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Tempting the Law(9)

By:Alexa Riley

Once my cock is free, I untie the strings at her hips and pull the material away. Her bare pussy against the thick tip of my cock feels like silk. Her sticky syrup, the evidence of her arousal, coats me.

“Fuck, you’re soaked. You always get this wet when you think about me?”

She bites her lip and nods, pushing her pussy against my cock as she begs for me to enter her. I’ve got her held up against the wall with one hand, but she weighs nothing. I should probably put her on the bed behind us, but I can’t wait the ten seconds that would take. Instead, I move my hips so my cock is at her opening, and grip her waist with both my hands.

Slowly I lower her onto my shaft until I feel her cherry. I give her one quick kiss before I pop through it and thrust all the way inside.

“Shit,” she says through her teeth, and I try not to cum.

Her tight pussy squeezes me, and I hold still as she tries to relax. “Just breathe, sweet girl.” I trail kisses down her neck, then reach up to push her bathing suit top out of the way and let her big tits spill out. Once her hard nipples are exposed, I latch on to one, sucking on it hard to get her attention away from her aching cunt.

“Coen, oh God, that’s it.” She grips the back of my head and holds me to her tit as I suck on one nipple, then the other.

Slowly, her pussy releases some of the death grip it has on my dick, but the fit is still tight. I’m going to have to break her in so I can ride her easy whenever I want.

“I’m gonna move a little and test out this pussy. It’s mine now, so I get to do what I want, but I’m going to treat her real good, sweet girl.”

I drag my cock out inch by inch, feeling her tight grip. She doesn’t want me to leave, so I push back in and hear her moan.

“One thrust and you already don’t want me out of your cunt.” She’s addicted already, and I am, too. I’ve got to pull out so I can go back in and make it good for both of us. “I want you to make that virgin kitty cum all over my cock.”

Her juices coat my cock, and I look down to where we are joined. There’s a small tint of pink combined with her arousal, and it makes me even harder. She waited for me and wanted me to be the first and last to have it, and that thought makes my aching cock leak cum inside her.

My trunks are still up around my hips with just my cock out, but her lower half is naked and her tits are on full display as I thrust in and out of her against the wall. After a few strokes she’s completely relaxed and meeting me every time I enter her. I feel little tremors in her legs as she starts to near her climax, and I keep a steady rhythm, getting closer to bathing her pussy in my seed.

Suddenly there’s a slight noise behind us and I hear her bedroom door open. I lean forward, blocking her naked body from view. With my body in front of her, there’s no way anyone could see around me.

Looking over my shoulder, I see John standing in the doorway, looking at us. He can’t see what we’re doing, but it’s pretty obvious. She’s got her legs wrapped around my waist, so it’s not like we’re knitting.

The bastard actually looks disappointed when he sees me, and then jealousy crosses his face. I want to cut his throat for trying to walk in on her, but I don’t dare move.

“Get the fuck out of here. She’s mine,” I growl. The message couldn’t be clearer.

I turn back to Eden and thrust inside her, going back to claiming her. The sooner I get my baby in her, the better. She has a look of shock on her face, but I hear the door click closed behind us, and then she relaxes.

“You’re mine,” I say through clenched teeth, and my thrusts begin to become more erratic. I’m losing my cool because I want to breed her and I want to kill him all at the same time. “No one will ever touch you but me.”

“Coen,” she moans, her hands coming up and resting on my shoulders.

She clenches around me hard, and I feel her back arch away from the wall as she gives me her orgasm. She cums on my cock, and the rush of juice runs down my shaft, coating it with each thrust. I pump one final time and hold myself deep inside her as I empty every single drop into her little greedy pussy. I feel her pulses suck up every drop, and something settles in my chest. I’ve done everything I can to make her mine, and now I want to take her from this place. I want to bring her to my home to protect and care for her until the end of time.

“You’re coming with me, Eden,” I say, pressing my forehead to hers. “I want you to pack your things up. You’re coming home with me. Today.”

Chapter Eight


I pull him closer, taking his mouth in a hard kiss and putting everything I can into it. This is more perfect than I thought it would be. I wanted to leave with him so bad today, but I wasn’t sure it would happen. I’d dreamed of this moment for so long and it’s finally here. I knew he’d snapped when he pulled me from that pool.