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Sweet Heat at Bayside(54)

By:Addison Cole



"Hot damn, Supergirl," he said in a low voice that made her insides clench with desire.

He placed his hands on her hips, then dragged them lower, his fingers  pressing into her skin in the slits of her dress, hot and demanding.  Spikes of heat and longing tore through her.

"I loved the card," she said as she wound her arms around his neck.

He brushed his lips over hers. She loved that intimate touch. Sometimes  when he was getting ready to kiss her, she'd draw back just enough to  feel the graze, to sense his simmering desire.

"I missed you." He kissed the edge of her mouth. "I bought you a little something today."

"You did?" she said breathily. It was silly that she still lost her words at his touch, and she hoped it never changed.

"Yes. You know how you wanted to use your savings to buy the cottage?" He kissed the other side of her mouth. "It's ours now."

She gasped. "You can't-"

He silenced her with a kiss, holding her tight as she murmured into the  kiss, wanting to tell him he couldn't do that! She wanted to be an equal  partner in their relationship, to contribute half to expensive items.  But he didn't even give her the chance to breathe, taking the kiss  deeper, making love to her mouth as his hands glided over her body, and  he kissed her stubbornness away, leaving her reeling.

He gazed deeply into her eyes and said, "I know you want to contribute.  Baby, you contribute to my life every single day. You make me happy,  horny, and hotheaded, and I wouldn't change any of it."

"Drake," she said softly, feeling teary and loved. "You can't buy us a cottage."

"Let me finish, Supergirl."

He dropped down to one knee, and the air rushed from her lungs. Tears  tumbled down her cheeks, and suddenly she was shaking all over, barely  able to remain standing.

He must have noticed, because he put his strong hands on her hips,  steadying her as he said, "You are my life, baby, my reason for being. I  have loved you for as long as I can remember. I adore your strength,  your intelligence, and that sassy mouth of yours makes me crazy in the  best of ways. You found a partner in business, and now I think it's time  you have a partner in life. When we came together, I promised to make  all your dreams come true, and that cottage is one of your dreams. So,  I'm thinking you'll just have to marry me, baby. Let me be the first and  the last man you've ever loved, because you are, and will always be,  the only woman I've ever loved."

She dropped to her knees, tears sliding down her cheeks. "You've always been my one and only. Yes, I'll marry you."

He swept her into his arms, pressing his lips to hers, both of them  saying, "I love you," between kisses. Cheers rang out around them as  their friends and family stepped out of the shadows and pulled them to  their feet, crushing them in a group hug. They were passed from one set  of loving arms to the next, congratulated and wished happiness by all  the people they loved most. Even Gavin was there, grinning at having  pulled the wool right over her eyes. There was no potential client, just  the most romantic secret proposal waiting in the wings.

Serena was still shaking when she finally landed back in Drake's arms  and he said, "I've always wanted to be your hero, Supergirl."

She gazed into his loving eyes and said, "I never thought I needed one.  But I guess that's because you've been by my side all along."