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Billionaire Bachelors 2 ; The Billionaire's Dance

By´╝ÜMelody Anne


"That's grandpa's sweet baby girl," Joseph whispered as he nuzzled his only granddaughter, Jasmine. She coo'd up at him, while gripping his finger and tugging at his heart.

"Now that grandpa got your daddy and mommy married and gave grandpa you as an added bonus for Christmas last year, we have to start working on getting Uncle Alex a wife," he continued talking, while tickling her tummy.

"I love you to pieces, Princess and I want a lot of cousins for you running around the house." He continued talking to her as if she understood each and every word he was saying.

"I sure didn't get any thanks from your mom and dad for their marriage but of course I'm not looking for a bunch of praise. My boys finding good women and giving me many grandkids to spoil is thanks enough," he said. He smiled with pure joy while looking at Jasmine.

"Of course, a little thank you wouldn't be so bad," he muttered quietly.

"Well, I guess I'm going a bit off course here, aren't I? I've found the perfect bride for your Uncle Alex and I have a feeling we'll see a cousin for you in a year or so." He chuckled as he pictured Alex and Jessica together.

Joseph had known Jessica since she was a newborn. He knew she and Alex would be perfect together. It was simply a matter of getting them in the same room so nature could take its course.

Joseph thought about Alex's playboy lifestyle. It was time that boy settled down and got married.

Joseph loved his first granddaughter so much. His heart felt like it would burst when she was in his arms. He wanted that feeling with many, many more grandchildren.

"Joseph, did I just hear you plotting with your granddaughter about meddling in our son's life?" Katherine said from outside the room, catching him off guard. He could hear the clear disapproval in her tone and knew he'd been caught.

"No, not at all dear," Joseph said, as innocently as he could. "Jasmine and I were just discussing what a blessing she is in our lives," he finished.

Katherine shook her head at her husband as she reached down to take their granddaughter into her arms. "Joseph, Jasmine is only three months old and isn't discussing anything with you. She's just happy to hear the sound of your voice, no matter what nonsense you're spouting." All sternness fell from her voice as she held the precious bundle close to her.

Katherine didn't approve of her husband interfering in their children's lives but she had to admit the end result of Lucas and Amy getting married and having precious little Jasmine was worth the troubles. 

Joseph sighed at the sight of his beautiful wife holding their granddaughter. Life was certainly good. "Lucas will be back in a few minutes so help me get the baby changed," Katherine said as she walked from the room.

Joseph stood and looked at the picture on his wall. "Alex my boy, you are in for a surprise," Joseph whispered to the frame so his wife wouldn't overhear. He quietly chuckled to himself as he walked out of the door.

Chapter one

"Alex, good to see you," Joseph said. He wrapped his arm around his son's shoulders while leading him into the den.

"Hi Dad, sorry I haven't made it home in a while. That contract in Spain took a lot longer than I thought. Of course, I'm not complaining because those beaches are hot and the women are even hotter," he said with a laugh.

"Now son, there's more to life than going out all the time and picking up pretty ladies who don't have a lick of brains or an ounce of heart," Joseph admonished.

Alex gave a hearty laugh. He knew his father wanted him and his brothers all married. He was more than a little suspicious Joseph had something to do with Lucas's recent marriage. Lucas wasn't complaining though. His wife, Amy was a true gem and their precious daughter was about the cutest thing there ever was.

"Dad, you know I'm far too young to tie the knot. I don't need some woman in my life telling me what to do. I like having a lot of ladies to wine and dine. You don't want to break the hearts of all the single ladies in Seattle, now do you," Alex asked with far too much confidence, in his father's opinion?

Joseph knew it would take a very strong woman to bring his middle child to his knees. Luckily, he figured, the right woman wasn't far away.

"Okay, I get it, you like the single life but you should know you're breaking your mother's heart. She wants many grandkids running through these cold hallways but children never think of their poor parents. After all, parents only sacrifice everything to raise their kids and bandage their wounds and love them unconditionally. There wouldn't be any reason to want to give back to them, I guess," Joseph said with a dramatic sigh.

Alex smiled at his father's antics. He and his brothers were used to the whole guilt trip charade since Joseph had perfected it. "You know I appreciate everything you and mom do for me. That doesn't mean I'm going to let you guilt me into getting married. I'm smarter than Lucas," he said with a wink.