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Tempt Me(3)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

“Sure, I’ll pay for it,” Owen said, laughing through Gabe’s hard jabs. “I’ve got your five dollars right here, baby.” He grabbed his crotch suggestively.

Adam picked up Gabe’s phone, which had landed on the floor near his feet. What better way to keep his own romantic interest under the radar than to join in on harassing Gabe? The picture of Melanie’s breasts hinted at uncommon beauty, but Adam was sure the blurry shot didn’t do them justice. Still, he whistled long and loud. “Nice. Maybe she’ll show us more.” Adam pressed reply so he could add to Gabe’s misery. “They’re as beautiful as I remember from last night,” Adam said as he composed a new text message and thumbed it in, “but you know what I really want to see.” He pressed send and handed the phone to Kellen, who was now standing between the two recliners to stay out of the way of the brawl between their drummer and bassist.

“Show me what’s in your panties,” Kellen said as he typed. “And send.”

Kellen’s diversion effectively got Gabe’s attention. Gabe abandoned Owen, who lay immobilized on the floor by either pain or hilarity. He rubbed his ribs with one hand and clutched his stomach with the other as he gasped for air between laughs. Gabe stumbled to his feet and grabbed Kellen by the back of the neck. Kellen took his one-quarter Comanche heritage very seriously. In addition to always keeping his straight black hair long and well-kept, he also had a personal vendetta against wearing a shirt. It made getting a good grip on him a challenge.

“Give me my phone, Kellen.”

Kellen handed it over calmly. “You should be thanking us,” he said. “Now you have jack-off material to aid your attempt at long distance monogamy.”

“He’ll never last,” Owen said, still lying on the floor, gasping for air.

Gabe’s phone beeped again, and he looked down at the screen. His eyes widened at whatever picture Melanie had sent him. “Sweet Jesus,” he swore under his breath.

“Let me see.” Owen used the sofa to haul himself off the floor. “Get his phone, Kelly.”

The pair of friends cornered Gabe against the refrigerator.

Gabe held his phone out of reach over their heads. “Get the fuck away. No one sees this one but me.”

Adam wondered if Madison would send him a sexy picture. He’d love something to remember her by on all those long, lonely nights on the road. Maybe she’d let him take a pic with his cellphone while they had sex—a shot of her beautiful pussy stuffed with his cock. Adam tugged at his fly. Damn, but these incredibly shrinking jeans were uncomfortable. And they had to be close to their destination by now. “Tex,” he called to the driver, “how long until we reach Dallas?”

“One hour and fifty-nine minutes,” Tex yelled. “Keep your pants on, stud. Her pussy will still be warm when you get there.” Tex laughed so hard, Adam thought he might burst a blood vessel in his wide, ruddy neck.

Adam looked to the back of the bus to see if he was about to become the new target of his band’s teasing. Fortunately, Kellen and Owen were too busy trying to pry Gabe’s phone from his death grip to have heard Tex’s barb.

Adam rested his elbows on his knees and took another sip from his can. The road between Tulsa and Dallas had to be the longest in existence.

Chapter Two

Madison tried to stifle her excited flutters by covering her belly with both hands and taking several deep breaths. Her attempts to calm her jumbled nerves did no good. Between the butterflies and the perpetual grin, she was a giddy wreck. It had been weeks since she’d last seen Adam, and she hadn’t been able to think of anything all day but being in his arms, in his bed and, hopefully someday, in his heart.

She was meeting Adam for dinner in half an hour. The seconds ticked by so slowly she wondered if the batteries in the large, wooden wall-clock were going dead. Though she knew her relationship with Adam was not exclusive—did world-famous rock guitarists ever have committed relationships?—she never felt alive unless he was near. Adam opened her eyes, her mind, her heart and yes, her thighs, to all that was wonderful in the world. Just the prospect of seeing him overwhelmed her with wonder, anticipation, joy and yes, panting lust.

“I’m not sure what you’re smiling about, Madi,” her twin sister said. Kennedy placed both hands on Madison’s shoulders from behind and caught her blue eyes with her matching set in the antique dresser mirror. “All he ever does is hurt you.”

Madison scowled. Being with Adam was her greatest joy in an already fulfilling life. Kennedy just didn’t understand. “He only hurts me when he leaves.”