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Taking What He Wants

By:Jordan Silver

Chapter 1

Stolen pussy has got to be the best fucking pussy in the world. Hands down.

"We can't keep doing this, you're marrying my sister remember?"

"Open your fucking legs, you know you want it Delia."

I force her legs open, if she needs me to take the pussy to assuage her guilt then so be it, but I'm getting in there no matter what.

Her bitch of a sister thinks she has me fooled, but I had news for her, no one pulled a fast one on Chase Thornton, I had a surprise in store for her ass.

I've been hitting the little sister for over two months now, I'd caught the sly looks and

blushes that meant she was interested, I'd tried to ignore it in the beginning, I'm not a complete dog after all, but in time I got to learn what her whore of a sister was up to.

I'm a mean manipulative fuck, I knew if I ditched the bitch right away like I wanted to I would lose access to the sweet pussy, somehow I just knew the pussy was going to be good.

So I set my seduction in motion, it wasn't too hard to draw the innocent girl into my web.

She was so starved of attention and affection since her stupid ass family squandered it all on the bad seed.

Huh. Looks like she had them fooled too, fucking twat. Celine hated Delia, she put her down every chance she got, personally I think it's jealousy, anyone who had eyes could see that the younger girl had a more appealing allure.

She was fucking gorgeous! At first I was just going to use her to hurt her sister, but then the game changed, at around the second time I fucked her.

She was just so sweet and unassuming, it was almost like she expected me to use her and discard her. I had a surprise for her ass too.

She started to close her legs but I wasn't having that shit, knowing what I was facing

tomorrow, I was ravenous for her pussy, my pussy, I own that shit.

I wrapped one hand around her throat while prying her legs open with the other.

"Open." I pressed down on her clit and she opened her legs, it worked every time, this girl wore guilt like a fucking talisman I have to wear her down every time but never in my life have I fucked anything so sweet, including her bitch of a sister.

I bit her neck as I pushed into her body, she bucked against me and made that noise she always made when I first enter her body, it's a cross between a sigh and a moan and it gets to me every time. I wanted, no needed to mark her, all this time I had been careful not to mark her where it could be seen there was no way for the virginal lamb to explain away a hickey.

Tonight on the eve of my grand finale I let it all hang loose I bit and licked and sucked on her neck as she clutched at me with her sweet pussy. She was at least a foot shorter so my body dwarfed hers in the bed which just turned me on more.

"Put your legs around me."

She obeyed immediately wrapping her legs around my ass after I got her going it was always like this easy sailing; she ignited under me and I could get her to do what ever the fuck I wanted which was it's own kind of high.

The fact that I was sneaking around in the middle of the night while the rest of her family slept down the hall was another. It had always been this way with us the sneaking, even when I would slip away from the office on her lunch break from classes and take her to a hotel, sometimes she missed classes for the rest of the day, she'd gripe at me about that afterwards but I didn't care I wanted her pussy when I wanted it, no questions asked. She never denied me anything, she gave me all the excuses and went through her usual spiel which she needed to make her feel good about what we were doing that's because she didn't know what I did, after tomorrow she will.

It was fun trying to keep the bed from making too much noise she tried hard not to move but she couldn't help it every time I dug deeper into her pussy her hips jumped. Her moans were getting loud, so I left off biting her neck to kiss her.

She almost bit my tongue the fuck off, my baby sure like to kiss fucking starved for love and affection, those stupid fucks.

I'll show them though.

"Whose sweet pussy is this? I growled .

"Yours..." She could barely get the word out so caught up in lust was she.

"You love me?" That was new, I knew what I was doing throwing that in there while her guard was down.

"Yes, yes, oh heavens yes." Her pussy locked down on me as she came all over my dick. I guess I got my answer.

"Fuck yeah baby come for daddy." I wanted so badly to let go and pound her pussy like I do when we're alone in a hotel, but I didn't want to ruin my surprise, so I held off.

I worked her on my dick until she came one last time, I wasn't done by a long shot, I lifted up and off pulling her up with me.

I dropped back on my back, turned her around and fed her my dick while pulling her soaking wet pussy down to my mouth.

She rubbed her pussy all over my mouth and face, my girl loved getting her pussy eaten out.