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Taking What's His(6)

By:Diane Alberts

“Um…” What a weird question. Why would she want to drive his car? “No. I didn’t drive here, so I don’t have a car with me.”

“Okay.” He blinked at her again. “Then why are we standing here?”

“Because it’s your car?”

His eyes narrowed. “No, it’s not. Mine’s the red truck at the end.”

“But…oh.” Her cheeks heated. “I’m sorry. I just, uh—”

He pointed at it. “You assumed I drove an environment friendly roller skate with Doctor Who stickers plastered all over it?”


He snorted. “Not fucking likely. I don’t put stickers on my truck, not even for the Doctor. It damages the paint.”

She latched onto that last part. “But you do like Doctor Who?”

“Of course.” He led her toward the truck at the end. “Do you?”

“Uh, yeah. What’s not to like?”

He stopped walking. “Seriously?”

“Yeah. Ten is my favorite, but eleven is a close sec—”

Growling, he threw her up against his truck, his mouth closing over hers hungrily. She gasped and parted her lips, which he took full advantage of. His tongue brushed up against hers, and he made the sexiest sound she’d ever heard in her life. She fisted her hands on his shirt, tugging him closer, and he gave her what she wanted.

And then he gave her even more.

His hand slipped between her legs, brushing against her core exactly where she needed him most, and even through her jeans the result was electrifying. How had he known? His mouth moved over hers at the same time as his fingers did, hard and fast. She’d kissed plenty of guys here and there—okay, fine. Five. But still—she’d been kissed before, and she’d even had sex.

But she’d never felt like this.

There was no stopping the immense pleasure he brought to life with his touch. It crashed through her, intense and fast. He muffled her moans with his mouth, his fingers circling and swirling and—oh my God. Her nails dug into her palms, even through his shirt, and she stiffened. Stars erupted in front of her eyes, and an inescapable pleasure surged over her whole body. So…that was an orgasm. “Holt, oh my God.”

“I’m here.” He chuckled and broke off the kiss, his lips a breath from hers. “That was so fucking cute.”

Shoot. Me. Now. “Cute? Did you seriously call my orgasm cute?”

Oh, God. He laughed even harder. “I get it. I know why you’re coming home with me now. You’re horny as fuck, and so am I. So let’s go.”

He latched hands with her and led her around to the passenger side of his truck. After he opened the door for her, he lifted her up and set her in the seat as if she didn’t weigh anything at all. He closed the door behind her with a wink, and strode around the back of the truck whistling. He’d just given her her first orgasm ever, had no clue who she was, and was whistling as if he didn’t have a care in the world. She was ready to pounce on him and demand he give her more. Lots more.

He opened the door and climbed into his truck, starting it with a twist of his wrist. “Buckle up.”

She blinked at him. “What?”

“Buckle.” He clicked his seatbelt. “Up. Now.”

“Oh. Right.” Blinking, she shook her head and did as told. As soon as it clicked, he threw his arm over her seat and backed up. He looked as cool as a cucumber, without a single tremor to be seen, and she was a quivering mess. “Why did you…do that?”

“Make you come?” he asked, his lips quirked into a small smile. “Isn’t that kind of why we’re going to my place?”

Her cheeks heated. “Well, yeah. But why here?”

“You started talking nerdy to me.” He shrugged. “I liked it, so I rewarded you.”

Rewarded her? “Oh, I’ve got plenty more where that came from.” She grinned. “My favorite moment with Ten and Rose is when—”

His fingers flexed on the wheel, and his jaw tensed. Gone was the teasing smile he’d worn moments before. He shot her a commanding look, his jaw line hard and unyielding. “Save it for my place.”

Part of her wanted to keep going. Tease him some more. But the other part of her instinctually sensed the power leashed underneath the words. And that part of her obeyed without question. “Yes, sir.”

“Yeah.” His fingers flexed even more. “You’ll be calling that out later, too.”

Her stomach tightened, and she clenched her fists in her lap. “Holt.”


The way he said her name… “I’m not going to call you sir.”