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The Boyfriend's Dad(8)

By´╝ÜPeter Jensen

“What are you two talking about?” Nancy demanded.

“Look,” Eddie said to both girls. “My dad’s got some films he bought in Europe. They’re… a little spicy, see. I mean, you know what they’re doing in Denmark these days. So anyway, he got a new reel of film the other day, and I haven’t seen it, but I imagine if it’s like the others, it should be a kick. You game?”

“Couldn’t be worse than those magazines you were showing me Wednesday night, Jason,” Nancy giggled. “Sure, and free booze besides. I’m for it.”

“What about you, Tamera?”

Tamera paused, not sure what she should do, irritated at her childish fears and still burning from the razzing Jason had given her about horror films.

“When your dad gets a Disney flick, we’ll invite her,” Jason said, laughing. “That’s her speed, Eddie.”

“Listen, I may be younger than you,” Tamera said hotly to him, “but I’m not that much younger.” She could almost bite her tongue off as the words poured out of her. She wanted to show them she was old enough, but yet—she’d heard about these kinds of films, about the nudity and things, but certainly they couldn’t show everything! Or… could they? A tingle of wicked excitement ran through her in spite of her reluctance. It would be sort of fun, and it wouldn’t show anything she didn’t already know about—not first-hand of course—or that she hadn’t pictured while alone in her bed and playing with herself. Not want to? Suddenly she wanted to very much!

“Eddie, let’s see your dad’s film. What the heck, a little piece of celluloid can’t hurt anything?”

“That’s the spirit, baby,” Eddie said. “C’mon, let’s go!”

Eddie grinned at Tamera constantly as the four of them drove to his house in his car. His cock swelled in his pants as he thought of what might—what could very easily—happen that evening if he played it smart. Yeah, lewd and obscene treats were in store for this innocent little virgin sitting next to him, and once she reached the stage of being too hot to resist, he was going to turn her every way but inside out! And she was a virgin, he could sense that just as a hound can smell possum. She leaned affectionately against his broad shoulder as he drove, and nuzzled him, and never knew the lascivious thoughts going on behind his mask of gentlemanly manners.

He’d have to take it slow, he knew. Slow and easy so he wouldn’t scare her. First time’s the big time, he realized, having melted many a cherry in his day. The heavy car sped through the twilight toward the rendezvous with young Tamera West’s destiny, but the foursome inside acted as if this was just another normal night, an evening to laugh and joke and cut up…

The house was spacious, built in a Spanish style in one of the newer, more costly tract developments. It sported white stucco, “exposed beams”, and iron railings, with a wide, well-landscaped lawn around it and a rock garden to one side. It was dark, as Eddie had prophesied. Inside, down in the rumpus room, the four teenagers collected on two spacious leather couches which faced a large fireplace, which was at the moment full of cold ash. The room was rustic in decor, with hanging lanterns, rough walls and posters of Spanish bullfights and scenery. In one corner was a tufted leather-front bar, to which Eddie made a bee-line.

“All right, folks,” be said heartily, “name your poison.”

“You got beer?” Jason asked.

“Come to think about it, I believe we’ve got everything except beer. Tell you what, I’ll mix up a little something I call a ’Tarantula’. I call it that because it leaves a furry taste in your mouth the morning after it bites you.”

“What’s in it?” Tamera asked nervously.

“Ohhhh… a little rum, and a little brandy and a little of this and that,” he said, collecting bottles and glasses. “You’ll like it, really. It doesn’t taste like booze at all.”

“I’ll set up the projector,” Jason said, and went to a large closet toward the stairs. The closet was actually a connecting corridor, with another door at the back which opened out into a private den that was strictly for Eddie’s father. Jason rolled out a large projector on a dolly, plugged it in, and then went back into the closet for the can of film and the screen.

“Is this the one?” he called out. “Says ’Dog Instruction’ the label.”

“That’s the baby,” Eddie said. He was passing out drinks to the girls. Tamera tasted her drink, and to her surprise, found it very refreshing! It was smooth, and reminded her of lemon soda more than anything else. She took another drink before she realized what she was doing, and then another…