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Taboo Times Ten

By´╝ÜVirginia K. G. Ryder

Because I was only 10-years-old that summer, and skinny besides, my parents thought I was too young to take the job of dog walker for Mrs. Patterson's big yellow Labrador, Rockford. But with enough childish persistent on my part, and a few tears, they finally relented.

If only to teach me a lesson.

“Amber, that big dog will drag you right down the street,” my father argued, shaking his head. “But, since you insist, we'll let you try it for a couple of days.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I told him brightly. “I'll be fine. You'll see.”

As it worked out, I was more than fine.

And not only did Rockford prove to be an exceptionally well-behaved dog for me, a regular sweetheart of a dog, it was as if he actually fell in love with me. Like, for real love. In a shockingly sexual way.

“I work long hours,” our new neighbor informed me. “So you need to walk Rockford twice each day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon.”

Mrs. Patterson was recently divorced, a statuesque blonde in her early 20's who dressed in professional outfits suitable for the law firm she worked at as a paralegal downtown. That first day, she was in a very smart business suit, a dark jacket and a matching knee-length skirt, a crisp white blouse and low heels.

She was exactly the kind of successful woman I wanted to grow up to be.

“Here's my key,” she told me. “Make yourself at home.”

And that's exactly what I did. Which, of course, led to all the weirdness.

Rockford was a happy dog, it seemed, easy to walk in spite of his large size, but he had a somewhat disconcerting habit of sniffing at my crotch or my butt whenever we were in Mrs. Patterson's bedroom. It was as if he knew that's where the fun stuff always happened; the dirty fun stuff.

Her bedroom, I mean, not in my crotch or my butt.

But, you must be wondering, what was I doing in her bedroom?

Truth be told, I was a little snoop. So, even that first morning when I'd returned from walking the big dog I made certain the front door was locked and then went straight to Mrs. Patterson's dresser.

Rockford happily followed me into her bedroom, then stayed almost on top of me while I went through her top drawers. I was in just my lightweight cotton shorts and a little tee-shirt, and it was there when he first startled me by pushing his nose into the crack of my butt from behind-burrowing his face right in there.

“Hey!” I jerked. “Rockford, no! That's not nice.”

And I pushed his head away, turning slightly as well, and he made a little snuffling noise in his throat and backed away. But he looked so crestfallen that I immediately felt bad and patted the top of his head.

It wasn't his fault after all. He was just a dog, following his natural instincts.

Anyway, it was in her second drawer, hidden under piles of her lacy underwear, that I found Mrs. Patterson's vibrator.

I swallowed hard at the sight of it, that moist little tingle I knew so well starting between my legs. Then I brought it out to better study it.

“This looks like fun,” I turned to Rockford. And I swear his deep chocolate eyes seemed to sparkle in response. “Before my big sister moved out, she used one of these on me almost every night. We both came so much, we could barely wake up in the morning…”

If that big yellow dog had any further response to my admission, my confession to lesbian-style sex with my own older sister, he didn't show it. Although he did seem particularly alert at seeing what I'd found.

I dropped down onto the edge of Mrs. Patterson's bed, still holding the vibrator. It was all black bumpy plastic, about 8” long, with a slightly curved tip. The speed control was on the bottom, a simple chrome ring that also turned it on.

I could tell it wasn't a cheap one.

“Let's just keep this between us,” I said to Rockford. And his ears perked right up, my words directed to him like that. “It'll be our little secret.”

While he stood watching me, I slipped down my shorts and panties, letting them fall down around my tennis shoes. Then I settled back on the bed on my elbows and spread my knees apart, my hairless little slit opening wetly as I did so.

His big eyes went to my pussy, and it was obvious he was about to come to me, to my pussy, actually, his overly-sensitive sniffer obviously working just fine, but a severe look from me stopped him in his tracks.

“Stay!” I told the big dog. “Just ignore me. This won't take too long.”

And I turned on the vibrator, thrilling to the sound of it, before touching just the very tip of it to my tiny clit. I jerked with a sharp little sigh at the delicious sensations instantly rippling through my crotch, my knees spreading even wider of their own accord as my heartbeat leaped into top speed.

“Oh, God!” I gasped. “I forgot what this felt like!”