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The Boss's Pet:Their Submissive Switch

By:Tonya Kinzer


This series is dedicated to my Master and husband, who stood by me and  endured the many long, lonely nights that took me away from him in order  to bring this work to you. I continue to learn from Him and I strive to  learn his patience.

I would like to thank the writing team of Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle  who helped me proof read and critique … and for the late hours. I  apologize! *wink*. I hope I can one day return the favor. I wish you  both the best in the writing and sale of all your works. I'll always  cherish the special friendship we've built.

I would also like to thank Jimmy Thomas for the use of stock images from Romance Novel Covers, Inc.

To my readers: Thank you for your continued support. I write so you have  another world to step into for a short reprieve from your daily stress.

Chapter One

Nick sorted through the morning mail that Gloria had just brought in  with his black coffee. Half way down the pile, an invitation from Palm  Springs grabbed his attention first and he smiled to himself. Those  invitations usually meant a good time ahead!

He slit open the envelope and pulled out the card. A note fell onto his  desk but he read the invitation first. Sure enough, it was for another  bondage event but this time the party was being given by another of his  old friends he'd not seen during their last visit to Palm Springs.

Opening the note, Nick glanced at the signature first.


Knowing his friend as well as he did, Nick immediately envisioned Sondra  trussed up in full bondage gear with a ball gag and had to adjust  himself in his chair to make room as his cock hardened. The note  mentioned a three day event with room for everyone attending to stay at  their home. All guests were to bring the normal bondage attire and toys.

Reading further, the note also mentioned training sessions for any new  submissives. Nick knew that Sondra probably should be at one so she  could see how some of the other Doms dealt with submissives...not to  scare her but so she would become aware.

He stroked his chin as he read the invite again. There would be a casual  meet and greet a day before and all were invited but collars would be  required of all submissives. It had been a few months since they'd been  to Palm Springs, back in the spring.

Now the temps in California would be well into the 100s. If he  remembered correctly, Omar had a dungeon so they'd be cool during the  day. Warm nights out there could hold all kinds of excitement. His mind  conjured up visions he'd only dreamed about with Sondra. She'd not had  the pleasure of attending one of these types of parties yet and he was  excited to take her; he would keep the news a secret for now.

He placed the note and invitation back into the envelope and slipped it into his brief case that went home with him.

The weekend at home relaxed him as well as Sondra as he thought back on  their experiments in the dungeon Saturday. He'd bought her a leather  corset with the nipple areas cut out so clips could easily be applied  and he'd taken full advantage of that. She'd also be able to wear the  corset while they were at the upcoming event.

On Saturday he'd requested she put on her new corset and fishnet  stockings. The garters looked so sexy, especially from the back with her  naked ass all rounded and red from using the new flogger. Long black  leather gloves also came with the outfit but instead of actual fingers  to the gloves only a single loop fit over her middle finger as the glove  came to a point on the back of her hand. This gave her full control of  her bare fingers and nails so she could rake them over his skin.

Gloria buzzed Nick's phone, bringing him out of his erotic daydream to let him know his appointment had arrived.

"I'll be right there, thank you, Gloria." He took a deep breath, waiting  for his body to relax; he really shouldn't think of Sondra dressed that  way when he had work to concentrate on but damn, the woman was too sexy  for her own good.

Gathering the mail together, he put it aside, then opened the client  file. Nick wished every Monday morning could start with a $200,000  client deposit!

Sondra squirmed in her chair hoping to find a comfortable position. The  weekend had been quite a learning experience for her when she thought  she'd been taught most of what she needed to know. Little did she  realize that the submissive is always learning...with positions and  behavior she'd never dreamed of.

Had it not been for her constant yoga sessions, her muscles would hurt  more than they did today. Nick had made her stay in certain positions  longer than she'd wanted, telling her that one day she may come across a  Dom more strict than he was and he wanted her to be prepared for that.

She knew Nick wasn't a strict Dom nor was he sadistic. The videos she'd  watched with Nick presented some Doms as sadistic in the way they  treated their subs. She cringed even now just thinking of how those  whips and canes must hurt when the Masters kept striking the sub in the  same area.         



No wonder some bled. Then again, some submissives misbehaved just to be  punished more, taking the guilt off the Dom because the sub deserved the  punishment.

A shiver ran down her back. Sondra couldn't imagine a sub wanting that kind of pain.

That type of treatment certainly wasn't something she'd allow to be done to her and that had been included in her contract.

Or would she?

Now she was questioning herself. Had she not just spent the weekend  being spanked for misbehaving more than a few times? Nick refused to let  her wear clothes Friday evening after they'd gotten home from work yet  she'd put her robe on once just to see what would happen.

She smiled thinking back on their weekend.

Shame on her. She found out all too soon when he made her bend over the  sofa arm while he spanked her until she couldn't stand the pain any  longer. He wasn't to blame; she'd brought it on herself yet didn't  really understand why.

Then there was Saturday spent in the dungeon. Nick had presented her  with a new leather corset that changed the way she thought about her  submission as soon as she had the outfit on! She actually wanted to be  teased and tortured! The corset bra squeezed her breasts together and  her nipples hardened even now as she thought about how tight they had  gotten as Nick admired her body in it. The arm-length leather gloves  left her hands and fingers free so she could tease Nick and stroke his  hard cock with her nails.

She'd not seen the new flogger until he had her trussed over the horse  with her wrists and ankles spread and restrained. Never had it crossed  her mind that the leather would feel so good teasing her pussy!

The strokes across her bare ass were another story! Nick had warned her  to stop teasing but she'd not listened. Nor did he listen when she  requested he stop with the flogger. He had forbidden her to speak unless  it was to use her safeword, which she didn't so she must not have been  serious; she only whined and asked him to stop. Now the welts still on  her ass were her own fault.


She wasn't any better than the subs in the videos! Just on a different level.

Shaking her head to clear the images, Sondra grabbed her coffee cup and  headed down the hall toward the break room. Walking soothed the sore  muscles of her ass and she took advantage of that.

Running her hand down her ass to smooth out her skirt as she walked had  caught Nick's attention at the same time he stepped out to greet his  client. She met his gorgeous blue eyes as he scowled at her, knowing  full well she wasn't allowed to touch her own ass for days after a  punishment like Saturday.

Quickly she put both hands on her coffee cup.

Nick warned her with just a glance that it was too late and she knew it.  Tonight she better not even ask why she'd get spanked again. The  vicious circle kept going and perhaps maybe she was beginning to  understand the other subs. By misbehaving, their Dom's attention stayed  on them all the time, but Sondra didn't need Nick's constant  attention...or did she?

Was this lifestyle teaching her more about herself than she ever thought  it would? This was not a part of herself that she knew about and  finding all this out enlightened her with every lesson Nick taught her.  She loved how he could take control and be in charge yet never lose  control. Being in charge at the office, making things work and having  others look to her for direction, Sondra found it relaxing to give  control over to Nick once they entered their Dom/sub status at home.

As she poured her coffee, she thought of the videos they enjoyed  watching together. She learned from each one of them and Nick would try  many of the same things on her so she could experience them, on a much  lesser level, of course. He took his time with her, reminding her that  in time, each task would be increased, such as the weight of a nipple  clamp, the pressure of a labia clip, the number of strikes with the  flogger or paddle...or taking him deeper in her throat.

"Good morning, Sondra!"

She nearly dropped her cup while pouring her half and half when Dave popped into the room.

"A bit jittery this morning?"