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The Billionaire's Unlikely Bride(Book 2)

By:Helen Cooper

The Billionaire's Unlikely Bride(Book 2)
Helen Cooper

       Chapter 1

"So did you sneak into see Peter last night?" Brittany grinned at me as  she sat back in the armchair in the corner of my hotel room.

"Uh no," I stayed still in the bed, so scared that one move would  somehow make the duvet fall off of me and expose a naked Elliott to  Brittany.

"Why not?" Brittany stared at me. "I should have told you that my dad  sleeps early and he is a deep sleeper. He wouldn't have known."

"I, uh, I fell asleep." I felt bad lying to Brittany but I didn't know  how to tell her that the reason I didn't go to Peter's room was because I  had slept with her dad instead. Yeah, that would go down real well.

"Well, hurry up and get dressed Elle." Brittany paused waiting for me to get up.

I had to think of something and quick. I was naked under the covers and  so was Brittany's dad Elliott. The fact that he was now sucking on my  nipples under the covers was also making it very hard to concentrate.

"Uhm, I'll meet you downstairs Brittany. You shouldn't leave Mark by  himself for too long." Please Brittany, please go downstairs.

"Yeah, I should go look for my dad as well, make sure that Olivia doesn't have her hooks in him."

"Ha, yeah, you should do that." I smile at her, thanking God she is about to leave.

"See you in the dining room in 30 minutes and don't be late." Brittany  went sashaying out of the room and I only relaxed when I heard the door  close.

"Is my daughter gone yet?" Elliott finally made his way back up the bed and out of the covers.

"I thought she would never leave." I jumped up and got out of bed.

"Ooh, where are you going Elle?"

"We have to shower Elliott." I wasn't going to allow him to suck me back  into bed. I knew that next time it was not going to be as easy to get  Brittany out of the room.

"Ooh, joint shower?" Elliott jumped up out of bed and grabbed me.

I turned round to face him, our naked bodies teasing each other. "I don't think that's a good idea Elliott."

"Why not? Scared your boyfriend Peter will find us next?"

"He's not my boyfriend."

You don't want a billionaire for a boyfriend?" Elliott looks at me  mischievously. How did I answer that? No. Yes. Maybe. Not him but you.

"Money doesn't matter to me." I look at him seriously. I didn't want him  to think that any of this had anything to do with money.

"Money makes the world go round Elle." He spoke matter of factly.

"It doesn't make love go round," I said softly.

Elliott laughed. "Oh Elle, you are so young and naïve. Money makes love  come and go in an instant. It's like the magic of the world."

"I don't agree." I was sad that he thought that. "Not for everyone."

"Yes for everyone Elle." "He laughed, "Don't look at me so seriously Elle. Let's go and take a shower together."

"No." I spoke so softly that he didn't understand me at first. He  grabbed me around my waist and I spoke up. "NO." He looked surprised.

"I think I should shower by myself." I felt embarrassed standing there  in front of him naked. What had I done? Indulged in some fun with my  best friends dad. What if she found out? What if I lost my best friend  for nothing?

"Are you sure?" I could see Elliott already backing off. I think he was realizing it had been a mistake as well.

"Yes, I'll see you downstairs at the buffet when you are done." I run  into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I showered with tears  streaming from my eyes blending into the hot water. How had it gone so  badly so quickly? Just an hour ago, I was lying there staring at the man  I had loved for years, thinking that my happy ever after was possible.  And now here I was feeling like a fool.

Elliott was sitting on the bed waiting for me when I left the shower.  "We should talk Elle." My heart skipped a beat at his words. Maybe he  realized his thoughts had really hurt me.

"Okay." I sat next to him hopeful. I let out a breath as I realized I was holding it in.

"I didn't mean to hurt you Elle." He began seriously. I nod my head for him to go on.

"I'm not looking for that happily ever after. I can't offer you that."

I stare at him and bite my lip. I don't want to burst into tears but I can feel my lids getting heavy.

"I'm not a young man Elle. I have a business, a grown daughter. I should  have explained this before we became intimate. I didn't want to hurt  you."                       


"You didn't hurt me." I can't let him see the pain his words caused.  "And don't worry, I won't tell your grown daughter what happened."

"Elle … "

"And I won't tell Olivia either. Do you need me to sign a confidentiality agreement?"

"Oh Elle, we need to talk. But not now."

"Yeah, whatever." I turned around and went to get my clothes together. I  had reverted back to a teenager in minutes. He was really going to love  me now.

"Elle, listen to me." I ignored Elliott and he sighed and walked into  the bathroom. I looked at the bed in disgust and quickly left the room.

Chapter 2

"What happened to you last night Elle?" Peter grabbed a hold of me as soon as I walked into the dining hall.

"Sorry Peter, I fell asleep." I quipped back at him. I was in no mood to hear anything from him.

"Oh, it's okay. I was waiting for you." He grins.

"Ok" I say bored.

"I was naked." He whispers, I look up at him wondering how I had even entertained dating him.

"I wanted to give you some pleasure last night. I bought whipped cream."  He is still whispering and now flicking his tongue back and forth.

"Have you seen Brittany?" I interrupt Peter, knowing I can't put up with much more of his stupidness.

"Yeah, her and Mark are with mother outside by the pool sipping on Champagne."

"Oh ok."

"I'll talk you out there. Is Elliott nearly ready? I'm starving."

"I'm sure he will be down soon." I walk away not wanting to talk about  Elliott. "You stay here Peter, I'll go out and find them."

"Oh, okay." He pouts. "I was hoping we could spend some time getting to know each other today."

"Well Peter, seems like you may have to share her with the rest of us." I  turn and see Elliott has joined us. He looks powerful and relaxed and  gorgeous as per normal. His hair is glistening from the shower and my  throat catches. He is soo sexy. I suddenly feel heaviness below. This  man could turn me on without even touching me.

"I don't think anyone will be sharing me thank you very much." I snap  back at Elliott, ignoring Peter's surprised glance. I knew he must be  wondering what was going on but I didn't care.

"Where's my daughter?" Elliott questions Peter while staying at me with questions in his eyes.

"Outside, follow me." Peter starts towards the doors and we follow him.

"You look beautiful this morning Elle." Elliott whispers in my ears.

"Thanks." I try not to show how happy his words made me.

"So good that I think I can skip breakfast and just eat you."

I gasp as his grabs my butt. "Shall we go back to the room?" He asks me only half joking.

"I think not Elliott and please take your hands off of me." I snarl at him as he caresses my butt cheeks through my shorts.

"I don't think you really want me to take my hands off of you Elle. I could take you right here if I wanted."

"No, you could not." The words come out of my mouth louder than I would have liked.

"Really." Elliott pulls me towards him and pushes his hand down my butt  and in-between my legs. "I can feel your pussy throbbing Elle."

I pause as if frozen like a statue. He was right. I wanted to have him  right there. "If I were to slip my fingers up through your shorts I am  sure your panties would be wet."

"You wouldn't dare." I stare at him wide-eyed.

"Try me." He pulls away abruptly as we notice Peter had gone ahead of us.

Olivia looks at me haughtily as we approach the table. She kisses her  son and gives her hand to Elliott who kisses it. My heart thumps with  jealousy as I see that. Brittany jumps up and gives me a hug, "There you  are beautiful. I love the top." She grins at me. It was a crop top she  had given me that exposed my belly and fell just beneath my breasts. It  was a top that made men stare because they knew with one false move;  some part of my breasts would be exposed.

"Don't you love the top Peter?" She asks him innocently.

Peter nods his head while trying not to stare at my breasts. Brittany  had made me pack it for Peter but I was wearing it for Elliott.