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Stepbrother Charming(4)

By:Nicole Snow

I shrug, trying to hide the heavy weight on my shoulders. “Well, I guess a nice, private dance won't hurt.”#p#分页标题#e#

He laughs. It's rich baritone and it resonates deep in my ears, turning my blood to lava. “Babe, this isn't exactly what I'd call private or dancing. Now, we can do the horizontal dance in my personal suite later if you want. You don't know it, but I've had my fucking eyeballs glued to you all night, and they're gonna melt right outta their sockets if I don't see you naked. I'll bet you turn into a fucking whore when those panties come off...”

His voice drifts into a growl. God damn. How does he do it? I thought my anthropology class taught me Neanderthals were extinct. Except, now there's one with his arms around me, talking dirty in my ear, keeping his hands low enough to be polite – but still so fucking close to my ass.

Too close. And having them one inch away from crude and uncivilized makes me think savage thoughts to match.

What will I do if he puts his hands there again? How will I react if he goes further, pulls me into him, grinds his undoubtedly huge cock shamelessly between my legs? Who the hell am I becoming in this man's filthy grip?

I jump. The music stops. He swoops in like he's aiming for a kiss, and I fight like hell to break his grasp. I need to get him off me before I lose my mind.

This is officially too much.

It's just as well too. Out of nowhere, two plastic looking bimbos come trotting up and grab his shoulders. There's one on each side massaging him with their long, bright nails.

The redhead on his left leans over, and I let out a little gasp as she touches the tip of her tongue to his earlobe. “You said you'd be off the dance floor by now, babyyy,” she whines. “Is this girl joining in or no?”

“Hold up. I need another minute.” He jerks out of their grip and steps up to me.

I don't know how the hell I manage to keep my palms folded down instead of hitting him, but I do. He's shown his true colors several times over tonight. But it's not hard to see it's who he is – a rich jackass who's made Club Zing his personal kingdom – just like Dana told me.

I feel like a fucking idiot for dancing with him. Jesus, I let him put his hands where nobody else's have ever gone before, even when I'd started to get hot and heavy with a few college guys.

“Babe, come on...”

No. I run the instant I hear his voice. I hop off the dance floor and push through tight crowds on my way to the table. Halfway there, I look over my shoulder and do a double take. The psycho bastard is actually chasing me.

I can't believe he won't take the hint. Or maybe he doesn't want to. Maybe he can't believe someone is actually saying no, showing him what a disgusting pig he really is.

Reaching for my glass in the unlikely event I need a weapon, I spin around and face him, just as he reaches my table. “Look, Ty, I don't give a crap if you run this place. Stop following me. I'm not interested in you.”

I almost choke when I say the last part. My brain agrees, but my body twists, calls me out as a liar.

“Hold up. I'm sorry we went too fast. I didn't mean to make you scared. I just figured you were used to the business that goes down here between a man and a woman on a good night like this.” He runs a hand through his dark hair. “There's something I gotta ask you...”

For some reason, the gesture softens my heart a little. He looks genuinely hurt. I shouldn't be hearing another thing he has to say, but I sigh and lean in, letting him bring his lips close to my ear.

“There's room for one more in my private suite, babe. You wanna be part of my first foursome?” He reaches around and cups my ass. “I wanna make these other sluts jealous when they see what we do. I'll fuck you 'til you scream and break their fucking eardrums.”#p#分页标题#e#

That's when I lose it. My hand flies up and lands on his powerful jaw. I slap him as hard as I fucking can. Giving in to the urge feels incredible.

I can hear the crack over all the club noises. His lips twitch and he steps backward, drawing one hand to the hot red welt blossoming on his cheek. It's like time locks up.

For a second, we stare at each other. I swallow, knowing I'm in deep shit. But I wouldn't take it back for anything. Nobody treats me like this – especially not this pompous, strange prick who's obviously used to getting his way too much for his own good.

Ty tips his head back and starts to laugh. I think I let a growl slip past my lips, wondering if he's some kinda sociopath. Nothing seems to get to him. Absolutely fucking nothing.

“Asshole!” It tears out of my throat. Too bad it doesn't stop him.

He's still going, chuckling dark and deep like I just leaned in and whispered the world's dirtiest joke.