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The Bad Boy's Biggest Mistake

By:Sam Crescent


One year before the shooting at The Dugout

Tristan Carmichael looked up to see Vicki Burke walking out of the Sherriff’s office. Night had fallen in Law Castle, and he didn’t like the thought of the young woman walking home. He was over twenty years older than she, but he couldn’t think of a single reason why he shouldn’t be helping her. He was the Sheriff of the town, and Law Castle was a town he loved.

The day he’d been elected as the Sheriff was the day he finally settled down. Gazing down at his hand, he noticed the bareness of his finger where once a wedding band had been. He knew he should wear the ring that bound him to another woman, but he couldn’t bear to wear something that no longer symbolised anything to him.

Going against his better judgement he followed Vicki out into the night. Her long blonde hair fell down her back in glorious silken waves. The summer heat meant she wore the smallest white summer dress he’d ever seen. All of her curves were on display. She was only twenty, yet those curves made his mouth water, and he yearned to reach out and claim her for his own. He didn’t doubt she had men knocking at her door, panting to get close to her.

“Vicki,” he said, gaining her attention.

She turned around at the sound of her name. The frown on her face evaporated as she saw him. “Sheriff? What can I do for you? I’ve not been causing any trouble. I’ve been a very good girl.”

Her hands went to her hips, which made him look at the flare of those curves. Tristan could imagine gripping those hips as he thrust inside her tight cunt. He had no doubt she was a good girl, but he’d bet money she could be bad if she really wanted to.

“What are you doing in the station at this time of night?” he asked.

Her smile widened.

“Go and check the front desk. I figured you’ve been keeping this town clean, so you all deserve a reward.”

Vicki turned away. Tristan took a few seconds to admire the sway of her backside before going after her.

“It’s dark, and it’s night. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you,” he said.

“It’s Law Castle. Nothing ever happens here.” She folded her arms under her breasts.

“Still, a young lady like yourself shouldn’t be walking alone tonight. Let me walk you home.”

Cocking her head to the side, Vicki observed him. “Okay, you can walk me home.”

Tristan fell in beside her. The lemony scent he associated with her wafted over to him in the breeze. He’d never smelt anything so amazing before. At forty-five years old he’d seen it all and done it all. He’d fucked many women and had even experienced being under a male. When he’d been training to be a dominant in the city he’d taken everything the club he’d been a member of threw at him. Fucking men, check. Taking on two subs, check. Learning everything they could teach him, check.

Getting that pesky divorce, not checked. He couldn’t bring himself to divorce Kate even after five years of separation. She wanted something he couldn’t give her.

Forcing the thoughts of Kate to the back of his mind, Tristan followed in step beside Vicki.

“It’s a lovely night,” she said. Her arms swung out in front of her. Tristan wished he could be as carefree as she was.

“It certainly is.”

“The bikers’ festival and picnic are in a few weeks.”

The Law Castle Bad Boys were a group who took protecting the town very seriously. Tristan had a lot of respect for the group, the main reason being they brought a lot of revenue to the town. The group were known for double- or triple-teaming women. Some women from the city went to Law Castle to get away from the stifled life that civilisation expects. In Law Castle you could be what you wanted and do what you wanted, as long as it didn’t break any laws.

“It is. I’ll be there,” Tristan said. “Will you be?”

“I’m always there. I try to get Stefan to let me have a go on his bike. He always refuses.”

Stefan Jackson was one of the men in charge of the Bad Boys group. Tristan didn’t like him for the interest Vicki showed in the man. From what he’d heard Stefan had been put in charge of taking care of Vicki in her parents’ absence. The Law Castle Bad Boys took the care of their children, especially daughters, seriously.

She stopped outside her house. Vicki lived a few feet away from the main square of town. Her car was parked in the driveway. He’d learned her parents had moved away as they couldn’t handle the small town life, and her mother wanted a change. Her father wasn’t too happy about being away from his only daughter. Vicki had stayed in Law Castle and turned down a higher education to remain in town.