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The Boss's Pet: Sharing Among Friends

By:Tonya Kinzer

Chapter One

Sondra cuddled beneath the feather comforter, not wanting to wake up from such a blissful sleep. When Nick reached over to caress her hip, then her stomach, she moaned with pleasure and scooted back against him, feeling the hard length of him press against her bottom. Tightening her inner muscles, the pain of last night came rushing back, but it hadn’t all been bad. Reliving those wonderful orgasms he’d forced on her had been heaven, although her other training was more than a memory. Yes, she had to admit to herself, she did enjoy all of it. Being forced to let your body enjoy pleasure with pain made her look deeper inside herself and what she truly wanted in a sexual way. She did learn that giving up control of what she would allow herself to experience gave her more freedom to accept what happened and to enjoy it.

Somehow, Nick knew exactly what she needed to experience in order to know herself. Was he truly that experienced in this type of lifestyle? That thought almost scared her, yet intrigued her as well because she knew he’d never hurt her. Trust did play a strong part between them. He’d promised today would be another day of training...and that they had visitors arriving!

She breathed in his cologne and sighed; she was so lucky to be this happy again. Turning onto her back, she opened her eyes to see Nick already watching her. The blue of his eyes could barely be seen because his black pupils were so large as he watched her; that sexy look on his face always melted her heart.

“Certain body parts a bit tender today, pet?”

Her cheeks heated as he reminded her of how vulnerable she was last night and she looked away. Dare she tell him that she, in fact, enjoyed the training, even with the pain? The training would become easier and getting to that point would provide many more hours of fun and pleasure for them. She actually looked forward to that but she had to let him think he was forcing her to train!

He curled his fingers beneath her chin and turned her face back to him. “I don’t mean to embarrass or humiliate you...just to remind you that I know what you need...and I know how to train you.”

His tenderness toward her made her feelings even stronger. Hurting her was not in his nature although she knew a certain amount of pain was part of getting to where she wanted to be. “I did enjoy learning last night. Is that bad that I enjoyed it?”

“Of course not.” He leaned in and kissed her, his lips warm and tender, stirring her emotions as well as other parts of her body. “I look forward to many nights in training with you because the pleasure that goes with it is so fulfilling. I’m truly a lucky man.”

“I think I would be totally embarrassed if any of my friends ever found out that I enjoy that type of treatment!”

“This isn’t something anyone would find out about unless you tell them. I certainly won’t be talking about it with people in our vanilla world.”

Sondra laughed out loud, knowing she used to be part of that world with barely any knowledge of BDSM. “I do enjoy it; you know that don’t you?”

His full smile lit his face. “I do know that. I also know it’s easier for you to accept when you’re restrained and forced to enjoy it. That’s only one of the mind games that make this lifestyle fun.”

Sondra sniffed the air. “I set the coffee maker last night...smells like it’s ready for us.” She tossed the covers back and rolled to her side, swinging her legs out to put on her slippers, then reached for her pink chenille robe since she’d slept in the nude.

“Now that’s a nice firm ass!”

Tying the short robe at the waist, her cheeks heated as she looked at Nick. “I’m glad you appreciate the benefits of my workouts.”

“I more than appreciate them, babe!” Nick tossed back the covers and slipped into a pair of gym shorts, then pulled the sheets and comforter up to make the bed as Sondra worked on her side. “Your body causes me distraction quite often, but I’m not complaining in the least.”

She moved around the end of the bed and stepped into Nick’s arms for a morning kiss. The firm muscles of his arms wrapped around her and pulled her close, then warm lips touched her neck. “Mmmm.....you make my knees weak, even this early in the morning. Are you ready for coffee?”

“We could fill a carafe and take it to the hot tub to soothe those sore body parts of yours. Perhaps you could walk the patio in the nude for me first.”

She looked to see if he were serious. By the look in his eyes, he’d been dead serious and mischief lurked within those blue pools of desire. “You didn’t get enough last night?”

“I think you were the one on the receiving end, not me. This morning it’s my turn and I think I want it on the patio. You can use your robe to pad your knees!”

At that, her mouth fell open as she stared back at him, then quickly stepped away toward the kitchen. His hand slapped her ass before she got far. She screamed then ran laughing for the kitchen. As she got down two cups, her mind conjured up what might happen out on the patio this morning and the butterflies in her stomach started. She heard his bare feet come into the kitchen as she poured the coffee into the carafe. His arms snaked around her waist; his lips kissed her neck as she set the empty coffee pot on a hot pad.

Nick’s tongue swirled over her neck. She placed her hands on the counter then took a deep breath, leaning against him, loving everything he made her feel. The tie of her robe loosened and he cupped her breasts, massaging them, making her crazy, then he tenderly rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“I love touching you, smelling you, making you remember things you do for me. Thank you for that.” His tongue moved over her neck again then he pulled open the front of her robe and held up her breasts. “I love these! I won’t lie...they look even better with nipple clamps!”

Sondra turned in his arms and pressed her naked body against him, slipping her hands around his shoulders, then her fingers into his hair. “You make me wet too easy, Sir. May I enjoy a cup of coffee before we begin our games?”

“I suppose I could let you do that...on one condition. I will allow you to leave the robe on but you can’t tie it shut. I want to gaze at these over coffee.”

Once again he cupped her breasts then bent to suckle her, taking a nipple into his mouth and gently biting it. She knew better than to back away; that would only get her spanked before they even sat down.

When he stood up, he set the carafe on the tray with the two cups, reached into the fridge for her half and half, and carried the tray outside for them. The morning sun had already warmed the patio area and the air smelled of fresh flowers that bloomed along the edges beyond the pool.

Nick pulled out a chair with the sun at his back. “I’ll sit here so I can admire the sun on your breasts, pet, so get comfy.” He poured half and half into her mug then filled them both with coffee and handed one to Sondra.

She turned her chair slightly so she could put her feet on the padded foot stool, grabbed her coffee and leaned her head back in the padded chair. The sun warmed her face and legs and she relaxed in its warmth as it soaked into her skin. After a few minutes, she tasted her coffee, gazing at Nick over the rim of her mug, breathing in the cinnamon hazelnut aroma. A sexy grin met her gaze and she wondered what he thought about, besides sex, because that was always on his mind when they were together. She could tell he thought of something sexy; the bulge in his shorts told her that much.

“Whaaat?” She laughed at him.

“I just like admiring you. I love your hair up in your clip, a few stray hairs just dangling like that.”

“You’re pretty good to look at, too. I think I most enjoy watching the muscles in your forearms move as hold your cup or read the paper, or the way your bicep bunches when you pick something up...when you don’t know I’m watching. I just love seeing your body, Sir. Thank you for staying in good shape so I have eye candy, too!”

There came that smile along with that sexy look in his eye. “Enjoy your coffee...I have plans for you shortly.”

Sondra took a few more sips, contemplating Nick at the same time. His mind could conjure up all kinds of things for her to do out here while they were alone. Although she was in good shape, being nude in front of him, or anyone else, wasn’t something she was comfortable with. She’d never been comfortable in the nude. Some of her friends had told her they cleaned house in the nude and she would cringe; that thought had never entered her mind!

Nick laughed out loud. “I see those wheels turning. Don’t even think you can get out of what I have planned for you out here! I also think I need to have your robe opened. It hinders my view.”

“You aren’t serious?” She’d not retied her robe, nor did she blatantly keep it open.

“Oh, but I am serious. Open the front or take it off. Your choice.”

Leaving her waist and hips covered, she opened the top wide enough to expose her breasts to the sun.

“That’s much better. Thank you.”

Sondra sipped more coffee then closed her eyes and leaned her head back. At least if her eyes were closed she couldn’t see him watching her; she could feel him though. She knew he stared at her over the rim of his mug.

“I think I need a better view, dear. Open the entire robe...”