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Take (Temptation Series)(9)

By:Ella Frank

He rubbed his fingertips over the small pucker and once again took  Tate's mouth. Logan couldn't help the sound that escaped him when Tate  greedily met him with parted lips and grabbed his head. He stroked  slippery fingers along Tate's crack and then removed them to smooth a  palm over his ass cheek to his hip, pulling him back so he could line  his own cock up against all of that bare skin.         



"Damn, Tate," Logan groaned as Tate's lips slipped free and he jammed  his hips back, pressing that round ass even harder against his aching  flesh.

"Yes," Tate moaned, and Logan caught a glimpse of him reaching down to grab his hard-on. "I want you so fucking bad."

Logan was more than fine with that. He'd wanted Tate in this particular  position since they'd met. He put a firm hand on Tate's hip and pressed  him down so his stomach was against the mattress.

"Jesus, I swear you have the most perfect ass in the world."

Without a sound, Tate raised his hips up and pushed that perfect  posterior toward him. Logan found himself grinning like a fool at the  cheeky move, and he couldn't help himself from moving all the way down  Tate's body and lowering his head to take a bite out of the succulent  curve.

Again, Tate's hips jackknifed up.

Logan traced his tongue in a circle over the firm flesh and then moved  to the center of Tate's body. He placed a kiss against his tailbone  before ever-so-slowly trailing his tongue up over Tate's spine. When he  reached the top, he nuzzled his nose into Tate's hair and fit his  throbbing cock between the crease of his cheeks.

"I can't wait to slide inside you again."

Tate grunted and reacted with a quick shove of his hips, connecting their bodies more firmly as he worked his own flesh.

"Feeling good, Tate?"

Tate turned his head on the pillow and nodded.

Logan planted his hands on either side of his head and raised his upper  body so he could drag his length back and forth between the tight globes  now cradling it.

"Damn it, Logan. Come on!"

Logan repeated the move and lowered his mouth to Tate's ear. "I'm going to, but I want you to be clear about something."

"What?" Tate panted.

Logan snagged the condom, ripped it open with his teeth, and reached  down to roll it on. While his hand was down there, his finger found  Tate's hole and pressed forward. He saw Tate's jaw clench and felt his  body jerk slightly up the bed.

"Breathe out. Come on. You can do it."

Tate exhaled and, as he did, pushed his hips back.

"Yes. There you go."

"Tell me," Tate asked as his eyes closed, and Logan had trouble focusing.

He knew Tate was gorgeous, but right now? Here? He was exquisite to look at.

"This, what we're about to do, isn't just fucking. Not anymore."

Tate's eyes snapped open and found his as a second finger entered his  body. His lips fell apart on a cry, and Logan swooped down to take them  in a scorching kiss as Tate's body rocked against his own.

When the shock of the invasion lessoned, Tate whispered against his mouth, "I know."

Logan wasn't sure if they each meant the same thing, but as he withdrew  his fingers from the snug fit of Tate's body and moved up over him, he  felt like he was finally where he was supposed to be.

The lock that had kept his heart firmly shut away had finally found its key.

Tate's breathing was coming fast as he felt Logan position himself  behind him. He was incredibly turned on and surprised by how much he  wanted Logan inside him again.

The first time had hurt, and he knew that this second time around-hell,  probably each time-would hurt a little, but when Logan's cock rubbed  over his opening, Tate dug an elbow into the mattress under him and  waited.

Logan's lips were against his shoulder, whispering encouraging words,  but by this stage, Tate didn't need encouragement. He needed Logan-in  him.

He stroked his shaft feverishly as Logan rolled his hips, and when a  hand gripped his side and tugged him back, Tate moaned from all of the  body-to-body contact.

The powerful muscles, the body hair, and the sounds coming from them  both all combined to make their coming together blistering, and every  time, it was that way.

Who knew sex could be like this?

He sure as fuck had never experienced such a need to be this close to  someone, to have them inside him and be a part of his body. But with  every kiss, touch, and word out of Logan's mouth, Tate craved that  intimate connection with him.

He lowered his body so he was flat against the mattress and humped the  sheets beneath him. He saw Logan's hand when he planted it by his head  and felt his other fingers digging into his hip. Logan had one leg on  the outside of his own and another firmly lodged between his as he moved  against him in a way that was causing Tate's mind to pretty much shut  down to everything but the need to feel Logan inside him. He was trying  to hold out, but he knew if Logan didn't hurry the fuck up he'd come  before he got to experience it.         



After several heart-pounding seconds, Logan stopped, shifting slightly  so he was angled behind him, and then the head of his cock finally found  him. He halted his movement and then ever-so-slowly began to enter his  body.

Tate closed his eyes and grit his teeth as the wide intrusion stretched  him open, but when soft lips found his cheek and Logan praised, "You  feel so incredible," Tate didn't give a fuck about discomfort.

The slight burn was worth the lingering warmth he got from the awe he  heard in Logan's voice. When he finally bottomed out and remained still  above him, Tate opened his eyes and shifted his head slightly.

Their lips met, their tongues touched, and then Logan started to thrust.

Tate watched as long fingers gripped the pillow beside his head, and he  couldn't help but groan with pleasure as Logan withdrew. He didn't leave  his body, merely pulled back, and when he surged forward again, Tate  was ready and met him eagerly.

The synchronicity between the two of them was flawless as Logan's heavy  frame moved above his own, and with every stroke, Tate got that much  closer to his release.

He lowered his forehead to the pillow from the sheer pleasure of being  used so well, and when one of Logan's hands tangled through his hair,  holding him in place, Tate felt his entire body tremble from the  emotions he was feeling.

Lust and arousal were the driving forces in the room, but just under the  surface was something much stronger-something he wasn't sure they were  ready to acknowledge.

No one had ever made him feel as centered as Logan did, even when his world was spinning out of control.

Logan didn't judge him, didn't expect something he couldn't give.

As strong teeth sank into the flesh of his shoulder and Logan's body  tensed behind him and came, Tate shouted out Logan's name and exploded  all over the white sheets beneath him.

Logan wanted him, and if this was his fall into corruption, then he planned on making one hell of an impact.


"You okay?"

When Tate rolled over, Logan wondered what was going on behind those eyes. Then a relaxed smile curved his mouth and he nodded.

"Mhmm. Are you okay?" Tate asked him in return.

He scooted forward so he was leaning against his headboard and watched  as Tate automatically moved in closer to his side. Oh yeah. I like  that-a whole hell of a lot.

"I'm pretty fucking fantastic. So thank you for that."

Tate laughed, and the sound echoed throughout the room. "Glad I could help."

Logan scratched his chest and informed the satiated man beside him, "You more than helped. You exceeded all expectations."

Tate tipped his head up, and when their eyes connected, he raised a  brow. "You no longer need to charm me, you know. I'm naked and in your  bed."

"Which makes you a lucky man, wouldn't you say?"

"And you, as always, are a modest one. Arrogant ass."

Logan couldn't help touching the side of Tate's mouth with the tip of  his finger. "If I recall, you were the one demanding I remove my pants  and-"

"Yes … I remember."

"Do you? I'm actually surprised you're still awake."

Tate lowered his eyes. "I couldn't sleep right now even if I wanted to."

"Want to talk about it?"

Tate turned on his side to face him and shrugged. "Would you be offended if I said no?"

Logan wasn't quite sure how he felt. "No. Not offended … "


What was the word he was looking for? He couldn't quite pinpoint it, but  suddenly, it felt important that Tate confide in him, let him share his  burden.

"I guess I just want you to know that you can talk to me."

Logan barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the grin that hit  Tate's mouth, and when he shifted up the bed and pressed his lips to his  chin, Logan closed them instead.

"You know what? I think you care, Logan Mitchell."

Tate was right. He did care. A whole fucking lot, but there was no way  in hell he was going to be the one to lay open his heart after just a  few weeks in.