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The Devil Behind Me(8)


“I'm so sorry, Addie,” he said softly. “If I wasn’t sick, I would have been able to run the diner and you could have found another job.” I knew my father. He was sorry, so sorry that it broke him. He ached that he couldn’t help us. He was raised to believe a man takes care of his family and here he was sick and unable to.

“Dad, it’s only a couple of hours at the end of the night. Nothing more, nothing less,” I smiled.

The only thing annoying me now was Daimon appearing at my restaurant every fucking day.

“Can’t you go away?” I snapped, annoyed at his mere presence.

“Not until you admit who I am,” Daimon said smoothly with a wide smile. I seriously wanted to smack him.

“You know, Addie, I'm surprised,” he continued. “I never thought you’d be a meager waitress in a loser restaurant. I really thought you had more drive in you, I thought you’d be an executive or even a doctor,” he said frankly. I couldn’t believe after all this time Daimon Evans could still get to me.

“Screw you, Daimon. Just go screw yourself,” I said, my throat burning as I spoke. I could feel the anger inside me growing. “Now that I remember the prick you were, you can leave and never fucking come back,” I said in a hushed voice, worried the clients would overhear me. Daimon narrowed his eyes and watched me carefully. His face wasn’t elated, but it was rather angry.

“Get out!” I hissed as I shook uncontrollably.

Daimon leisurely rose up from his seat and stood in front of me. He reached his hand up, but I pulled back. He stopped his hand and eyed me carefully, then he continued. He lightly touched my cheek, wiping off a tear I didn’t know had fallen. Daimon left without saying another word.

I hadn’t seen him since that day. I felt relief wash over me. I hated him and his arrogant ways.

At least my new job was easy for me. I took to it like fish to water and I'm not going to lie, I loved it. The only thing I hated though was the uniform Darren had me wear. All the girls had to wear it. It was a black short cocktail dress with high heels. Thank God, I kept up with my running so at least my legs looked good.

“Addie?” Jace, the young sexy blond bartender, called out to me. “Darren wants you at table four.”

“Okay.” I took my tray, pad, and headed there.

The song “Mellow” was playing from Tricky. I loved this song, it was sexy and cool. I couldn’t help but walk to the beat of it as I made my way to table four. The crowd cleared a little and I saw Darren as he waved me over. I waved back as I got closer, but my smile disappeared. Fucking Daimon was next to him with a few others. I rolled my eyes the moment he saw me.

“Darren,” I offered and bowed a little to the rest.

“Oh my God, it’s Addie and she’s all grown up,” said one of Daimon’s friends. I remembered him. He was in high school with us. Rafe was the nicest one, if you could believe it.

“It happens,” I said rather annoyed.

“So what can I get you fellas?” I asked, bringing my tray up to write on my pad.

“Bring a bottle of Macallan 39,” Darren said over the music.

“Not a problem,” I smiled at him, but damn if my eyes didn’t drift to Daimon. A dark smile was etched on his face as he watched me. I rolled my eyes again and left.

I was at the bar waiting for Jace to get the bottle and my glasses ready, when Daimon appeared next to me. He leaned into the bar and looked over at me.

“Answer me this, Addie, why the fuck are you working here?” He peered down at me.

If Daimon hadn’t been such a prick, he would have been the perfect man. Tall, muscular, slim and with a deep voice which made you wonder how low it could go. The kicker was his clear, sky blue eyes. They were simply iridescent. It was a shame all his attributes masked his sadistic behavior. The guy was an ass and only cared about himself. I looked over at him and laughed in his face.

“Here, Addie.” Jace handed me the tray. I took it with both hands, but Daimon grabbed my wrist, making me drop it on the bar. Thankfully nothing broke.

“What the hell is your problem?” I glared at him.

“I asked you a question, Addie, the least you could do is answer me,” he seethed. Holy shit he’s crazy!

“You listen here, crazy, the least I could do is ignore you. So how about this? I ignore your annoying presence and you do the same for me?” I picked up the tray again and left him at the bar. I wanted to distance myself from Daimon. Being around him brought out old memories; ones I didn’t want to remember.

By the end of the night, I made some good tips, which made me feel a whole lot better. Sofia didn’t know I was working here and I didn’t want her to. Not that I was embarrassed, but Sofia always felt guilty, like she had chosen herself over us. I didn’t want her feelings to interfere with her future. She had the right to one. Sofia was young and felt like it was her fault Dad had become sick. She thought if she had worked more Dad wouldn’t be the way he was now. But the truth was and I told her repeatedly, it all started the day mom died. Dad not only lost his best friend, but he lost his partner and lover. It was only natural for him to get sick. My father was a strong man, but he was a sensitive and an emotional person. He loved my mother immensely and losing her scarred him.