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By:Christina Cherry


Chapter One – The Window

Our moving truck pulled up to a nice large house. Mom and dad had done well picking it out. We were moving to Montana. My dad had gotten a nice job offer making a whole lot more than he did now. I was sad leaving my friends and family, but I was happy to see that we were going to be moving to a bigger, nicer house. The large white house was in the middle of a cul-de-sac. It was a rich neighborhood, you could tell. We had a huge backyard with a pool and a gazebo. The houses were close to together, only about 15 feet in between them. This made it very easy to see the other house. My mom had told me to make sure that we kept our blinds closed, but otherwise it was a wonderful house. My little brother hopped out of the car as soon as it stopped. “I’m picking my room first” he said, running towards the front door. “Mom give me the keys” I said, taking them from her. “Hey” she shouted. I ran past him and found the back door. I opened it and ran upstairs, finding the biggest room. It was huge. It was sun pouring in from three windows. There were two windows facing the neighbors and one facing the back yard. I loved all the natural light. I heard my brother come running up the steps. “No fair” he screamed at me when he saw I had already chosen one. “Well, I like this one better anyway” he yelled from down the hall. I laughed to myself.

We had been unpacking for a couple of hours. We were done for the day when the doorbell rang, showing that the Chinese food was here. We all sat around on the floor and couches eating our food. It was past dark, and we hadn’t realized how late it was. “What do you think of the house” my dad asked, eating his wantons. “I love it” my brother and I said in unison. We really were happy. “I love the kitchen. It’s gorgeous and spacious. Great for cooking and having people over” my mom said. “Maybe we could have a housewarming party” I announced excitedly. “That’s a good idea” my dad said. “We can invite all of our new neighbors” I said. “We sure could. I could make some finger foods. This sounds fun” my mom beamed. She was as excited as I was to meet the neighborhood.

I went upstairs after dinner and plopped on my bed. I was so tired from moving and unpacking. I could just fall asleep right here. I needed to shower though. I hopped up, grabbing a towel from the linen closet in the hallway and heading to the shower. Mom had just hung up the shower curtain, so it was ready to go. I got some of my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from the box in the floor and hopped in. The water felt so good on my tired body. I stood for a few moments just let it run down my back and shoulders. It was sweetly biting my skin, making me slowly relax. I tipped my head back and let it run down my cheeks to my breasts. I rubbed my hands over my wet skin. It was kind of arousing. I played with my nipples a bit, just to see if I was going to get turned on. I could handle a quick finger fuck. Luckily, this shower head was removable. I slipped it off and ran it down my neck and chest. I lowered it to my stomach and began letting the water trickle over my clit. It was warm and inviting. I decided to wait until I was in my room to finish. I wanted to use my toys.

I walked into my room, turned on the light, shut the door, and dropped my towel. I didn’t know where any of my clothes were amongst all of the boxes. I squatted down to open one box, but it was full of jeans. I walked across the room to another box and I thought I saw something out my window. I just realized that my blinds were open, and my curtains weren’t hung up yet. I didn’t see anything else, and I was on the second floor, so I continued searching through boxes. I found the box of shirts in the corner and grabbed one to throw on the bed. I walked around looking for some underwear, then I saw it again. I looked and there was a man next door standing in his window looking at me. My stomach dropped. I just kind of stood there for a second in shock. It was kind of fun, though, having a guy watch me naked. I stretched tall, making my tits flatten out and point outwards for him. I stood for a few seconds, acting like I was still looking. Though I really hadn’t found my underwear yet. I finally found them and bent over to grab the box, showing my ass to the window. I looked at the reflection in my mirror and he was still watching. I grabbed my panties and put them on the bed. I was still horny from the shower. I laid back on my bed and stretched my legs open. You could plainly see me naked lying flat on my bed. I started to rub my fingers in circles around my nipples. I scratched them gently with my nails, turning myself on more. I grabbed my breasts and let my head fall on the bed. I bit my lip, moaning. He probably thinks I don’t know that he’s watching.

I grab a toy from under my mattress and turn it on. It was vibrating loud, so I had to turn it down a setting. I started to circle it around my belly button, letting it shiver and shake my stomach. I slid it down and onto my clit. It was vibrating on my clit, making me feel it all the way down my legs. I was doing it so softly, just brushing against it. I was trying not to moan too loud so my family wouldn’t hear. I started small circles around my clit, moving onto big circles then up and down, spreading my wetness throughout my pussy and lips. I slid the tip in, still vibrating, clenching my pussy muscles around it. I pushed it inside me slowly, glancing over to make sure he was still watching. He was moving back and forth so I think he was jacking off. Oh, this is so hot. He is watching me fuck myself while fucking himself. I bent my leg up and pulled it towards my chest so that it could go deeper, and he could get a view of my pussy opening and closing around the dildo. I pulled out and back in, moaning quietly. I looked down at it, watching it move and vibrate. It glistened with my sweet fluids. I pushed it in far and grinded my hips into it. There was a separate leg on the dildo that rubbed against my clit, while the larger leg was inside me. This double sensation was so much. It felt so good. I began to fuck myself. I was going at a steady pace so I wouldn’t cum fast, but boy I was getting close. I pulled it away, letting myself calm down. I liked to edge when I could because it made my orgasm harder.

I flipped over on my hands and knees with my ass pointing towards the window. I wanted to give him full view. He was watching long enough, might as well give him a show. It was turning me on as much as it was him. I slipped the dildo in my pussy, laying my face on the bed and reaching under me. My ass was clear up in the air for him to see. I started fucking, moving, and grinding on the dildo. My stomach was moving with each pump because it felt so good. I turned it a bit and hit my g-spot. I immediately moaned loud. I turned and put my face in my bed. I moaned more into it, allowing myself to moan loudly while being muffled. I pushed it in deep, making my asshole and toes clench. I pulled it out slow, while it was still vibrating and rubbed it through my pussy juices. Then I slipped up a bit and pushed it against my asshole. I wanted to show him that I like it. I pushed it in halfway, letting my asshole expand and get used to it. It clenched around it, throbbing and moving with the vibrator. I turned to have the other leg rub inside my pussy hole. This double penetration was enough to make me cum. I kept fucking myself, then I got harder and faster. It was pushing in and out of me, making me hump back with it. I had forgotten about the man watching, I just wanted to cum. I was focused on the sensation. I was so full down there it was invigorating. My stomach felt as though it was on fire. My legs were trembling and moving so I thought they were going to fall out from underneath me. I turned it up to the highest setting. My pussy and ass covered the loud sound of the vibration, making it hum deep down inside me. I put my face in the bed and began moaning loudly again.

I started to build up to an orgasm. My eyes squeezed shut. My hearing cut out. My toes curled. I arched my back up, getting ready for the climax. I slowed the orgasm to let it build. Then it happened. I shoved deep one last time, hitting my g-spot. I moaned loudly into my bed as I came all over my dildo. I felt my cum dripping into my hand and looked underneath me, seeing it drip onto my towel. Good thing I had put it on my bed. It was such an intense orgasm I thought I might squirt. I got up on all fours and pulled it out of me, standing at the end of my bed. I walked over to my window, looking directly at him. He was still jerking off, but he stopped when he saw I saw him. I wanted to help him finish. I got down on my knees by the window and started sucking on the shorter arm of the dildo that was in my pussy. His mouth dropped open and for a second, he stopped jerking off. He just looked at me. I was sucking my cum off of my own dildo. My own cum! It was so arousing. I had no idea how hot it was going to be. He began jacking off again, looking right at me. I reached down and started to fondle and move my breast. I pulled the dildo out and started rubbing it on my lips. I was kissing and licking it like a dick. I pulled it back and started to rub it on my nipples. I laid my head back, allowing my wet hair to fall from my shoulders and down my back. I took other hand and started to suck on my fingers, looking at him. He was gasping, looking as though he was close. I looked at him and mouthed “Cum for me” licking my lips afterwards. He started to move faster, then slowed way down. He was panting and moving back and forth. He was cumming and watching me the whole time. I stood up, showing my perfect pussy and shut my blinds. We had both cum, so I was ready for bed. School started next week, and I was really excited about being next door with this man. Maybe I would ask him for some help with school work one day.