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Taboo Times Ten(4)

By´╝ÜVirginia K. G. Ryder

It was if the pointy tips were actually vibrating on their own.

“Here's what he needs,” she said throatily, meaning our favorite pet. “A nice blow-job to get him warmed up.”

And this perfectly gorgeous naked blonde goddess pulled a throw-pillow off her bed, put it underneath the big Labrador for her head, then lay down under him and took his rigid cock in her mouth.

She began sucking it wetly.

As I watched, I could see her excitement growing, which caused my own excitement to suddenly catch fire again. It looked like fun, I thought, sucking that huge cock as Rockford stood there, watching me with those big brown eyes of his.

“I want to suck him, too,” I admitted, surprising even me. “I thought about it every time I jacked him off, but I didn't have the nerve.”

Mrs. Patterson stopped for a moment, and gave me a look.

“I'll suck him until he gets close to shooting off,” she told me. “But I want to watch him come in your mouth. Will you do that for me?”

I didn't have to think long.


With her full lips again wrapped around Rockford's cock, her slender hand reached up to masturbate him at the same time. I got down on my knees to see better. To watch the most professional young woman in the entire neighborhood give her large yellow dog a blow job while jacking him off at the same time.

Unreal, but highly exciting for me.

Mrs. Patterson was taking her time with the very fat dog dick she was attending to, her perfect pink tongue wetly licking at it, up and down the entire length, as Rockford stood over her.

“Amber, come around to the other side and suck Rockford's cock with me,” she suggested, breaking my reverie. “He's been a exceptionally good boy and I think he deserves it.”

“I'll say. He helped me come four times before you caught us.”

So I moved around and stretched out on the other side of the big Labrador, bringing my mouth up to his dangling cock as soon as my gorgeous employer moved her own mouth away to give me room.

Rockford jerked at my first touch, but a moment later I could feel his thick dog-penis throbbing away as I licked it wetly up and down the way Mrs. Patterson had done.

“I can't believe I'm doing this!” I marveled. “Really, I'm actually licking a big dog's cock!”

Mrs. Patterson watched me for several more fun minutes, her breathing growing slowly more ragged as her own excitement mounted, her free hand (I noticed!) soon beginning to masturbate herself slowly.

I continued sucking Rockford, my lips wrapped around that big dog-cock, feeling the pulsing aliveness coursing through his thick shaft. I truly loved it, the wrongness of it, the indecent sickness of it, the utter depravity of it, for I knew that's what it was: pure depravity.

“Let me make him come really fast,” Mrs. Patterson said.

She reached up and again began masturbating him as I sucked him, but her graceful hand moved much faster this time, her slim fingers obscenely encircling the thick shaft of his big pink dog cock.

“He'll go off really fast like this. Keep sucking him.”

And she wasn't kidding.

With my mouth still glued to the tip of Rockford's twitchy cock, he suddenly whimpered and came, a river of warm dog cum rushing into my mouth so quickly I almost choked on it.

I coughed, pulling my mouth away so I could catch my breath, and the remaining semen he ejaculated spurted into my face.

Actually, all over my face.

“I'm drowning!” I had to laugh, coughing again. “It was like trying to swallow a gallon of cum!”

“That's the fun of it,” the older woman laughed, too. “At least, to start. Now…do you want to watch him fuck me? That's even more fun…”

And I could only stare.

My God, was she serious?

I finally nodded, dying to see this svelte young professional woman fucking her dog, a sight I'd never imagined seeing in my wildest fantasies.

When Mrs. Patterson got onto her hands and knees, her shapely bare ass in the air, Rockford didn't hesitate in mounting her. His paws went easily around her slender waist, his dangling cock still astonishingly hard and lining up with her sopping-wet cunt.

“Fuck me, boy,” she crooned to him. “Sweet little Amber wants to see us do it. So she knows what to expect one day when she's ready to do it herself. Oh, yeah, there you go…!”

And, of course, before I even had my 11th birthday a month later that summer, that big gorgeous yellow dog was fucking me, too.

Virginia K.G. Ryder

Taboo Times Ten

The Fucking Machine by

Augustine Saintly

Gorgeous and wealthy young Kendra Wilson had a very real problem-she had a pussy that just wouldn't quit.

At 22-years-old, she was a genuinely beautiful tall blonde with a slim super-model figure, yet coupled with large, solidly firm breasts that could stop a freight train at a hundred yards.