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The Devil Behind Me(5)


“It’s eleven thirty, Dad. If I'm going for a run, I’ll need to sleep. Night, Daddy.” I kissed him on his head and marched upstairs to my room.

I walked into a darkened bedroom. I guess Sofia had gone to sleep. I walked over to my bed and took my pjs.

“Addie? Can I really go?” she asked while she was lying on her bed, her body turned facing the window.

“Yes, you will go. I promise,” I said confidently. “Night, Sofia,” I said quietly as I left the room to go to the washroom.

I locked the door to the bathroom and steadied myself on the sink. I looked up and glared at myself in the mirror, angry that I was in this position. Why was life so unfair? I needed to come up with the tuition money, but how? My shitty car wasn’t worth anything. The house still had a mortgage and the store was bleeding money. Before I could cry, I turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on my face. Who was this brown haired girl looking back at me? What had happened to me in the last ten years?

There was a gentle knock on the door.

“Addie. I need to use the washroom,” my father said meekly.

“Sure, Dad.” I collected my things and opened the door. His condition had worsened once we found out Sofia was only receiving a partial scholarship. It was okay, tomorrow was another day. I’d figure it out tomorrow.

I felt somewhat better after my morning jog. I took a little longer than normal. It was already five in the morning, so I had to gun it if I was going to open up the restaurant. I had already made sure my father wasn’t coming in. I had hidden his keys. It was my usual tactic; he hated it, but it always worked. Try as he might, this episode was bad. I had made him soup, hoping he would be able to regain some strength.

The morning rush was okay, better than before so I couldn’t complain. My father hadn’t been here in over three weeks, which was a good thing, had he seen that they were building a chain restaurant right across from us, he would have lost it completely.

“This isn’t good,” said Silvia. She was one of our most loyal patrons. She was a bit eccentric. She wore too much rouge and cheap perfume. Her age was completely unknown, but she was old. Her hair was a light purple as it puffed up high over her head.

“No, it’s not,” I said quietly looking out through the storefront window. They were close to opening it up.

I stood there, my arms crossed, just shaking my head. I was so engrossed that I failed to notice a customer had walked in.

“So, what’s the deal here? Do you actually work or stare out the window?”

It couldn’t be.

Ten fucking years had gone by. There would be no way that boy would be here.

I turned my head slightly and there in my diner’s entryway stood Daimon.


The old saying when it rains it pours, was seriously an understatement when it came to my life and me. It didn’t pour, a fucking typhoon happened the moment he walked in my restaurant and subsequently back into my life. I put my best poker face on, as I held my stance with my arms still crossed.

“You can sit wherever you like.” I smiled, not meaning it. He nodded and proceeded to walk into my little restaurant and slid into one of our worn out booths.

“Well… isn’t he, the cat’s meow,” Silvia said nearly moaning.

“God! How old are you?” I asked her, looking at her like she had a few screws loose.

“Old. But my libido is still working,” she grinned, a little bit of red lipstick had stained her front teeth.

“Okay, way too much info.” I shook my head at her.

She wasn’t wrong about him. The man was stunning, with his dark longish hair in a perfect hair cut with a faint beard and his intense blue, like the sky, eyes. His black perfectly trimmed suit only added to his effect, which by his grin, he knew.

I smiled walking over to him.

“What can I get you?” I asked.

“Coffee and some company would be nice.” He continued to grin.

His voice had gotten deeper over the years. I shook it off. Fine, I can admit it. He turned out to be sexy, but it didn’t change the fact the he tormented me all throughout high school, like I was his personal plaything. I brought him the coffee. I was tempted to throw it on him, but I didn’t.

“Here’s your coffee.” I placed it on the table.

“Silvia?” I yelled over my shoulder still looking at him.

“And here’s your company, sir,” I grinned.

Silvia nearly launched herself into the booth.

“Well hello, dear.” She smiled from ear to ear, her dentures nearly falling out. Daimon’s face fell. I had to step away not to laugh.

“Um…how about the boss lady?” he asked, leaning away from Silvia and her dentures.