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The Boss’s Proposal(8)

By:Amanda Horton

Lily’s hands flew to her face out of embarrassment.

“Alec! I only tried to make it because it’s your favorite.” She said, her voice high.

“And I appreciated it.” He said as he pulled her in.

“What about the time you ruined Thanksgiving?”

“It was canned ham and salad,” Alec said laughing.

“Who forgot the salad dressing?” Lily asked, remembering the night that then felt like a disaster but now seemed hilarious.

Alec shook his head.

The hours past as the two of them talked about the past; good and bad. Lily thought back to the night where they had sat in each other’s arms under a night sky. They were each other’s only warmth, and it had been a precious night. They had planned their lives together, and she wanted to ask the question they had debated for hours.

“ Do you still want to name our daughter, Rose? ”

Lily felt Alec tense as she asked the question.

“Did I say something wrong, Alec?”

“I’m not sure if I want children anymore Lil. Or even a marriage for that matter” He said, his voice tight.

Lily was hurt. She still had expectations from him even after all those years. Resentment came over her in an angry wave.

“You haven’t changed, have you?” Lily asked, standing quickly.

Alec pulled back from the sudden change of demeanor. He had been caught off guard, and had reacted as such.


“You, you don’t know if you want to get married or have kids. Isn’t that a big decision?”

“Yes, Lily, it is, but that’s just how I feel.”

Lily shook her head and crossed her arms. Lily wanted to be married and she definitely wanted children - she wanted them desperately. She wanted the white wedding, the picket fence and children. She was sure about it, and had been since she was young. She could not stand being with him anymore.

“ You have to go.”

“God damnit Lily! Why do you always have to do this? Why are we fighting over my choice of life again?”

“Because Alec! I can’t be falling in love with a man who does not want marriage!”

Both fell silent for a moment.

“I want you to leave.” Lily demanded.

Alec looked as if he wanted to speak for a moment, but said nothing as he grabbed his suit jacket and left the bookshop.

The moment he was out of sight, Lily collapsed into a pile on the floor. Seeing him leave reminded of the time she had broken up with him years back. It was not a pleasant feeling. Not a feeling she wanted to feel after the most beautiful evening with a man after years.


Two Months Later…

“What are you doing!?” Holly called as she ran to her sister who had been hanging a ‘for sale’ sign.

Lily sighed as she looked to her sister. She hated to fail, and she had never in her life felt like a bigger failure.

“I’m selling the book shop.” She said with as little emotion as she could muster.

“Wow, wait. What the hell, is this because of Alec?” Holy asked, taking the sign from her sister.

“No, why would it be because of him?” Lily lied. She could not face Alec anymore. She was still strangely attached to him to keep things just professional.

She had to quit after what had happened. There was no way that she could look at Alec like nothing had happened between them.

“Lily, what are we going to do?”

“Nothing Holly. We aren’t going to do anything. I am going to sell the store. I can’t hold up your life’s savings in a business that’s going nowhere. I need to pay you out and move on”

Alec who had walked in and stood behind them interrupted Holly.

“Hey Lily ” He asked.

“Alec, what are you doing here? I wish I could say it’s nice to see you”

“ Hold on Lily, can we talk?” Lily felt Alex had something on his mind. Something urgent.

“Okay.” Lily said.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m cutting my losses. Selling the store. What are you doing here?”

“I came to thank you. You were right about the productivity thing.” Alec said as he handed Lily a vanilla Latte.

He hated the look that he saw on Lily’s face. He knew what the store meant to her, and could only imagine the amount of pain that she felt.

“Lily, can we go back to being friends again?” I miss you and I don’t ever want to hurt your feelings.

“ Alec, please just leave,” said a cold, angry Lily. Her store had just shut down officially. This was the worst day in her life.

“ Well, I guess that’s it.” said a disappointed Alec, not knowing what else to say. Lily broke in to tears as he left.

Alec left, and made a quick note of the Realtors number from the FOR SALE sign outside the store.