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The Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1

By:Secrets J. S. Starr

Chapter 1

Jordan walked in on his wife dressing for dinner. He watched her  standing before the closet in just nylons and panties looking for  something to wear. She moved a few dresses to the side, unable to decide  which one to wear. It wouldn't matter; Megan could wear a garbage bag  and still be the prettiest girl in the room. It amazed Jordan that after  seven years of marriage he still got rock hard when he saw her naked.  She was that sexy. It wasn't just her body that turned him on. She had a  very sexy mind as well. She was a stunning brunette, a little on the  thin side due to years of ballet, but beautiful nonetheless.

He was going to have her right then. He had already fucked her in his  mind as he watched her choose an outfit so he might as well make it  official. Screw their reservations. For a man like Jordan, the  restaurant would hold it for him. He sauntered up to her and pressed his  body against hers, his hands against her bottom. She turned to him and  smiled. A smile he had loved from the moment he met her.

"Well hello there husband."

"Hello," he said quietly in her ear. His hand encircled her waist and  slipped into the front of her panties. He felt her stiffen and then  relax.

"Darling we are going to be late." She said it like a gasp as his finger  found her clit. He rubbed her clit slowly drawing out her pleasure. His  cock grew hard against her bottom.

"That's not important. I want you now. And I'm not taking no for an  answer." He slipped a finger inside her, fucking her slowly until she  became wet. She moaned against him and he could swear he just got  harder.

She took his other hand and led him to the bed. She always wanted to be  in the bed, he never knew why. He had no problem with bending her over  any piece of furniture in that room. But she would never allow it; she  preferred comfort above anything else. He would have liked it if she was  a little more adventurous, but she rarely turned him down for sex so he  couldn't complain. His pampered little princess could have whatever she  wanted.

She lay down on the bed her legs spread. He looked at her body so lithe  and smooth. Her small breasts perky, her nipples hard, her body primed  for him. He quickly undressed, pulling off his pants and unbuttoning his  shirt. He could not wait to get inside her. He bent down to her and  claimed her mouth, sucking on her lip, tongue searching out hers. His  hands found her breasts and squeezed gently, thumbs flicking at the nubs  of her nipples. She moaned in a way that made him a little crazy. He  slid her panties off and tossed them to the side.

"Spread your legs wide baby." She did as she was told and he kneeled  before her. Her spread her lips and her pussy there before him and the  sight of her made him horny.

"Honey, we are going to be so late," she murmured. He shut her up by  placing his mouth over her clit and sucking. Her could feel her grow  swollen in his mouth, he sucked harder and inserted a finger inside her  feeling how wet he was making her. She worried too much about  everything. It kind of annoyed him. At this moment he wanted her to want  to be fucked more, not worry about reservations. He was about to make  her forget her own name. He finger fucked her a little harder until she  started moaning his name repeatedly. She was panting at this point, her  lips and clit swollen from his touch. He went in search of her mouth  again, finding her lips and feeding her his tongue the moment he went  inside her. She gasped and he felt her flex around him cushioning him.  She moaned his name, something he never got tired of.

"Oh baby you feel good." And she did. She was capable of becoming so wet  that he often felt out of control inside her and he had to focus on her  achieving orgasm first. That was all that mattered to him. They were in  rhythm with one another, her hips coming up to meet him and he pounded  her softly just the way she liked it. He liked going in the deeper the  better but this was her favorite position and he wanted to make her  happy. Her happiness was very important to him.

"Oh Jordan, oh my God!" His excitement grew as he watched her orgasm building.

His rhythm became faster as he pumped away inside her gearing his own  orgasm up to meet hers. She cried out his name and her passion and her  excitement caused him to spill into her releasing him from his own  tension.

He bent down to kiss her. He kissed her jawline and her throat before  releasing himself from inside of her. "Now you may get dressed my  darling." Jordan winked at his beautiful wife as he walked to the  bathroom to clean up.

Chapter 2

The chauffeur was bringing them to the restaurant an hour late. Sex with  his wife had taken longer than he expected. Jordan had called ahead and  informed them to keep the reservation that they had just been running  behind. The restaurant was only too happy to oblige, after all they knew  Jordan was a loyal customer who had spent a fortune in the  establishment over the years. Jordan had a very generous nature and  always tipped generously for all staff not just the waitresses. He had  done quite well for himself, as he was only in his 30s and nearly worth  almost a billion dollars. He owned a multi-national technology company.  Everyone knew him; he was basically a celebrity. His lovely wife Megan  had been his secretary all these years, right from the beginning when he  first opened his company as nothing. Together they had made it what it  was today and he doubted he could have done it without her. He had a  surprise for her tonight that was going to make it all worthwhile.         



She had been training to be a ballet dancer when they first met. He had  been completely mesmerized with her and had to have her to himself.  Jordan wanted her to give up her dancing and work for his company. She  did it willingly, because she loved him and had the promise of living in  considerable wealth after that. He made good on his promise and she  lived a luxurious life. She hadn't minded being his secretary because  she enjoyed being near him, she had given up her own career aspects to  be by his side after all.

They were seated at their table chatting away for the past two hours.  They were on their second bottle of wine and he couldn't remember a time  where he felt more at peace with life. This was the last night of their  vacation and they would return home tomorrow to the crazy life they led  and hopefully begin anew to bigger projects, especially for Megan. He  couldn't wait any longer to give her his surprise.

"Darling, I have a surprise for you."

She smiled, literally glowed before him. "It's not that Cartier bracelet I was looking at today is it?"

He chuckled, "No, but I now feel like I should have started with that first."

"Don't be silly Jordan, I don't have to have a beautiful glittering bracelet." she giggled.

The truth of the matter is he knew that she fully expected Jordan to  have already obtained the bracelet. He was clearly behind on such  things. He would have to make a note to have one of his people pick it  up tomorrow before they left. He loved his wife, but she had no idea  what it was like to not have money. Even at the beginning when they  first started dating, Jordan spoiled her with things he really couldn't  afford at the time. But since he had plucked her out of the life of a  ballet dancer and made her his secretary, he always felt like he owed  her such things.

"I've decided to promote you Megan because you sure as hell deserve it by now."

"Promote me, why Jordan? I love working with you."

"As do I. But you are far too brilliant to stay my secretary. I need  someone to entertain the clients when they arrive in town and with your  beauty it's the perfect position for you. You will even have the option  to do some travelling which is something you wanted to do more of. You  don't need to be at your desk anymore sweetheart, I can get anyone to be  my secretary, I want something bigger for you."

"She grinned, "Jordan are you sure? I'm perfectly happy staying by your side. I do have the most handsome boss ever after all."

"Megan, it's already done. You start your new job as soon as we return  and I have interviews first thing for the secretary position."

"Oh, I could have handled that before I began the new position."

"No, it will ease me into my day. I have everything taken care of."

She clapped her hands excitedly and he knew he had done the right thing.  He was right that she would work well with clients. She knew what  clients expected, and she would have no problem arranging things and  keeping them happy.

"Now let's celebrate!" Jordan exclaimed.

Chapter 3

Julie raced up the stairs of the Franklyn Building. She was late; it was  raining, and today could not have gone any worse. She missed the train  that was supposed to bring her here 30 minutes ago. She was almost there  too before it started to rain. Rain, if you can believe it? Was God  cursing her or what? Was it really necessary for it to rain today of all  days? She considered turning back as she imagined she looked a wreck,  but she needed this job more than anything. Jobs like this do not come  around every day. It was a great position working for an important CEO,  and this was the kind of job that moved you forward and got you places.  Julie really needed to get somewhere in life. She was sick of her boring  life. She was the stereotype of a poor girl being raised by another  poor woman.