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Tempting the Law(8)

By:Alexa Riley

She watches me as I walk, and she knows what’s coming. Yet she doesn’t make any move to get out of the pool. She bites her lip, and the guy in the water with her tries to get her to go in deeper water with him.

Calmly, I stand on the side of the pool and hold out my hand. “Eden. Out.”

She doesn’t hesitate to pull away from his grip and come to me. I feel triumphant as she does what I say and leaves the boy behind. I look over her shoulder and see he’s agitated, but he doesn’t make a move to come out of the pool. His little prick is probably still too hard. I want to hurt him for putting his hands on her, but he’s a young guy and I don’t want to go to jail for assaulting a child. I know Eden was pushing the line to tease me, and it worked. I should have never let her leave the pool house to begin with. As much as I hate to admit it, when it comes to her, there’s nothing I won’t do.

She puts her hand in mine, and I help her out of the pool, grabbing a nearby towel and wrapping it around her. I want to have a talk with her, but I want it to be in private so no one can hear us.

“Where’s your room?”

She looks up at the house and starts to walk that way, and I follow her. Once inside, we take a set of stairs and walk down a long hall. She opens a door at the end of the hall and we step inside. I shut it behind us and look around.

Her room is pink and frilly and looks like it belongs to someone much younger. She looks at me and shrugs as if to say she likes it.

“It’s cute,” I say, and she beams at me.

“Come see this.” She pulls me over to a wall with nothing but framed pictures on it. Some are of us when I caught her that day, and some are just of me when I was in the news. “I saved all the clippings and every picture I could of you.”

Looking down at her, I entwine our fingers together, and I see a blush hit her cheeks. “I saved what pictures of you I could find, too,” I admit.

“Really?” She looks so hopeful and excited when I nod.

“I think I’ve been waiting all this time for you to reach out to me. You’re so young, Eden, and I shouldn’t feel this way about you. But you’ve had a piece of my heart since the day I saved you. And now, seeing you and being next to you like this, I have all these protective feelings that aren’t innocent.”

She turns to face me and uses her free hand to loosen the towel, dropping it between us. She presses her body against mine. Neither of us is fully clothed, so the feel of her bare skin against mine is incredible. It’s like we’re almost naked.

“I don’t want you to be innocent with me, Coen. I’m yours. Your little bit.”

I cup her cheeks and looking into her baby blue eyes. “I want you too much, Eden.” I finally confess out loud what I’m feeling, and it feels good to be able to say the words out loud.

She lets go of my hand and places her palms on my chest, rubbing across the hair. “Then take me.”

“Once I have you, I won’t be able to let you go, sweet girl. You’ll be mine, and there’ll be no escape. Ever,” I tell her, but I don’t think I could ever really let her go, even if she told me no right now.

She pushes impossibly closer, and I feel her breath against my skin. “Good. That’s exactly what I want. For you to take me from here and keep me by your side. You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”

Her words are a trigger and I can’t hold back anymore. Picking her up, I push her against the wall, next to the pictures of us, and claim her mouth. Her arms and legs wrap around me as our lips connect. She parts her mouth for me, and I sweep my tongue in, stealing her breath and claiming her. I don’t wait for her to kiss me back. I take control and taste her sweetness. I bite her lips and feel her legs tighten around me as my hard cock is crushed between us.

She grinds against it, her small curvy body trying to find some relief. I’m so far gone that I keep her pinned against the wall with my hips, pumping against her like I want to fuck her.

“Take me, Coen. Push my bathing suit to the side. I’m soaked, so you can slip in easy. I want you inside me.”

My mouth moves down her neck and I growl at her words. “You want me to take that cherry, sweet girl?”

“Yes,” she gasps as I thrust hard against her another time.

“You on the pill? If you give me that little pussy, I’m not pulling out.” I don’t think I could if my life depended on it. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to pull out of her.

“No, I’m not on anything,” she whines, need in her voice.


I reach between us, already thinking about cumming in her tight virgin womb. If I plant my seed there then she’s mine forever, no matter what. Getting her pregnant means she’ll have no choice but to stay with me, because I’d never let her leave. Not that I would give her a choice otherwise. I should be stopping this or slowing down, but I feel the rush to do this now. To plant my baby in her as fast as I can before someone can stop us.