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Stepbrother Charming(5)

By:Nicole Snow

When he finally recovers, wiping his eyes, he reaches into his pocket and slams something down on the table. “Thanks for the laugh. You enjoy your evening, baby. Door's open upstairs anytime if you change your mind about that foursome.”

He turns smartly and disappears back into the crowd. It's good he moves fast. I swear, one more second and I would've whipped the glass right at his stupid smug face. My heart's racing like mad, probably faster than it has since I gave up tennis my sophomore year.

I need to sit. Sliding back into the seat, I set down my glass and reach for whatever he's left behind. I don't know why I bother.

It's an envelope. When I crack it open, I gasp. Inside, there's at least three crisp one hundreds and a bunch of smaller bills. I consider stuffing it into my purse and taking off, leaving Dana a text to explain my disappearance whenever she's done with lover boy. But I promised we'd go home together, and I really don't want Ty the Jackass to ruin my last night clubbing with my best friend.

I hold up a hand, waving a server over. Ten minutes later, I've got two fresh Long Island teas in front of me and a couple shots of high end vodka.

“Fuck you, Mister-Asshole-Sterner,” I whisper, lifting the first crisp shot to my lips.

I don't stop until the entire club is spinning.

“Claire, holy shit!” Dana hisses. “You look like hell, girl.”

I crack my eyes open and feel a cool compress sliding over my forehead. The first thing I smell is Dana's perfume, now mingled with the thorny scent of the emo kid. I look up and see her hair. It's all messed up.

In my dumb state, there's a pang of jealousy. Why can't I walk out of a place like this just once with Dana's sex hair? Then I remember the only asshole who wanted to fuck me tonight, plus two other girls simultaneously.

My head jerks. Dana leans down, wiping my brow like a concerned sister. I suppose she is.

“Jesus! Take it easy.” She frowns. “Don't tell me you've been sitting here alone all night drinking?”

“What time is it?” I groan.

“Quarter to two. The bar's about to close. Hang on, I'm going to see if I can still get you some water!”

I yell out to her, but she's moving too fast. Jesus, my head keeps pounding. I know I've been out at least an hour. Fastest, swiftest hangover in the world – just my luck, right?

My stomach lurches as I stand up. I try to make it to the bathroom before she gets back, but it feels like my knees are jelly.

I manage to make it just in time. The bathroom is halfway down a long hall with a big fancy burgundy door at the very end – probably leading to the kitchen or some VIP lounge. I wash my hands and stumble out, but not before I crash into the second asshole of the night.#p#分页标题#e#

I look up. They say karma's a bitch, but I think it's deja vu.

Ty's huge chest stops me like concrete, except this time it's almost bare. He's got a robe halfway open and draped around his shoulders. I catch a glimpse of some wild geometric designs going around his neck, above what looks like a tiger or panther in full roar on his breast.

“Fucking shit. Didn't think I'd run into you again tonight, babe.”

I barely stop myself from sticking my tongue out. “I didn't think so either – and I'm really sorry that I did.”

Predictably, the bastard laughs. God damn it. The laugh I loved at first now just sounds like nails on chalkboard. Well, if scraping an old blackboard could be deep, sexy, resonating –

Stop. I can't let myself think another positive thing about this royal dick.

“Christ. I can smell the booze rolling off you, babe. You need a ride home or something?”

I shake my head furiously. Big mistake. It only makes the pounding in my head worse. While I'm frozen, he reaches up and tucks a few stray hairs back against my ears.

I'm drunk and hungover, but I'm not dead. My hand shoots up, pinches his forearm, and I rake my nails down him. Just like a feral cat.

“Fucking hell!” Ty growls, steps back, and hits the wall. “Don't be a bitch. I was just trying to make sure you're –“

“What? Okay? Yeah, I was, until you decided to get in my face tonight. You fucked up my last night in this city with my best friend!”

He tries reaching for my shoulder, but I dodge him. Looks like I'm not the only one drunk tonight. Except there's the unmistakable smell of women all over him. Sickly sweet sex and perfume. He must've fucked them for hours.

My stupid brain wants to think about it too, but I won't let it. I try to get away as fast as my feet will carry me.

Then my heel catches on an unwieldy step going up the short staircase and I tumble.

I brace myself for a lot more pain when I hit the floor – except it never comes.