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The Hotel 2 (The Billionaire Seduction)

By:Lola Darling

The Hotel 2 (The Billionaire Seduction)
Lola Darling

 Chapter One

Dominic Rexford is so close.

My boss is on the other side of this penthouse door. My sexy, dangerous  boss. And I can have him  –  I can have every one of his tempting  promises. All I have to do is swipe the keycard and step inside.

No more games. I want you, Juliet.

I shiver remembering the lust in his voice when he delivered his final  ultimatum. I picture him inside, his shirt unbuttoned over that muscular  body, tie loose around his neck. Stepping over this threshold is the  biggest risk I've ever taken. My whole future is on the line. He could  ruin all my plans, or make them come true in ways I never imagined.

I take a deep breath. Close my eyes. And swipe the card.

I push the door wide and go in before I can change my mind. I've never  been up here before: this is the Rexford suite, for VIPs only. Now, I  drink in every detail. The softly lit foyer spills into a wide, airy  living room with an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. I take in  the luxurious leather furniture and marble fireplace, but then I catch  movement out of the corner of my eye, and everything falls away.

It's him. Dominic. Walking toward me, a champagne flute in each firm hand.

My pulse kicks. Damn, he's hot in his white dress shirt and tie, looking  at me like he wants to devour me just like my sexy premonition. But  even my imagination couldn't capture how good he looks.

Powerful. Devastating.


"I'm glad you came." His smile is satisfied, like he just won a bet. But  I guess he did, because I'm here, despite everything that's happened.  "Drink?"

I nod, suddenly nervous. His dark eyes rake over me as he hands me a  glass. I tip it up and take a quick gulp, and warmth spreads through me:  from the champagne, and the heat in his appraisal.

"You took your time." Dom's eyes darken just a little. I feel a surge of  victory. Maybe he wasn't so sure I'd make it. I decide to tease him,  just a little.

I shrug, taking another sip. "I didn't realize we were on the clock."

Dom surveys me. "The limo was to your liking?"

"It was fine."

"And the suite?" he gestures around.

I give another shrug, like it isn't the most luxurious room I've ever been in. "It'll do."

His lips quirk in a smile. "I thought you'd like it."

I give a flirty smile. "Have this all planned out, don't you?"


"You knew I would come."

This man doesn't hesitate, not for a second. "Yes."

His confidence would be infuriating if it wasn't so damn sexy. I take a  breath, trying to steady myself. Already, my nerves are thrumming in  anticipation for his touch.

"You always get what you want, right, Dominic? Must be rough." I place  my glass down and saunter past him to the windows, playing it cool.

He follows, stepping in close. His breath is hot against the back of my  neck as he answers. "This is what you want too, Juliet. Don't try and  deny it. Not now."

He's right. I made my choice back in the hallway. Hell, that's not even  true. I made my choice the minute Dominic Rexford put his hands on me. I  could have walked away a dozen times since then, and we both know it.  No matter the risks, I can't seem to stay away from him.

Why fight it anymore? Why not just surrender to this incredible connection?

Dominic slips his arms around me, running his hands gently down my bare arms.

I squeeze my thighs against the blossom of heat between my legs and make  one last-ditch effort for the upper hand. I nod out at the gorgeous  night skyline, Chicago lit up in the dark. "To tell the truth, I really  only came for the view."

A low rumble comes from his throat. "It's very nice."

Dominic leans in and brushes his lips to my neck. His fingertips are  still tracing lightly along my arms and stomach. I sink back against him  as the pleasure shivers through me, fighting to keep still. His hands  rove over me, moving to my breasts, so soft, only a whisper of  sensation.

I feel it everywhere.

God, this man. He can turn me on in an instant, make me wet and aching for him.

I hold out as long as I can against his soft seduction, then I break. I  turn, reaching for him, needing him hard against me. But Dom is already  one step ahead: he pulls me in, kissing me hard as he crushes me to his  muscular frame.

Yes. This is exactly what I came here for.

I reach up to loop my hands around his neck, needing something solid to  hold onto as his lips devour me. His hands cup my face, he pulls my  lower lip between his teeth, his tongue demanding mine. Or am I  demanding him? I lose track of everything as we feast on each other.         



Dominic winds my hair in his fingers and tugs, pulling my head back. I  gasp at the dominance. "Dominic … " I whisper as he kisses down my neck.

"No," he murmurs against my skin. "Don't say my name. I want you to scream it."

He lifts me in one swift move. I cling on tight, my legs going around  his waist, my hands gripping his bare shoulders. He kisses me again,  effortlessly carrying me through the suite. My blood is racing, and the  tension is throbbing low and warm inside me by the time we reach the  bedroom and he sets me down.

"Do you know how many times I've imagined you here?" he growls. "Your gorgeous tits bare, your legs spread wide for me?"

My eyes go to the bed. It's massive, an antique four poster, king-sized at least.

Dominic takes my chin in a firm but gentle grip and turns my head back  to him, so I can see the intensity in his gaze. "I get hard every damn  time I think about you, Juliet. This afternoon in my office, I wanted to  rip your shirt open and press you against the glass so the entire  street could see me fucking you."

My breath stills. "Why didn't you?" I whisper, imagining it.

Dom smiles down at me. A powerful, controlled look. "Because this time, you're going to give me everything I want."

He traces my jaw, then slides his thumb in my mouth. I can taste him,  feel the rough pad of his finger invading me. It's so incredibly erotic  that I gasp, breathless. We lock eyes.

And then I suck.

Dominic groans. He backs away and sits on the edge of the bed. He loosens his tie, and begins to unbutton his shirt.

"Strip," he commands.

One word, said so powerfully.

I don't even think about it as I take hold of the hem of my shirt. I  raise the fabric and shiver against the cool air that drifts over my  stomach. Higher, higher, I slowly pull it over my head until I'm left in  just my black lace bra.

Dominic's eyes go dark. He twists his tie tight between his hands. I  realize who has the power right now, and it's not him. It's me.

I let my shirt drop to the floor.

Slowly, I undo the button on my jeans. Looking up at him through lowered  lashes, I rotate my hips a little-slowly at first. Then, with more  purpose as I lower the zipper and see how hard Dominic swallows. I sway  my hips and arch my back just enough to thrust my breasts out as I edge  down the waist of my jeans.

Below my hip bones. Below the strings of my thong.

Dominic's nostrils flare a bit as he winds the tie completely between his fists until his knuckles turn white.

I leave my jeans low on my hips and run my hands over my waist. Up my  ribs to cup my breasts, before gliding up my neck and lifting my hair.  He gets off the bed with a groan. Sexual tension rolls off him as he  reaches for me, and it only makes my need worse.

He picks me up and throws me down on the bed, crushing me with a kiss.  He yanks my jeans off in one move, then unhooks my bra. In seconds, I'm  nearly naked, laying in front of him on the bed.

"I fantasized about this, too." Dom takes my wrists in one hand and then  uses his tie to secure them to the headboard. He binds me loosely, as  if he's asking permission and giving me an easy out all in one swoop.  I'm glad. I've never been tied up before, but already, it's making me  weak with desire. "My Juliet, totally at my mercy."

His hand slides over my breasts and down my belly, teasing me until his fingers finally slip beneath the waist of my panties.

"Spread your legs, Juliet."

I do, arching my back, wanting him to touch me.

"Good girl. So good."

He leans over me, his lips closing over my nipple as his fingers delve  into my panties. My eyes roll back from the burst of sensation that  shoots through me. His fingertips graze against my clit, but it's not  enough. Spreading my legs wider, I whimper a little. Still, Dom torments  me: stroking softly over my clit, skimming over my aching pussy, but  never touching hard enough; deep enough.

I'm going crazy here. I want him inside me when I come, want to feel his body on mine, his taste in my mouth.

"Don't go slow," I beg, wound to breaking point. "Don't tease. Please, just fuck me."

He moves to the other nipple and pulls it between his teeth. "Maybe I want to tease you."

"Next time."

He breathes a laugh and drops kisses down my body. He's not going to  give me what I want. But he's going to give me everything I need.

Dominic yanks my panties down and settles between my thighs. I start to  close my eyes, but I want to watch him. My hands are bound, I can't  touch him, but I can see.