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Tease Me(78)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

“Maybe they forgot you were in here.”

“I have a feeling your sister is keeping them at bay.”

“Well, she is a stubborn know-it-all cow.”

“Who looks disturbingly like you,” Adam said. He kicked off his boots and removed his leather jacket, tossing it onto the empty chair at the end of the bed. He slid onto the bed beside her, moving in close to her uninjured side. He held her hand gently and traced the ring he’d just placed on her finger.

“This must have been the shittiest weekend of your life,” he said.

She squeezed his fingers. “Are you kidding? I got engaged this weekend.”

He chuckled. “And that’s supposed to make up for all the shit you’ve endured?”

“It totally does. You couldn’t make me any happier if you tried.”

“Is that a challenge?”

She wished she had two working arms so she could hug him. She settled for squeezing his hand even tighter. “If you want to take it that way.”

He nuzzled her neck and stroked her instep with his big toe. “Is this okay?” he asked.

“It’s a start, but a little tame by your standards,” she said with a giggle.

“I don’t want to hurt you. Seeing you injured like this tears my heart out. Makes me want to write lyrics and guitar solos and shit.”

She wasn’t sure why her injuries would give him a sudden desire to create music. “I’ll be okay,” she said, tingles of delight coursing down her neck as he placed gentle kisses on her skin. She went completely still as something terrible occurred to her. “This injury really is going to cut into our sex life, isn’t it?”

“I’ll just figure out new ways to excite you until you’re fully healed.”

He was already exciting her as his teeth scraped across her earlobe.

“That’s eight weeks!” she protested.

“Don’t blame me,” he said, his breath warming her neck. “You’re the one who fell off a horse.”

She squeezed his hand, the new ring on her finger feeling heavy and delightfully foreign. “Excuse me? I was thrown off a horse.”

“So until you’re better, I’ll take it easy on you. Gentle kisses, soft touches, slow licks, easy sucking, but absolutely no fucking.”

“I’ll never be able to handle it,” she complained. “Two days of that just about killed me.”

He kissed the corner of her mouth. “I’ll teach you to love every minute of it.”

“I do love every moment with you,” she said before capturing his lips in a searing kiss. “So do as you must, Adam. Tease me.”