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The Billionaire

By:Jordan Silver

The Billionaire
Jordan Silver

       Chapter 1

I looked down from my top floor office at the hustle and bustle down  below. I felt bereft, adrift and just downright bored. Life has become  somewhat melancholy here lately. It was a hard pill to swallow for  someone who's supposed to be at the top of his game. My business was  going gangbusters I had my finger on the pulse point of life and yet  here I am. My breath caught as I saw what I'd been waiting for, what has  been drawing me here to my windows for the past few days.

There she goes again, fuck me. Does she have any idea what she does to  me? Of course she doesn't, she haven't a clue, she doesn't even know I  exist.

In her catholic school uniform that made me want to perform all sorts of  illegal acts. Well maybe not so much illegal. She looked to be at least  seventeen or eighteen; sixteen is legal in this state.

So what if I'm twenty-six years old? Legal is legal, still I've been fighting myself, trying to be good.

That's not my forte.

I'd seen her for the first time three and a half weeks ago. The wind had  been extremely high that day as I'd been exiting my chauffeur driven  car, when she walked by on the other side of the street. It wasn't the  short skirt blowing about her legs that caught my attention, no. It was  the way the wind blew in her hair. The way her small, slender hand came  up to hold it back from her face; why the fuck did I find that so hot?

She had the typical teenage body, tight ass, perky tits, though hers  seemed a little on the heavy side on her slender frame, but it was her  lips that really got to me, those fucking lips that made you think  'Angelina who'?

I've had dreams of fucking that mouth for three weeks and counting, but  still I hesitate to approach her. A man in my position can never be too  careful and going after a young girl might not be the smartest move. On  the other hand Gideon Thorpe isn't in the habit of denying himself  anything, especially something that affects him so deeply. Not much does  anymore so that added even more of a pull. A challenge something to get  the blood pumping again. I felt my body react at the thought.

How would she feel under my hands? Would she be soft and sweet, or was  she one of those ridden hard types? She didn't strike me as such she had  an air of innocence about her, something that was sorely lacking in my  world and had been for quite some time.

I watched her now from the high-rise office in my building downtown.  I've become obsessed, I'll be the first to admit it, but there were a  few things to take into consideration, not the least being the woman  I've been fucking for the past two years. I say it like that because  that's just what it was. She's a fuck, a good fuck, but just a fuck  nonetheless.

I would need to extricate myself from that situation before I approached my Blossom.

I didn't let myself worry about whether or not she was in a relationship of her own, that wouldn't stop me.

She'd called forth something in me that no one else ever had, to me that meant only one thing; she's meant to be mine.

Chapter 2

I had the timer in my office set to go off every morning at the time I  knew she usually walked by on her way to school. It didn't matter what I  was doing at that time I'd stop to watch her, kind of like getting my  fix for the day. Once I'd been in the middle of a conference call when  it went off, I'd carried on with the meeting while standing at the bank  of windows and spying on her through my new binoculars bought just for  my new pastime.

The buzzing of the intercom alerted me to my secretary calling. I didn't  want to take my eyes away from the scene below on the sidewalk across  the street. So fucking beautiful it hurts. I felt the telltale signs of  desire once more as my body reacted to the vision. If the pull was this  strong from afar I can't imagine what it would be like once I get her  beneath me. With a heavy sigh I walked over to my desk, whoever this is  it better be fucking good.

"Thorpe." I picked up the phone none too gently I'm sure my secretary  was wondering who the fuck had pissed in my oatmeal here lately seeing  as how I have not been my usual self. Long nights dreaming of a girl  whose name you didn't know but who fucking halfway owned you already  puts a man like me in a pissy mood. I had to handle things right so  nothing came back to bite me in the ass, but the waiting was killing me.  I'm sure dignitaries vetted heads of state faster than my shit was  taking.

"Miss. Halston on the line for you sir." Shit, I knew why she was  calling; Lynn isn't a stupid woman. She knew the signs and what they  meant. I haven't touched her in three and a half weeks. I couldn't, it  seemed my body and mind maybe even my heart had already moved on.


"Gideon, what's going on?"

"Now's not a good time." I scrubbed my hand over my face this was not a conversation for here and now.                       


"It hasn't been a good time in about a month, if you have something to say to me why don't you just say it?"

"This isn't the way to do this." I'm nothing if not a gentleman after  all and though I have no fear of confrontation I don't like messy  scenes. I'd been putting things off with her because well truth be known  how the fuck do you break up with someone who was just a fuck buddy? I  erroneously thought all it took was me not seeing her, which I haven't  in weeks, but apparently we were gonna do this shit the hard fucking  way.

"No let's do this now, are you cheating on me?"

Two things pissed me the fuck off about that, one was her tone and two  was the implication. I understood her feelings of rejection, but I'm  sure she'd feel a hell of a lot worst if I fucked her while imagining  someone else.

We'd been fucking each other exclusively for the past two years, but she  knew better, she knew I didn't harbor those feelings for her, I never  once pretended to. She was just as free as I to move on at any time that  was the understanding we had.

"First of all, we don't have that type of relationship so it wouldn't be  construed as cheating. Second of all that's not who I am, but there has  been a change of late, which I had planned to discuss with you later on  tonight..."

"Look just tell me whatever it is you have to say, I'm a big girl, I can take it."

So you say, but I know better. The pristine Ms. Halston who's ever  vaunted in the gossip rags as the epitome of social grace can throw a  temper tantrum like none I'd ever seen. Of course with me she's all that  is sweet but I've heard the stories, though she's always been careful  to keep that side hidden from me. I don't tolerate that sort of behavior  in anyone.

"Okay then, I think we should call it quits." What the fuck she wants to do this now? No skin off my nose.

"You...." Here we go I gave up my morning fix for this shit? I knew  she'd be gone already by the time I got back to the window the sidewalk  was only but so fucking long.

"How could you just decide that with no warning, nothing? You didn't even discuss it with me first."

"Lynn you knew this day was coming, you knew we weren't going anywhere.  We both used each other to fill a need, it's over, and just so you know  I'm not doing this drama bullshit with you. You wanted me to tell you  now instead of later. There you have it."

"Who is she?"

I hung up the phone, yes I'm a cold bastard, never said any different. No one questions me.

I never once lied to her, never led her on or made her believe that we would ever be anything more than what we had been.

The second my feelings changed I distanced myself. I just wanted to do  things in a more humane way. Maybe I should've just ended it that first  day when I realized where my thoughts were leading me.

This shit was going to turn over a whole lot of fucking apple carts, but I've never been one to let convention stand in my way.

She was a seventeen-year old girl I'm nine years older, that too was a  small matter when weighed against what she could mean to me. I had a lot  to think about but at least now one hurdle had been cleared. With Lynn  out of the picture I was now free to make my move. I knew she would no  longer be standing there across the street but I still headed for the  window staring at the place I'd last seen her.

"I'm coming for you little one." The decision has been made, before long  I will have her. Maybe then my heart will stop beating the hell out of  my chest.


Every day I wished to see him again the guy with the crazy hair but to  no avail, only that one time and then nothing since then. He had the  most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen; even from the distance I'd seen the  lightness of them. I've dreamt of him every night since that first day.  Just one glance and he had captured me. I walk slower when I reach the  place where I'd got that first glimpse of him. My heart races every time  as I wonder if today will be the day. I know it's just a silly little  girl's dream, something that will never be, but it's the only light in  my otherwise bleak world. I want to cry when I don't see him but I'm  stronger than that so I hold back the tears. Maybe one day I'll see him  from afar and I can relive the joy of the moment as I do now. I  sometimes feel a prickling sensation just when I reach this very spot  but I know I'm just being fanciful. Things like that don't happen in  real life and they certainly don't happen to girls like me.