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Take (Temptation Series)(8)

By:Ella Frank



Yeah, fuck, it feels amazing to touch myself.

Logan removed his shoes, socks, and pants then pinned him with a molten  stare as he added them to the pile. In that instant, Tate was reminded  that all it took was one look from Logan and he was ready to go.

"And your mom, she pissed you off?"

"Yes. The boxers, Logan."

Tate saw the arrogant rise of Logan's left brow as he slipped his thumbs  into the only thing left covering him-his tight, black shorts.

"You want something, Tate?"

"I told you what I wanted."

Logan shook his head and pushed the snug material down his hip, allowing  a hint of pubic hair to come into view. "No, you didn't. You just  commented on my clothing."

Asshole is having a great time trying to make me talk.

But before he could say anything, Logan bent down and took off the  shorts, causing all of Tate's brainpower to focus on remaining upright-a  problem his dick did not seem to have.

"That's right, yes? You wanted them off?"

Why is he still talking?

The man was fucking spectacular, and Tate wanted to be touched by him-now.

When his mother asked him earlier how his relationship with Logan had  happened, he'd had no answer. But as he kneeled on the couch, stroking  his hard-on for this man, he knew.

How could it not happen? Look at him.

When Logan walked toward the couch and stopped directly in front of him,  Tate tilted his head back to meet his eyes. Logan grabbed the back of  his neck and pulled him close, leaning down until their lips were only  inches apart.

"What did she say that was so bad it made you smoke a full pack of  cigarettes and consume enough liquor that you smell like a cheap bar?"

Tate closed his eyes as Logan's warm breath entered his mouth. He  gripped his cock harder and got up on his knees, trying to get his mouth  closer to Logan's, but he pulled his lips out of reach, prompting Tate  to speak.

"It doesn't matter."

When a tongue touched his bottom lip, his eyes flickered open and connected with the intense blue ones searching his face.

"It does matter. What did she say to upset you?"

Tate released his erection and swayed slightly as he moved his hand to  Logan's shoulder, steadying himself. "I don't want to talk about my mom  right now."

Logan wasn't having that.

Instead, he lowered his hand, and Tate felt him wrap it around his  erection. As a hiss of pleasure left his lips, that persistent mouth  moved across his cheek to his ear.

"Tell me so I can take you to my bedroom and have you."

Tate's eyes fluttered closed as he leaned into the mouth and hand tempting him. "Yes."

"Talk to me," Logan coaxed. "What did she say?"

Tate didn't want to say it. He was afraid to, he realized.

What if he said the words and Logan believed them? Worse, what if he said the words and he believed them?

But with Logan's strong hand palming his cock and his warm lips now  sucking his earlobe, Tate decided if he was going to find any release he  needed to give Logan what he wanted, and right now, that was his final  answer.

He pulled his head away and brought both hands up to Logan's face.  Touching his stubble-lined cheeks, he held him still. He wanted to  witness any thought that flickered over the face looking back at him.

The hand around his hard flesh stopped moving and just held him until, finally, he spoke.

"She said you were a pervert who corrupted me.


It shouldn't have surprised him, and it certainly shouldn't have come as  a shock to hear, but as those words left Tate's mouth and floated  between them, Logan's got caught somewhere inside his throat.

Did I corrupt him? No … we joked about it, but … no.

He blinked Tate back into focus and realized he was waiting for an  answer, but for once, he didn't have one. He was stunned into  silence-stunned and hurt.

A pervert? What the fuck-


He blinked again several times as Tate pressed their lips together.

Shit, the guy tastes like scotch and tobacco.

It shouldn't have been a combination that was appealing, but as Tate's  lips parted, Logan couldn't resist pushing his tongue inside. He  threaded his hands into the hair surrounding a face he was becoming  addicted to and held on as if Tate might vanish.

The kiss started out as merely a contact point, a way to reassure the  other that they were there, but as their tongues tangled, Logan kicked  it up a notch. He loosened the fingers of one hand and ran it down the  back of Tate's head to grip his neck and bring him even closer.

Tate went with it until his front was pressed flush against the back of  the couch. When he groaned as if he were in agony and wrenched his lips  away, Logan figured the friction from the leather against his cock felt  pretty fucking amazing.         



"Don't you come all over my couch."

The smirk that touched the corner of Tate's mouth helped in easing the tension that had seeped into the room.

"Then take me to the bedroom, where I can come all over you."

Logan was about to tell him, "You know the way," but at the last minute stopped himself.


As his name reached him, he watched Tate back off the couch, stand, and  push his jeans away. He stepped out of them, and Logan looked him over.

From the leanly muscled body and engorged flesh, Tate was every wet  dream Logan had ever had, a fact that was solidified when he gripped his  erection and stroked it several times.

"You didn't make me do anything I didn't want to, okay? I can say no."

Inexplicably drawn to Tate, Logan moved around the couch and walked  toward him. Tate stepped back and staggered slightly until he was in the  bedroom. Logan came to a standstill in front of him, wanting to make  sure this wasn't the alcohol talking but was-

"I want you inside me."

-Tate talking.

"If that's what you want … " Logan let out a shaky exhale when Tate's fingers found him and surrounded his length.

"It's what I need."

Logan nodded, understanding the need, the desire to make sure this was worth all the shit that would come with it.

"Then let me give it to you." He brought his hands up to Tate's face and asked, "Will you do something for me?"

"Yes," Tate answered without hesitation.

"You don't even know what I'm going to ask."

"Doesn't matter."

"Is that right? So now is when I should ask for everything I've ever wanted?"

Tate drew his fist up Logan's shaft and gave him a smile that almost  made Logan's knees give way. He couldn't remember anyone ever placing  such trust in him.

"And what have you always wanted?"

Logan shook his head and bit back the simple yet complex answer of,  "You," and settled on, "I want to see you facedown on my bed, waiting  for me."

Tate's soft sigh met his ears when he walked around to the edge of the bed.

Logan shut the bedroom door and watched as Tate climbed up onto the  center of the mattress and then lay as requested-facedown, in his bed.

"Like this?" Tate asked as he turned his head on the pillow to watch him move to the left side.

Logan pulled open his side drawer and took out a condom and lube. He  placed it on the bed before kneeling on the mattress and moving until he  was lying on his side beside Tate's body.

"Exactly like this," he reassured, reaching out to run his palm down the  smooth skin covering Tate's back. He started under his hair and trailed  teasing fingers down his spine to the dip of Tate's lower back. When he  got the rise of his ass, Logan leaned down and kissed Tate's shoulder.

"Thank you."

Tate's eyes creased as he asked, "For?"

"Trusting me."

Tate pushed up on his hands and brought his mouth to Logan's, taking his lips in a kiss that spoke of complete trust. "I do."

Logan closed his eyes, trying to keep a handle on his control, and told  him softly, "Roll onto your left side so your back is to my chest."

Tate nodded and shifted into the suggested position, and when he  stretched out on his side, Logan knew he'd just created the most perfect  visual ever for himself. Tate's tan back was only inches from his eager  fingers, his toned ass right there for him to touch.

With one finger, Logan drew a straight line down the tense spine and  felt Tate arch back into him and start to relax. When he reached the  crack of his ass, Tate shocked him by shifting so his right leg was  angled forward, opening himself up to him.

Fuck. Logan had never wanted him more, but he knew this time was for Tate-not him.

Reaching behind himself, he grabbed the condom and lube and squeezed  some on his fingers. When he moved back behind Tate, he lowered his  mouth to his shoulder and touched lubed fingers to the top of his crack.

He heard Tate inhale as he slid two of his fingers down between the warm  crevice of his cheeks, and as the pads of his fingers pressed the hot,  little hole, he asked, "This okay?"

Sure, this wasn't their first time, but it was only Tate's second, and  Logan needed to make sure he was good with everything going on. So when  Tate turned his head and pushed his hips back, Logan figured that was as  good as a yes.