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Tempting the Law(4)

By:Alexa Riley

I’d never been so scared in my life than I had been that day but I’ll never forget looking out the window and seeing Coen standing there. His arms open for me.

It was the first time I’d ever felt like someone was really there for me. I’d had no doubt he’d catch me when I’d flung myself into his arms and wrapped around him. Never wanting to let go of the security I felt beginning there.

It was a feeling I wanted back. I’d been missing it all those years, never having found that security again.

Chapter Four


I hold the small pink box in my hand and feel silly. It’s tied with a sparkly pink ribbon and looks more like a present for a little girl than someone graduating high school. She doesn’t look like a little girl anymore. My heart thumps as I walk toward the front door.

Pushing the thought aside, I knock on the door and try not to fidget while I wait. After half a second it flies open, revealing a short older woman. She’s much too old to be Eden’s mother, and I think for a moment that I might have the wrong house.

“Welcome, Mr. Black. The Boltons are expecting you. Everyone is out by the pool.”

She steps out of the way and points me towards the back of the house. When I step on the back deck, I’m greeted by Eden’s stepfather, John. We shake hands, and then his wife, Melanie, walks over to greet me as well.

“We are so glad you were able to make it today. Eden didn’t tell us until last night that you might be coming. So good of you to come by and say hello,” Melanie says, looking around the pool. “She’s around here somewhere.”

I see a lot of young kids in the pool playing what looks like volleyball over a net, and a large group off to the side, around the catered tables and wait staff. At the other end of the pool is a group of adults, everyone in swimwear. I’m fully clothed in the ridiculous June heat, and I almost feel awkward about it. I can already feel drops of sweat falling down my back, and the pool looks heavenly.

“Please, make yourself at home. We’ve got new swimsuits for everyone in the pool house, and you’ll find towels and sunscreen there, too.”

“I really can’t stay. I just wanted to say hello and drop off Eden’s present.”

“We insist,” John says. “I’m sure you’d like to stay for cake and give her the gift personally. After all, you’ve meant so much to her.” He looks at Melanie, and for a brief second something passes between them. It’s gone before I can process it, and they turn away from me and walk over to another couple, acting as if our conversation is over.

I guess to them it is. They were always a cold and distant couple, so I’m sure someone telling them no is unusual and uncomfortable for them. But I can’t help but think what that look meant.

As the sun blazes down on the backyard, I wonder how there isn’t a single inch of shade. My dress shirt and tie were appropriate for the graduation, but now are completely ridiculous around all the people enjoying a backyard barbecue. I look around for another ten minutes. Unable to find Eden, I finally give in. Changing into swim trunks sounds wonderful right now, and I’m desperate to get some sort of relief.

Making my way to the pool house, I look for Eden as I pass through the crowd, but still nothing. By the time I make it over to the entrance, my shirt is soaked from the heat, and I open the door praying it’s cooler inside. It’s only a little less hot inside, the shade being the only difference. It doesn’t seem like there’s an air conditioner in the small pool house, and if there is, it’s shut off. I pull at my tie, walking around to see if there are any of the swim trunks Melanie was talking about. There’s not much to the pool house, only a small couch in the room and two doors off of it. The first door is a closet filled with pool floats and chemicals, so I check the other door. Inside there’s a bathroom with a shower, and a table inside that has a couple of bathing suits piled on it. They all still have their tags, so I look through and pick one with the size I think will fit. They even have a basket of flip-flops to choose from and clean towels stacked beside it.

Setting Eden’s present down on the table, I take off my soaked dress shirt and tie. I slip off my shoes and socks, then undo my belt buckle, pulling it free. Pushing down my slacks and boxer shorts, I feel some blessed relief from the heat, even though the pool house is anything but cool.

I stand there naked and close my eyes, just enjoying the feel of not having anything clinging to me for a second. I run my hands down my chest and to my cock, thinking about seeing Eden today. God, I shouldn’t have these thoughts about her. I’m going to hell. The devil himself will cut off my cock for the thoughts I’ve been having since I saw her today. One smooth rub on my cock and I’m thickening. I need to put to rest the dirty images that are creeping into my head and forget them. Or maybe save them until I’m alone and in the dark, where no one can judge what I want to do to that little girl. My little bit. But she isn’t so little anymore.