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The One I Gave My Heart To

By´╝ÜMercedes G



Turn me up Thursdays was stupid deep at Phil’s, a local nightclub in the Cuthbert area. DJ Ray J was the host, and he was going ham on the 1’s & 2’s, playing all of the hottest music that had just came out, with a mixture of the older classics, as well. Since he was from our hometown, everybody came out to show him mad love & support; including me and my girls, Terrica and Kelsi.

The club was all the way live, and everybody present were having themselves a good time drinking, socializing, and enjoying the music. As for me, it was the first week of the semester, and it was sad to say that I was already starting it off wrong… being that I had an 8:00 business class the next morning. Fooling around with these partying bitches, there was no way in hell that I would be able to be in attendance, but I was there now, so I may as well make the best of it.

You put your trust in a nigga stupid hoe how you figure

He won't fuck your best friend and your sista

Ah lie to ya, ah then screw ya

Get mad if his homeboys do ya

DJ Ray J spanned that Don’t Trust No Nigga by Khia and every female in the building went crazy. That song was officially the National Female Anthem and had been ever since it came out over a decade ago. They all ran to the center of the dance floor in their heels, some in wedges, and even flats, with their hands up in the air, rapping the lyrics to the song stressing every single word with potency to the niggas around them. Females that were once sitting down were no longer in their seats, and the ones that had been sitting at the bar hauled ass as soon as the beat dropped, leaving their drinks at the bar unattended; something that I would never do in this merciless world that we live in today. These niggas in the 7 were malicious for no apparent reason, and they wouldn’t hesitate to slip a molly in your cup and watch it take affect only a few feet away with no repentance in their hearts of any kind.

Every hood nigga in the club went into hiding making their way to either the bar or they went and posted up on the wall on the opposite side of the club to avoid having a female they was either fucking with or their baby mama standing in front of them with her finger in their face directing the lyrics of the song to them; even though I wouldn’t doubt that it was more than likely a perfect fit. I was too damn fly to be all on the dance floor acting a donkey. Even though I did have a couple of ratchet bones in my body, you would never see me broadcasting them out in public for everyone to see. So instead, I sat at the bar, classily with my girls, with my cup in the air, and rapped along to the words of the song as well. Straight vibing!

Unsure of whether or not it was the Drelli that I was sipping on or my intuition messing with me, but someone was definitely watching me, and I could feel it through my skin. The feeling had been residing at the pit of my stomach from the time that I walked through the door, up until now. Attempting to brush it off and not make a big deal out of it, I continued to enjoy myself while at the same time observing my surroundings to see if I was able to pinpoint whoever it was that had a fucking eye problem. There were a lot of females in the club that night, and I wouldn’t doubt if it was one of them on some hating shit, all because they were intimidated by me and my girls, and to be honest; they should have been.

“What’s wrong, boo? Why you looking like that?” Kelsi asked into my ear over the loud music, while dancing cutely in her seat. She had obviously peeped my investigation, and it was of her nature to see what was up with me.

“Girl, it feels like somebody’s watching my ass.” I said, while sitting my drink down on the bar. I turned back around on my stool and focused my attention back to the crowd scanning it cautiously. I was waiting for a bitch to even look at me the wrong way.

“Biiitch, ain’t nobody watching yo assss!” Kelsi spat in a drunken slur followed by a hideous laugh.

My bestie was intoxicated and had been before we even stepped foot inside of the club. You see, Kelsi has had a drinking problem for quite some time now. I mean, it wasn’t so bad to the point that I would go as far as calling her an alcoholic, because for the most part, she handled it very well most of the time. She wasn’t a full-time drinker. She only drank whenever she had any idle time on her hands. The majority of the time, it was after she got off of work or on her off days, and even then, she wouldn’t get sloppy drunk, but would drank just enough to numb her pain.

Kelsi gravitated towards alcohol a long time ago struggling to silence the pain that she had been enduring from her brother’s murder. She was fourteen at the time that he was killed, but she didn’t let her age prevent her from sneaking liquor out of her aunt’s room late at night when everyone else was asleep. Shit, Terri and I had received our first dose of alcohol from Kelsi when we were teens.