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The Boyfriend's Dad(10)

By´╝ÜPeter Jensen

The screen, which Jason set up in front of the fireplace, showed nothing but dancing white images as the first few feet of film rolled through the projector, percipient to the actual movie.

A woman and a bedroom came into focus. The woman was a statuesque brunette, wearing a clinging black gown accentuating her body underneath. She slipped the gown slowly upwards, exposing slim, well-rounded legs, full thighs, and a pair of silken stockings which contrasted with her creamy smooth skin. Then the dress was over her head, and in nothing but her stockings, bra and panties, the woman took the dress and carefully laid it over a chair. Then she bent forward and slowly, tantalizingly, unhooked her bra—Tamera heard a sharp intake of breath from the other couch at this point—and the full beauty of the woman’s firm, proud breasts burst free. They stood high and beautifully formed, their quivering nipples stood out on the luscious half-spheres. Almost naked now, she turned and bent over seductively and with her back to them, she drew the panties down over her curved hips and buttocks, brushing them sensuously against her smooth thighs and calves and then discarding them at her feet.

She stretched languidly and teasingly swung around to face the camera. All her delicious nudity was exposed now, from her high rounded breasts to the soft dark triangle of her cunt below. She lay back on the bed, scissoring her legs open and closed to expose the thin slit of her vagina nestling in the soft dark hair of her pussy, and she twisted her buttocks against the bed as though she were trying to bury herself in it. The camera was at her feet now, catching every detail of her sensual slow build-up into sexual arousal.

Tamera gasped with astonishment, for she had never expected anything like this! Especially to start a film! What could possibly happen next? She gulped nervously from her glass, and as she did so Eddie lit her another cigarette. Without thinking, she sucked in the drugging smoke, and she could feel herself become mentally detached, as if she were another person entirely. The heat and excitement of the room, combined with the dope and alcohol to stimulate her, and she squirmed down against the cushion, sensing the round edge of it push her dress and panties tightly up into her vaginal crevice. She rubbed herself against it, working the corner of the cushion between the moist lips of her vulva, her body rocking on it in an almost indiscernible rhythm in concert with the writhing actress before her, and she could feel a wetness spreading between her thighs.

She looked guiltily out of the corner of her eyes at Nancy and Jason to make sure that they hadn’t noticed her, but they were too engrossed in what they were doing. Nancy lay back against Jason, dragging heavily on another joint, and Jason had his hands all over her body. The top button of her pants was undone with an inch or so of the zipper undone, and one hand of Jason’s was inside there, clearly rummaging around between her thighs, his fingers clearly outlined against the fabric of the toreadors. His other hand was inside her blouse, and Nancy seemed unaware of either of his hands, for her mouth was hanging limply open in a strange intoxicated look as they dazedly watched the movie together.

Tamera leaned back against Eddie, careful not to break contact with the edge of the cushion which was pressed between her fevered thighs, and she found his hand waiting for her. Without thinking, she relaxed against it, making no protest when his fingers settled heavily on her left breast.

His arm feels good, she thought to herself. And it doesn’t hurt anything, I guess… She looked back to the screen again, and was absorbed by the lewd perversions flickering in front of her drug-dulled eyes. She couldn’t believe it!

The woman was running her hands over her body as though she were out of control, her fingertips dancing over the flat, ivory belly and coming to rest at the vee of her soft, fleece-covered vagina, and the contact of her fingers on her moistly open slit made her groan silently and rise slightly off of the bed. She straightened the legs like two beautifully carved ivory columns above the mattress. Then, with a deeper groan that Tamera could almost hear it was so real, she let them fall widely apart, showing the moistly glistening furrow between. Her fingers crawled to the soft hair-covered lips and spread them slowly apart until the wet pinkness was fully visible and the vertical mouth-like orifice up between her thighs opened hungrily. The half-moons of her firm rounded buttocks shone whitely, divided sensuously by the hot, softly spreading crevice between them, her tiny anus nestled mysterious and inviting below the swollen and gently pulsating lips of her open cunt.

Tamera found herself sympathetically bound to the woman, her own cunt tingling with anticipation as she recalled the times she had had to touch herself down between her legs to relieve the burning itch inside her child-like womb. A soft moan escaped from her lips, and once again she grabbed her drink to try and quench the fluttering heat in her belly and loins; the alcohol, mixing with the marijuana, only intensified the fire inside her. She squirmed down on the sofa and she felt Eddie’s hands now groping at the straps of her jumper, unbuttoning them at the back. Before she could react, they were free and falling over the swollen slopes of her breasts; his hand slipped inside, pulling the material free from her brassiere, and she stiffened, filled with both foreboding and excitement. She tried to pull his hand away, but her own fingers moved only as far as Eddie’s, and then fell back again, and she could only stare with glassy, drug-dimmed eyes at the movie and submit, thankful that in the darkness the boy’s manipulations would not be seen by her girlfriend, Nancy, or Jason.