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Taboo Times Ten(3)

By´╝ÜVirginia K. G. Ryder

His big cock was warm under my small fingers, the thick shaft of it pulsating with his apparent approval at what I was doing to him. So I did it even faster, the big yellow dog breathing harder with what I hoped was well-deserved pleasure.

Fair is fair, after all.

“Does it feel good, Rockford?”

In response, his solid doggy-dick suddenly jumped in my hand, jerking within my tight grasp as a literal river of grayish dog-semen jetted out of him. I watched in youthful amazement as his cum spurted many times, long strands of it, a huge puddle of his jism (my sister's word!) forming on the hardwood floor of Mrs. Patterson's bedroom.

“Oh, my God, I hope that doesn't leave a stain!”

Thankfully, we'd at least missed her expensive-looking throw rug.

When I finally locked up the house and went home, after cleaning everything up, my mother took one look at me and asked, “How was your first time as a dog walker, dear? Did that big dog wear you out?”

I just gave her a little smile and a nod.

“He sure did,” I admitted. “He's a real handful.”

As anyone older or wiser might expect, I could only get away for so long with my mornings and afternoons of illicit sexual relief from Rockford and Mrs. Patterson's vibrator collection. I'd found several by then, her vibrators, hidden in many places, a variety of sizes and shapes that had to be seen to be believed.

And yes, by then I was fucking myself hard and long with my favorites, always careful to wash my own sticky juices off of each one and return it to exactly where I'd found it.

Or so I thought.

Admittedly, I'd sometimes come so many times, from Rockford's eager tongue and my weapon of choice that particular day, I was often almost woozy when it was time to remember what went where.

Yet I always had enough energy to masturbate my new best friend, aiming his spurting cock into an old face towel I kept hidden in Mrs. Patterson's basement. After a couple of weeks, it was crusty and stiff with all the dog cum he'd shot into it, but as soon as he saw it he always knew it was his turn at our mutual fun.


“Amber!” Mrs. Patterson gasped, in horrified surprise, throwing open her bedroom door with a bang. “And Rockford! What are you two doing!?”

I was mortified, of course.

She'd caught us that morning in one of the more embarrassing positions.

I was on my knees on her throw rug, my bare little 10-year-old ass sticking out as I leaned over her bed with a slender red vibrator buried and buzzing away in my wetly gripping preteen cunt.

All the while with Rockford enthusiastically licking into my throbbing asshole from behind.

It was sort of a double treat for me, that 'front door-back door' thing my sister taught me, one that gave me fantastic cunt-and-anus-spasming orgasms. When I went off, it was always like I was being electrified directly through my crotch, and right into my butt, a far better sensation than it sounded like.

“Oh, no!” I cried out, in both fear and acute embarrassment. “I'm so sorry!”

But my blonde employer simply ordered, “Don't move, you little slut! I mean it, freeze right there.”

And I did, freezing in place but beginning to cry, knowing she'd tell my parents and ruin my young life for all time, yet uncertain what she planned on doing next. I mean, her slim red vibrator was still humming away inside of me and I couldn't make a move to turn it off.

“Get back, Rockford,” she commanded. “Back up!”

As the tears poured out of my eyes, I suddenly felt Mrs. Patterson's gorgeous face pressing into the hot crevice between the cheeks of my trembling young ass. Almost immediately, her hot tongue found my asshole and began licking wetly into it, exactly as Rockford had done.

“Oh, my God!” I managed, so shocked to the core it was as if I was dreaming. “Mrs. Patterson!”

“Just enjoy it,” she told me. “I knew you were a dirty little slut the first time I saw you-and that if I came home early, sooner or later I'd catch you doing something obscene with either my vibrators or my big dog…”

“Ohhh God,” I moaned then, squirming my bare ass back into her face.

She'd pushed her tongue past my twitching sphincter muscle, probing so deeply into my hot asshole it was as if she was tongue-fucking my butt. I came for about the fifth time then, Rockford's wet tongue and Mrs. Patterson's humming red vibrator earlier giving me four insanely-satisfying climaxes in a row.

“I'm coming so hard,” I groaned, my youthful pussy alive with shuddering spasms of stunning relief as I almost passed out from the pleasure of it. “Oh, God, Mrs. Patterson, please stick your tongue even farther up my asshole!”

And that's exactly what she did.

Her long slender body was flawless, as I'd already guessed, Mrs. Patterson's uptilted breasts firm with arousal. And her large pink nipples were so swollen I thought they might explode.