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Taboo Times Ten(10)

By´╝ÜVirginia K. G. Ryder

Good plan, right?

“Your tight pussy's sucking me off,” I panted to my sister, her slim bare thighs warmly spurring me on to even more feverish thrusts. Margie needed a really energetic fucking once she got started. “I'm gonna come real fast, sis.”

She nodded tightly, her blue eyes closed to half-slits, her breath so hot against my cheek it was like I was fucking a furnace. But a furnace with an exceptionally wet and tight young pussy.

“I need to come again,” she said, shakily.

And she began grinding her pubic bone up into me, working her tiny clit up against the base of my cock so she could come one more time. If I was going to come once, she wanted to make certain she came twice. If I came twice, she needed three times. She was like that-very competitive, sexually.

Fucking her was always like an Olympic event.

“Justin, stick your finger up my butthole.”

That always helped her come in a hurry, too, fingerfucking her overly sensitive asshole. I was already cupping the rubbery cheeks of her squirmy 10-year-old ass with both hands, but as soon as my finger found the tightly puckered opening between them, she came.

Not surprisingly, she started bucking beneath me like she had an electric wire up her ass.

“Ohhh, God,” she panted, her bare thighs gripping my hips tighter as I rode her through it. “I'm coming really good! Fuck me, Justin, keep fucking me! Ohhh, yes, yes, yes! Fuck the shit out of me!”

I admit, over the last year or so, she'd learned all the dirty talk from me.

And from the computer in my room, the Internet the best educator ever when it came to uncensored studies of sex. With our parents both working, we'd studied every aspect of sexual fun every chance we could. Usually as Margie whacked me off.

It was my computer, so I had to get something out of the deal.

Down in the laundry room, Margie's spasming pussy still wetly grabbed at my skinny dick, squeezing it repeatedly as I ejaculated into her. As always, the sensation was overwhelming for me, when my 12-year-old balls emptied themselves into the very center of my own kid sister.

“Uhhh!” I panted, fucking her even faster as multiple spurts of my warm semen filled her up. “Margie, your cunt's sucking the cum right out of me! Ohhh, God, you're such a slutty little girl! I love it!”

“I'm still coming,” she told me, her heels digging into the laundry pile as she pushed her crotch up into me. With her bare arms around my neck, she was nearly squeezing me to death. “Fuck me more! Fuck me! Don't stop, don't stop! ”

And so it went, the two of us youngsters squirming our naked sweaty bodies against one another on that pile of dirty laundry until we were finally both limp and spent and trying to catch our respective breaths.

When my cock finally slipped out from between her sprawled-open legs, a large splurt of my cum oozed wetly out of her swollen slit and got on one of my mom's good blouses.

I looked at it, studied it.

“That'll take some pre-soaking,” I told Margie. “But I think it'll be okay.”

I stood up in the laundry room, the washer finally finished as it made that chunking noise. But the dryer kept hotly going. The usual weird lint smell was in the air, mingling with the hot underage-pussy-full-of-cum smell of my little sister.

It wasn't a problem. I knew the odor would be gone before our parents got home, sometime after six or so.

Margie was still lying on her back, her eyes closed and her slender bare legs spread wide, her breathing slowly returning to normal. Her slick hairless pussy was one of the most exciting sights I'd ever seen in my young life, pink and perfect and still glistening with her wetness.

I loved looking at it. And up it.

It looked even more exciting with my semen leaking out of it, the narrow crack of her bare ass filled with whitish liquid before it slowly pooled onto the clothes.

It was, in fact, the main reason we started having sex in the first place.

After a secret afternoon of computer porn, I'd given her $5 to see her pussy. And she'd immediately shown it to me. As a skinny, precocious little 9-year-old, she just pulled her shorts and panties out in front, letting me take a really good look.

I gave her another $5 to touch it, which lasted about ten minutes before she finally slid off her shorts and panties and got down on the floor with her legs spread. She was liking it as much as I was.

“Keep touching me there,” she told me, after those first few minutes. “It's making me all shaky…”

Then, of course, one thing led to another, much of it inspired by our further afternoons looking at porn on the computer in my room.

Monkey see, monkey do, my dad always said.

From the stack of dirty laundry where she still lay sprawled wide-open, Margie opened her big blue eyes and looked up to me. Then her sweetly perfect face broke into a shy smile.