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The Ex Games(9)

By´╝ÜCooper Helen Cooper

“Oh, Katie.” He moaned again and kissed up my chest, and neck and back to my lips. “You taste so sweet.” He muttered against my lips as his tongue found sanctuary in my mouth again. “Do you taste as sweet everywhere?”

“Everywhere?” I’d answered him, not thinking. All I wanted to do was feel him against me, inside of me. My body had never felt so alive before.

“Hmm, yes, everywhere.” His lips left mine as he kissed back down my body, stopping at the top of my jeans for a few moments as his hands undid the button and pulled them off of me. I lay there in just my panties gazing up at him, not sure what he was going to do next. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. His fingers traced an invisible line up my leg and only stopped once they reached my panties. I held my breath as his fingers ran right down the middle of my panties and circled me. I gasped and squirmed on the bed as he teased me.

“Please, Brandon.” I groaned. I wanted, no I needed to feel more of him. I needed to feel him closer, his skin against mine.

“Shh.” He smiled at me and slipped his fingers into the side of my panties and rubbed my wetness. “Oh, Katie.” He groaned as I continued squirming. “You are so wet for me.”

“I want you.” I groaned as I reached up to him, wanting to feel his chest against mine. “Let me touch you.”

“Not yet.” He slipped his fingers out of my panties and then pulled them down slowly and agonizingly. Every second felt like an eternity and all I wanted was to feel his warmth against me again. I cried out when he lowered his mouth to my pussy and sucked on my bud. And then I screamed when his tongue entered me, slowly and deeply, pushing me to cliffs I never knew existed. My fingers grabbed the sheets as his tongue continued to enter me, and I felt like I was going to die of pleasure. Waves of ecstasy took over my body so that all I could think about was the pleasure rolling through my body. “Come for me, Katie.” He muttered against my pussy and the feel of his breath against me was another new and exciting sensation. “Come for me.”

“I, I can’t.” I groaned shaking my head. I had never felt this way before and I was afraid that my bladder was going to burst if he kept on. “Please.” I groaned as his hands spread my legs wider and he licked and sucked me with more intensity. This time when his tongue entered me, I couldn’t control it, and my orgasm exploded, sending ripple effects down my body.

“Oh, Brandon.” I screamed as my body trembled under him. He continued his exploration and his tongue lapped me up eagerly, before he returned back up to kiss me.

“You taste even sweeter down there.” He grinned at me before his mouth descended onto mine again. I could taste myself on his lips and I moaned as his fingers worked their way back down my stomach and to my sweet spot. I reached my hands down to his slacks, wanting to pull them down and touch him. He laughed as I fumbled around with his button and jumped up and pulled them off, along with his boxers.

I stared at him in amazement. His cock looked like a warrior: thick, strong and firm. I swallowed as I imagined it inside of me. He looked bigger than I had imagined from photos I’d seen online with friends. I reached over and touched him softly, he groaned as my fingers worked their way up and down his shaft slowly. I squeezed the tip of his cock and he pushed me back down on the bed. “If you keep teasing me, Katie. I’m going to come a lot faster than I want for our first time together.”

“I don’t mind.” I shook my head and giggled as he growled against my neck.

“I’m going to make you forget all your other lovers. I’m going to make sure that mine is the only face you think of when you think of making love. I want your body to remember me and only me.”

“Okay.” I gasped and closed my eyes as his fingers played with me again as his tongue tasted the lines of my neck. My hands grabbed his ass and I tried to push him towards me, so that I could feel him against me.

“Oh, Katie. I need to enter you.” He groaned against me ear. “Tell me you’re on the pill.”

“No.” My eyes popped up and I bit my lower lip. “I’m not, uh, on the pill.”

“Damn.” He looked upset as he got off of the bed. “I wanted to feel all of you. I wanted to fill your skin against my skin, but it’s fine. I have some condoms.”

“Oh.” I watched as he opened the drawer on his nightstand and pulled out a big box. “Did you get them because of me?”

“No.” He chuckled as he pulled two out and placed one on the top of the stand. “I make sure to keep a supply.”