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Taking the Fall 3

By:Alexa Riley



“Fuck!” I scream.

“What just happened?” Saint asks in a panic. He knows if I’m losing my shit, that something just went wrong.

“Something happened. Layla is leaving the house. Check the tracker on her phone,” I growl as I turn the car around and head back in the direction of the warehouse.

“Jeanette,” Saint whispers, and I know he’s thinking the same thing. She wouldn’t have let Layla go alone. “Step on it.”

I’ve gotta get to my girl. My heart is in a panic, and I don’t know what to do other than drive as fast as this car will go. My Layla.

It takes Saint five minutes to pull up the info I need, but it feels like years. “She’s at the library? What the fuck? That doesn’t make sense.”

I turn the car in that direction, screeching tires towards the exit. It’s been too long. I can feel it. The time has gone by too fast. “We aren’t going to make it,” I say.

“Shut your fucking mouth and drive, Carter,” Saint bellows.

I fly around the corner, hoping I don’t flip the car and I jump out with my gun drawn. I see two of the cars from the warehouse sitting in the parking lot with no one else in sight.

I fall to my knees, throw my head back, and let out a scream loud enough to wake the dead. “Layla!”

A moment later, Saint runs over and grabs me.

“I think I’ve got movement on her tracker. It’s fading in and out, but wherever she is, she’s moving.”

I check the tracking and see they’re headed to the desert. “O’Leary’s got her, I know it. And he won’t kill her. Not until he gets what he wants. If you want out, now is the time to speak up. I’m going in prepared to not walk out.”

“You gonna drive or you want me to?”


I close my eyes to the light that floods the inside of my cramped compartment when the trunk pops open.

“Move your asses,” a gruff voice barks. I try to shield my eyes from the blinding light to see where we’re at.

Jeanette climbs out first, and I watch the man run his hungry eyes over her. I hadn’t noticed what she was wearing before, but it’s clear she didn’t have time to change out of her pajamas before she went running after me. She’s wearing a white tank top and really tight red cheer shorts, which show off her extremely long legs. She probably put it on earlier to piss off Saint, but now she clearly has someone else’s attention.

“What the fuck are you looking at, asshole?” I hear her snap as I crawl out of the trunk, making sure my hoodie doesn’t rise up and reveal the gun I have stashed in my waistband. I’m shocked we haven’t been patted down. My father used to pat down anyone who ever came into the house, but looking around I can tell this is pretty far from my father’s usual accommodations.

The man eyes Jeanette’s chest and reaches out to tweak her nipple poking through her thin top. She smacks his hand away.

“What that fuck?” she snaps again.

“Jeanette,” I warn her through clenched teeth. I don’t want her getting hurt, and with a mouth like hers that’s what’s going to happen. We need to stay calm and draw as little attention to ourselves as we can.

“She’s feisty. I like that,” the man says to my father who is leaning up against the side of the car, looking at me. I still can’t get over how different he looks. He used to be slick and put together, dressed in thousand-dollar suits. I’m sure the one he’s wearing now still cost out the ass, but it looks just as tired as he does. Worn down.

“You can play with her later, Marco,” he states firmly, pushing off the sedan and walking past me towards wide metal doors. “Bring them inside.”

Looking around, I try to get a feel of where we are. We drove for a while after we left the library, but I never felt like we picked up any real speed so I’m guessing we didn’t get on a highway. The area we’re in now looks like a massive garage with a few vehicles parked in it.

Marco grabs us each by the arm and starts to pull us forward.

“Where’s my mother?” I ask while Jeanette breaks free of his hold. She isn’t bolting; it just looks like she doesn’t want to be touched by him. Marco releases me from his hold and grabs her with both hands, pulling her to him. He kisses her with an open mouth, licking at her feverishly.

I try to jerk them apart but his hold on her is so strong. Screaming out, he suddenly pushes her from him and I can see blood dripping from his mouth.

“I bite,” Jeanette snarls, spitting the taste of him out of her mouth. She stares at him with a smug look on her face. I feel my stomach roll because I know what’s coming. I fought back against Marco too. He likes the fight, I remember that much. He also likes to dole out pain.