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Taboo Times Ten(7)

By´╝ÜVirginia K. G. Ryder

And each voice was coupled with an equally suitable collection of vari-sized and colored dildo's.

That last one had been highly weird, for sure, the Baal deal, with a huge spiky cock attached that seemed unlikely to fit anyone even remotely human. The techs had set it up and hurriedly left without waiting to see where that one was going.


And better not to know.

“Do you want to fuck me, Daddy?” Kendra asked then, approaching the comfortably-cushioned narrow perch bolted to the chrome braces. She slid her hand across the soft leather surface of it. “I know I want you to.”

“That feels good,” her father's voice informed her. “Your hand on me. And, of course I want to fuck you. I haven't fucked you in a very long time.”

That was true, in the real sense as well as the fantasy she'd concocted for her new chrome and leather lover. And, exactly as the manual told her, the machine's motion detectors and touch-controlled sensors even knew when she'd lovingly stroked the plush seat.

“I used to love having your big cock in me, Daddy,” she said, reaching out for the large rubber dildo attached to the solid thrusting bar. It was approximately the same length and thickness as her own father's erect penis, constructed to her remembered specifications, even the flesh-like texture of it seeming so very real.

The main difference, then, was that the machine's version of her father's beloved cock was self-lubricating, tiny invisible dots seeping with super-slippery 'pussy juice' whenever it went to work inside an actual vagina.

There was, Kendra knew, no such thing as too much slick lubrication when it came to the delicious friction a good fucking could bestow.

“I didn't like school much,” she continued, encircling the dildo with her fingers. “But you made the 5th-grade through 10th-grade fly by for me, doing me in your Cadillac SUV or at the different motels, all those times you picked me up…”

The computerized machine was silent, as if thinking over an appropriate response, but when none was forthcoming, Kendra slipped a long, shapely bare leg over the seat and dropped her perfect bottom down onto it.

It conformed perfectly to her bare ass, cupping it in two spongy sections, as she lay back against the padded and raised seatback. She carefully slipped her feet into the leather stirrups. They were, she noted with great satisfaction, positioned in exactly the right spot for her.

Her dimpled knees were up and out, her bare inner thighs perfectly parted, her slickly wet pussy situated for maximum penetration.

“I can feel your subtle vibrations,” she told the machine. “Through the seat. It's as if you're alive.”

“I am alive,” her father's well-modulated voice told her. “Whenever your pussy needs a good fucking. It's my only reason to be.”

“Call it my cunt,” she said then. “It's dirtier and I love dirty. And I always need a good fucking.”

“So I remember, sweetheart,” the voice said. “Your cunt, then. I've always loved your cunt, in every way. I'm addicted to it, actually. The look, the smell, the taste, the feel of it tightly and wetly grabbing at my cock every time you come…”

Kendra smiled to herself, then picked up the small remote control.

She pressed the button labeled 'anal' and was pleased when an almost-silent motion beneath her split-seat smoothly slid a smaller life-like dildo up into her tightly puckered little anus.

It slid into her with a minimum of self-lubricated effort.

“I love fucking you in the ass, sweetie,” her father told her. “Tell me how much you like this.”

And a low vibrating hum caused the smaller dildo buried in her asshole to not only began slipping slowly but wetly in and out of her bare bottom, but to vibrate as well, the sensation making Kendra gasp with pleasure.

“Oh, yes, Daddy,” she crooned, swallowing hard. “I love you in my ass!”

“Can I fuck you now, Kendra?” her father asked, such real emotion and need in his voice it actually brought tears to her eyes.

It was exactly as if her own father wanted to fuck her all over again, the simple act of his merely asking that summer afternoon long ago more than enough incentive for the preteen girl to immediately pull off her panties and spread her legs for him.

“I want to fuck your perfect cunt, so damn much!” the machine said.

She smiled to herself again, then nodded.

“Of course, Daddy,” she said, looking so forward to the experience. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

And so that's exactly what it did.

Eleven hours later, without let-up, sleep or food, Kendra had come so many times she lost count somewhere above 135. Luckily, she'd earlier thought to place a six-pack of bottled water nearby, mostly because she knew how dry her mouth often got when she fucked.