turning in that beautiful head of yours," Trey teased flirtatiously. "Come on, tell me."

She bit her lip to hide her smile as she stared at him, contemplating her next words. "My cousin Samantha and I are here in Sydney for three weeks to house-sit for Jasmine and Kane while they're on their honeymoon. I said to Ari that I wanted to make the most of it. One thing I wanted to do was to meet someone for some casual sex while I'm here. Not that it's something I do a lot of, but it's been a while, and I'm…you know," she said with a shrug.

Trey's eyes opened wide in surprise. She must have shocked him with her candidness. The truth was, sometimes her brain-to-mouth filter failed to work. The fact that she already had a bit of alcohol in her made it worse.

"Sooo," Trey said with a suppressed smile. "How did I end up being in the conversation?"