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Shielding Lily(38)

By:Alexa Riley

We’re staying at an adults-only spa, and most of the women here are topless. We’ve got a private cabana away from everyone else, so it’s not like someone would even be able to see us if they tried. And hello, there are boobs out. Why would anyone bother looking at me in a bikini when there are boobs out in the open to look at? But Ren doesn’t see this logic.

“I’m going to carry you back up to the room,” he states and starts to pick me up.

“Don’t you dare, Hendricks!” I say, and he snaps his head up to look at me. He knows when I use our last name, I mean business. “It’s private over here, and I want to give you something sexy to look at. So that when we go back to our room before dinner, you can tell me just how much you enjoyed the view today.”

He grumbles but looks in my eyes and sees I’m serious. After a moment he lets me go, but walks over to the curtains and pulls them shut, tying them off. I roll my eyes but let him do this, thinking if that’s what it’s going to take to make him happy, then so be it. The sun coming through the top should be enough to help me get a tan.

Lying back, I close my eyes and feel the warm rays shine down on me. After a second, I feel the weight of Ren as he moves onto my sun bed. Then I feel his big hands roam up my legs and to the ties of my bikini on my hips.

“Ren, what are you doing?” I say, not opening my eyes.

“You can’t have this laid out in front of me all day and expect me not to get a taste.”

The cool air hits my exposed pussy right before his mouth covers it. But it’s not there long before he’s moving up my body and then his cock is pressing against my opening.

“That’s not just a taste,” I moan as he enters me in a leisurely thrust.

“Got too hungry,” he grunts as he works his thickness in and out.

He fucks me three times before he can’t stand it anymore and has to take me back to the room. I would laugh, but I’m too worn out from all the pleasure he’s given me.

Our weekend away is spent mostly indoors, and when we pick up the kids, I’m as pale as when we left. But my heart is full, just as it has been since the day he walked into my life. Since the day Ren shielded me from everything except his love.