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The One For Me (Danver #8)(10)

By:Sydney Landon

Denny sounded like he was choking, causing her to eye the back of his head in concern until she figured out that he was actually laughing. “The women in and out of this car have problems, for sure—but in a whole different way.”

“Denny—that’s enough!” Mark snapped. Crystal could still hear Denny chuckling, but he didn’t say anything else. She couldn’t help but wonder what he had been talking about. She felt a crazy flicker of jealousy at the thought of how many women must have sat exactly where she was right now. It was quite possibly the reality check that she desperately needed before she cuddled further into his hard body and professed her undying love—and lust. When she started to move away, Mark’s arms tightened around her. “Ignore him, Angel, and kiss me.”

She turned her head to stare at him. “What?” Her shrill voice echoed around the car. She dropped it to a whisper as she said, “Are you crazy? We don’t even know each other—plus we’re not alone.”

Looking amused, he asked, “So, exactly how well would I need to know you in order to taste that pouty mouth?” He tapped her lips, which, dammit, parted as if of their own volition.

Without thinking, Crystal pinched her arm. “Ouch!”

Mark grinned. “Are we going to have the dream-Mark chat again? That was one of the most entertaining moments of the weekend, Angel. Well, along with your confessions of stalking me.”

“Oh, my God,” she moaned. “This can’t be happening.”

“Ah, come on, baby, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m flattered as hell. Am I the only object of your obsession or are there others?” Giving her knee a quick squeeze, he added, “I’m not good at sharing, so you’ll need to devote your complete attention to me from now on.”

Keeping her head down, Crystal mumbled, “People say all kinds of things when they’re sick, so you can’t hold it against me.” Before he could reply, the car slowed and they were pulling into the circular driveway in front of the Danvers headquarters. He didn’t do anything to stop her this time as she scurried from his lap and onto the seat next to him. Denny put the car in park and got out to open the door. She took his proffered hand and stood uncertainly, waiting for Mark to join them.

To her surprise, Denny threw an arm over her shoulders. “Nice meeting you, Crystal. I feel like we’re friends now, seeing as I’ve held your hair back while you were sick.” When she gave him a confused look, he added, “Oh, not in the car. It was in Mark’s flower bed while he unlocked the door at his house.”

Crystal looked helplessly at Mark as he stepped closer. He rolled his eyes at his driver before saying, “Stop tormenting her and go park the car. I’ll see you inside.” Denny gave him a quick salute before getting back in the car and driving away.

Studying Mark’s shiny shoes, she said, “So . . . um, thanks again for everything. Are you sure you don’t want the clothes back? I can skip lunch to avoid staining the dress.” Suddenly, a hand was under her chin, lifting her head until their eyes locked. Dear sweet Lord, she’d never thought of a man as lickable before, but oh, how she wanted to taste him. Then it happened . . . the ultimate mortification to put all other moments to shame. His mouth dropped open in shock, and she realized suddenly that she had voiced her desire aloud. “No, no!” she hissed. “What are you doing to me? I can’t stop making a fool out of myself where you’re concerned.”

Mark, seeming to notice that she was now close to tears, pulled her into his arms and rubbed a hand down her back. “Damn, Angel. The only thing you’re doing is keeping me hard. I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone as badly as I want you. I’ve got a meeting with a roomful of men in about five minutes and my cock is hard enough to cut glass.”

Crystal moved closer despite her embarrassment, wanting proof of his words. There it was . . . the unmistakable feel of him pressed against her stomach. He made a pained sound and it hit her that she was practically dry-humping him on the sidewalk. She reluctantly stepped back, breaking his hold on her. She needed to salvage what little pride she had left. She was acting like a teenager with her first crush, instead of a grown woman. Extending a hand to him, she strove for a strong tone as she said, “Thanks for everything. I—maybe we’ll see each other around the office sometime.”

She had gotten a few steps away when she heard him say, “No kiss good-bye, Angel, after all we’ve been through together?”

Before she could talk herself out of it, she whirled around and retraced her steps. Standing on her toes, she dropped a kiss onto his smooth-shaven cheek, causing him to inhale deeply. Then she scurried away like a frightened mouse.