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Taking What's His(8)

By:Diane Alberts

“But for now,” he paused and rubbed his jaw. “Let’s talk expectations for tonight.”


“One night. That’s all I ever offer anyone.” He tugged on her hair. It sent tingles shooting through her veins, and she got lost in his dark blue eyes. His glasses framed them perfectly. “One wild, crazy night, and then we both move on. No broken hearts. No painful goodbyes.”

She laughed uneasily. “I don’t need you to define the perimeters of a one-night stand. It’s not exactly rocket science.”

“Fair enough.” His lips twitched. “Just making sure we’re on the same page, is all. I can’t afford to have someone get hurt because they mistook something I said in that bed—and trust me, I’ll say a lot—as some kind of promise or shit like that.”

“Oh, we are.” She downed the rest of her wine and set it down, then took a step toward him. Gently, she undid the top button of his dark shirt. “I’ll leave here and never bother you again, sir. I promise.”

“That’s another thing,” he said, cupping her jaw. His touch was light, but it stopped her in her tracks. It was…possessive. Domineering, too. “You say it in a joking manner, but I’m dead fucking serious about this. I like it when you call me sir. I like to play rough in bed. Do you?”

She had no idea, but if it was what he liked, then she’d roll with it until she didn’t like it anymore. She’d tried the sir on for size earlier, and it had felt good, so why not? “Yeah. Of course I do.”

“You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you, Lydia?” He tugged her hair harder, not stopping until they were chest to chest. He skimmed his hand down her arm, and she shivered. “One last question.”

Her stomach clenched tight. “Yeah?”

“I need to know…” His hand slipped between her legs, and he urged them apart. She did what he wanted, her breath catching in her throat when he stepped between them. He rolled his hips up, rubbing his huge erection against her core. “Just how rough do you like it?”

She tipped her chin up and did her best to look sure of herself, when she wasn’t sure of anything anymore. “I-I’m very open. Do what you normally do, and I’ll let you know if you go too far.”

“Well then…” He tightened his grip on her. “Hands on the wall. Now.”

Chapter Three

Holt watched her closely. If she showed any sign of nerves, or doubt, he’d back off. Have a normal night of sex with a normal girl, and then say goodbye come morning. He’d done it plenty of times. It wasn’t as if he needed to be in control in the bedroom or anything. He just did it for fun, when the right girl came along.

Something told him she was the right kind of girl.

Without a word, she spun around, looked over her shoulder at him, and placed her hands on the wall. Her lids drifted shut, and she bit her bottom lip. “Holt.”

Fuck, he loved the way she said his name. All hot, sexy, and needy. He stepped up behind her, gripping her hips. She fit his hand perfectly. “Yeah?”

He’d quit calling her baby after he’d quit trying to make her see she shouldn’t go home with a guy like him. He might know she was making a mistake, but she seemed determined to make it. And if she was going to go home with someone, it might as well be him. At least he could get her off, unlike her loser ex.

“Wh-What would you like me to do now, sir?”

His breath escaped in a long groan, and he slid his hands over her curves, exploring each and every one. As his hands moved up over her sides, she held her breath. The second he closed his palms over her breasts, she exhaled and let out a soft moan.

Damn, she was so fucking hot. So ready.

“Now, you stand there and do everything I say, without question.” He rolled his thumbs over her hard nipples, forming his next words carefully. “And maybe…maybe I’ll reward you for being a good girl.”

She dropped her head back on his shoulder, a tiny sigh escaping her. He stared down at her face, memorizing every soft detail. The way her lashes curved over her cheekbones. Her plump, red lips. The strawberry blonde eyebrows that contrasted with her smooth, porcelain skin. She reminded him of…

Shit, he couldn’t quite place it.

Shaking his head, he forced his thoughts out of his mind, and focused on the present. The very real, beautiful, hot present that currently moaned in his arms. He trailed his fingers up her arms, trapping her palms between his and the wall when she tried to move them. While holding her in place, he nibbled on her throat, biting down with enough pressure to sting a little bit.