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The Boss's Pet: Sharing Among Friends(10)

By:Tonya Kinzer

“You think of everything. You must have made those on short notice since I took so long giving you my answer about coming here.”

“Not to sound conceited but...” he winked at her. “I always get a reservation there.”

At the restaurant, Nick climbed out of the limo and held his hand to Sondra. He couldn’t wait for her reaction to the surrounding shopping area near P.F. Chang’s outdoor seating. She took his hand and he casually admired her cleavage as she bent to get out; he couldn’t help himself. A jolt of sexual tension jerked him hard immediately and he took in a deep breath. Ignoring the mind in his pants, he smiled as Sondra stood with her hand over her mouth, gazing around. The River was an outdoor shopping center that had a man-made river flowing through it. There were fountains and sprawling walkways and bridges that intertwined, making it a beautiful place to walk at night among the lighted fountains and stores.

She stared at him in awe, her eyes wide. “This is gorgeous, Nick. Are we eating so that we can watch all this?”

“We are. Right over there.” He pointed to the covered, outdoor seating at the restaurant and took a deep breath. “Can you smell that Chinese food from here? When we’re finished, we can take a walk so you can see it all. I love it here. I’ve come here alone before and just walked through this area dreaming of what it would be like when I found someone to truly share it with. The peaceful atmosphere allows you to forget all the stress if only for a few hours. Shall we?”

Nick lavished her with hot spicy dishes, lettuce rolls, and fine wine. Her laughter set his heart on fire and he couldn’t remember being happier. As she talked, he watched the excitement dance in her green eyes and still couldn’t believe the two of them had so much in common.

After dinner, he held her close as they walked around the fountains, her patchouli perfume drifting his way each time a breeze came up. She enjoyed tossing coins into the fountains and they each made a wish. Dusk settled in and the solar lights came on, giving The River a romantic glow enjoyed by more than just the two of them, he was sure.

“I had a great time this evening, Nick. You spoil me and spend too much money.”

“I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy the beautiful woman with me. Money can’t buy happiness but I find it with you. Thank you for sharing this with me, Sondra.”

The cool night air swirled around him and blew her hair to the side. He loved the way she looked at him with those green eyes that bore into his soul each time their eyes met. Never had he met a woman who could understand him so well, work the same long hours he did and still have energy to spend time with him.

“Let’s head back and relax at the resort. Tomorrow morning we’ll enjoy breakfast near the pool and then some more relaxing at the spa. How’s that sound?”

“See? There you go again, spoiling me! But I do have to admit, after flying today, the excitement of being here...I am exhausted. Thank you, Nick.”

Warm tender lips met his and he looked forward to their night together.

Sondra sat amazed at breakfast, dressed in a sundress near the pool with Nick. The perfect setting was right out of a romance novel, but this was real. She could smell the flowers, the fresh air, and sip champagne and orange juice with breakfast. Sitting across from a handsome man with blue eyes that touched her soul also ignited her sexual fires yet again. Today they ate a light breakfast though; she wasn’t big on eating in the morning. The sun already warmed the pool area and children splashed at the far end.

A waiter appeared offering more coffee. “Sir, your double reservation at the spa is in thirty minutes.” He filled both their cups and disappeared.

Her heart raced with excitement as she tried to read his eyes. “You didn’t!”

“Oh, but I did, pet.” He laughed out loud, took her hand and kissed her fingers. “I love surprising you. Did you never get surprised in the past?”

“Not like this! Nick...it’s too much!”

“Nonsense. I love doing this. Promise me you’ll enjoy it.” He stood up to pull out her chair. “Come on, you’ll love this. I get one every time I visit. The massages are so good at the spa, you’ll want one every day.”

Sondra entered the warm, patchouli scented massage room, followed by Nick, and the butterflies in her stomach swirled. It surprised her that he had them use her scent while they were here. Serenity surrounded them in this plush spa room with light teal decor. She took in a deep breath, letting the patchouli fill her senses and she knew today would be a nice treat from her lover. Nick had mentioned to her that in order to enjoy the massage, she should clear her mind, relax and not stop the massage, but enjoy the experience...no matter what.

Exactly what he meant by that she wasn’t sure; she’d go along at this point to experience the best.

She glanced back at Nick and he kissed her neck, wrapping his arms around her. Instantly she felt his hardness against her bottom as his hand tenderly cupped her breast. He had a way of making her wet just being near him. Thoughts of their own massages drifted through her mind and she could only imagine what might be in store for her today; certainly nothing like theirs. The room had two massage tables separated by a dressing screen. Nick moved to his side and she to hers and began removing her sundress.

From the other side of the screen, she could hear Nick’s belt buckle and she easily imagined his tight naked torso, slim muscled hips and tight ass. They’d already shared a few massages and her face heated just thinking of the pleasure he gave her. Was she ready for a total stranger to touch her the way Nick had? He’d told her to keep an open mind and go with what happened.

Not wanting to be a prude, she knew she could expand her acceptance of what might be done to her. She was game for whatever this week might bring and a relaxing massage was a great way to start. Now naked, she lay face down on the towel-covered table and covered herself with the large towel they’d left for her. Sexual thoughts flooded her mind as she could only imagine what Nick meant by not stopping the massage, no matter what. She glanced toward the dressing screen as Nick folded it and leaned it against the wall. He removed the towel at his waist, then lay flat on his own table, covered again with his towel. He reached his hand out and she squeezed his fingers.

“Calm down, you’ll love this. It’s so relaxing; you won’t want it to stop when they’re done.”

“I know. I enjoy our massages so much. Thanks for knowing what a woman needs. Not every woman is as lucky as I am.”

“A woman as special as you deserves to be pampered...”

A door behind them opened, the lights dimmed way down, soft Arabian music began to drift from the overhead speakers and Sondra closed her eyes for a minute to enjoy the relaxing sounds that matched the scent of patchouli. Trickling water also began and she was lost to whatever they wanted to do to her.

“Hi Nick, it’s good to see you back in Palm Springs. What a way to start off your week here. Let’s get started.”

The familiar voice shattered her relaxing mood and every nerve in her body went on high alert.

Enrico sat down on a low stool in front of her and Nick. He smiled at Sondra with that sexy Italian glint in his eyes, then a woman sat next to him. “You remember Katherine; she’ll do Sondra’s massage. You’re both in for an experience you won’t forget. Massage is a proven way for the muscles to release the tension so they smooth out and relax beneath our fingers, sending endorphins everywhere to make you feel warm and cozy.”

Sondra barely heard what he’d said but rather concentrated on the last time Rico had seen her. She’d been naked then, and now she lay naked again! The gorgeous brunette with blues eyes smiled and nodded at her. Sondra couldn’t help be a bit surprised at the low cut top she had on that didn’t do a thing to hide her voluptuous cleavage.

“You’re going to feel so good when we’re finished, Sondra. Trust me and relax.” Katherine stepped over to where the oil heated, then stepped beside Sondra’s table and moved her towel to her waist. The table lowered so Katherine could work easier and Sondra tried hard to clear her mind, but all she could think was what Katherine had said on their patio a few weeks ago...I wanted to taste you myself!

Warm oil dripped over her back and strong, gentle hands began to move the oil around. Sondra closed her eyes, surprised at the strength in the woman’s hands, and listened to the music and trickling water. The massage felt wonderful as the tension began to be released from her muscles. Katherine obviously knew what she was doing and was strong enough to press on the knotted areas in her neck and shoulders to get the tension out.

Slow motions up, slow motions down. She was in wonderland!

Sondra opened her eyes to see how Nick was enjoying his massage and met Nick’s blue eyes already watching her. Rico worked Nick’s neck and shoulders, too, but seemed a bit rougher than Katherine was; she imagined Rico’s hands on her body and immediately felt herself get moist! She moved her hips to stretch her lower back and at the same time, the hands on her shoulders began to move lower, massaging her shoulder blades then down each side.

When Katherine’s fingers touched the sides of Sondra’s breasts, she tried hard to ignore it but the fingers began to move slower, in large circles on the sides of her breasts, then on her back, then to the edges of her breasts again. Firm strokes moved up her back, down the length, then back up, now down one arm and then the other. She assumed that Katherine enjoyed exploring another woman’s body; she just wasn’t sure how she felt about Katherine touching her body.