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The Lover Beneath Me(71)


“I find it funny that what happens privately behind closed doors is a matter for the public. So what? I mean, Daimon and I have been together since high school really, on and off that is. This contract is nothing but a game, played by just me and Daimon,” Addie said confidently.

“A game? Are you suggesting that this was nothing but an elaborate slave contract?” the reporter mocked.

“You can call it what you like, but the honest truth is Daimon and I have always been in a relationship. If I choose to give up my power to him, it’s my right. If I choose to play along with a sexual game, that is also my choice,” Addie answered proudly.

“So this piece of paper is nothing but a stupid game concocted for sexual foreplay?” The fucker looking at Addie was at a loss for words.

“Like I said, it’s just a stupid thing we did to spice things up, nothing more, nothing less.” Addie didn’t even bat an eye.

“Your father was said to be sick with Crohn’s, and the diner that you both owned was nearly bankrupted,” the reporter urged.

“Daimon is a man who will do anything for the woman he loves, and thankfully, that woman is me,” Addie answered.

“But isn’t true that you miscarried because of Daimon?” the reporter pressed on aggressively. I watched as Addie flinched. The mention of our baby was still painful to her.

“Daimon and I both lost our little baby. It was still in the first trimester and like many women, I had a miscarriage, so how can I blame that on my husband?” she asked, turning the tables around on him.

“Yes, but—”

“But nothing. Daimon is a fierce and loving husband who would protect me and our future family from anything that could harm me or our children. What woman wouldn’t want that?” Addie questioned.

“But isn’t true that Daimon’s business dealing—”

“What my husband does and how he does it makes him the brilliant business man he is now. I will not involve myself in how he decides to deal with his companies and employees.” Addie looked the reporter square in the eye, almost beckoning him to try something else.

“You can turn it off. After I said that, he kind of folded and ended the interview.” I was so engrossed with the interview that I hadn’t noticed Addie had walked in and stood near the end of the foyer.

“You didn’t leave me?” I signed in relief.

“Why would I?” she asked.

“After everything…fuck, Addie, I mean I wouldn’t blame you…” My voice cracked and my body shook as I watched her carefully, hoping to fucking God, she wasn’t some sort of mirage that I made up in a desperate moment.

“Daimon, you may be an asshole… Wait, scratch that, you are an asshole. You drive me crazy and yes, living with you isn’t easy, but Daimon, I love you. Like you said, it’s you and me. Me and you. I can’t turn my back on you. You created that stupid contract to save me because you love me. Now it was my turn to save you, because I love you. I love you more than ever.” She headed closer to me.

“Say it again,” I begged as I rose and met her halfway.

“Say what? That you’re an asshole?” she laughed quietly.


“I love you, Daimon. You’re my family. I promised I wouldn’t leave you and I won’t,” she said effortlessly, reached for my face and held me. The warmth of her hands soothed the angst threatening to overwhelm my frayed nerves. Her very being eased the heart that had begun to fucking break at the thought of her leaving me. Had I been the Daimon I was before, I would have conned her into staying, forced her with money. Anything to keep her, but she changed me and I realized there was nothing I could do to make her mine unless she wanted to be.

“I love you,” I said roughly, as I took her face and brought it closer to me mine. “God, I fucking love you.”