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The Tycoon's Vacation (Baby for the Billionaire - Book Two)

By:Melody Anne


"You don't know what you're missing out on Drew. I've never been so  happy in my entire life. I love you and Ryan like brothers, you know  that, but there's something completely satisfying about having a wife  and children. It fills a void you don't even know is there until you  finally are with your true love," Derek said as the two men sat by the  pool, having a drink.

"You know, I think Jasmine is about the most perfect person in this  universe but marriage just isn't for me. I'm a confirmed bachelor. Why  would I want to settle down with just one lady, when I can have a new  one on my arm every single night?" Drew said with a wicked smile. He  said the words but even he didn't believe himself anymore. He'd watched  his newly married cousin with his wife and felt a tugging for something  more in his life. He wouldn't admit that out loud, though. He had a  great life and he refused to even think about changing it.

"Yeah, well you know I felt the same way until Jasmine came back into my  life and now I just think of all the wasted years we could've been  together," Derek said with pain in his voice. His cousin had married his  childhood sweetheart but circumstances had kept them apart for ten  years and Drew knew it pained Derek whenever he thought about all the  years lost.

"I think I'm so restless because I need a vacation. I've been working  non-stop for years now and I think I'm going to pick one of my resorts  and just go soak up some sun and lounge around. I'm sure I can find a  few pretty ladies to enjoy the time with me," he said. He was well known  as a playboy. The women he got involved with knew the score and were  looking for nothing more than a night with him, so there were no hurt  feelings between the couples in the morning.

That had always been enough for him, so he figured the restlessness  really was just the fact he was working too hard. The old saying seemed  to be quite fitting, all work and no play.

"What are you boys up to out here?" Jasmine asked, as she walked out,  with her beautiful baby girl. Drew immediately held out his arms to take  her. She was the most adorable thing in the world and he could imagine  himself with a few someday. He had to shake the thought off, since he  couldn't have the babies without having a wife. He'd been raised far  better than that.

"Oh, you know Drew, he's talking about all the pretty ladies," Derek  said as he grabbed his wife around the waist and settled her onto his  lap. She giggled before bending down to kiss him, making Drew a bit  uncomfortable. He cleared his throat, just to remind them he was still  there.

He'd never been so head over heels for a girl he forgot everyone else in  the room. He was starting to wonder what that would be like.

"Sorry Drew," Jasmine said a bit sheepishly, as a pretty blush stole over her features.

"Want to babysit?" Derek said. He wasn't in the least bit sorry. Before  Drew had a chance to say anything, Derek rose from the chair, with  Jasmine still in his arms and carried her off through the house. He  could hear her weak protests as they got further away.

Britney was looking up at him with her big blue eyes, which he couldn't  resist. He blew some raspberries on her tummy, which made her giggle and  pat his face.

"I know your parents are a bit nutty but you have to love them, anyway,"  he said to the baby. He didn't feel foolish at all talking to her, even  though she had no idea what he was saying. He found himself alone for a  very long time before the happy couple came back down to join him.

He raised his brows at his cousin, who just shrugged as if to say, he  couldn't help himself. Jasmine apologized for her husband's behavior and  took Britney back, so she could get her ready for bed. He reluctantly  handed her over.

"I'm going to take off now, since my presence here is obviously not needed," Drew said with a huge smile.

"Hey, you know you're always wanted here," Derek told him, truly meaning it.

"I know. That's why I keep coming back. I'm going to take everyone's  advice though and go on a vacation. I'm sure once I get away for some  fun, I'll feel much better and can get back to normal," he said.

"Don't stay away too long, you know how quickly Britney is growing up," Derek said, as he walked him to the door.

"I can't believe how quickly she's growing. I'll be back in a week or  so. I'm thinking it's time to start slowing down. I'm realizing  traveling isn't holding the same appeal it used to and whenever I'm away  I'm anxious to get back. I think it's your wife's cooking. I swear I've  put on twenty pounds," he said, while rubbing his incredibly flat  stomach.         



"I understand. I'm going to have to go to the tailor to let all my pants  out," Derek agreed, while rubbing his own impressive stomach. Both men  looked more like they should be on the cover of magazines, than sitting  behind a desk. They shook hands and Drew took off.

He called his pilot and had the jet readied and headed straight for the  airport. He knew some sun and surf would wash all his worries away and  hopefully the weird thoughts of marriage and children as well. He simply  wasn't the marrying kind, not like Derek was. Heck, he could tell when  they were still teenagers Derek would be the first to marry and make a  ton of kids.

Once he was airborne, he sipped on his drink and laid his head back  against the seat. He could feel himself relaxing. Yeah, he thought, this  is what I needed. He'd refuse to work for a couple of days and  everything would go back to normal.

Chapter One

Trinity laid down on the oversized towel, letting out a sigh of total  ecstasy. She could feel the sun shining down on her closed eyelids. She  was so relaxed, she felt as if she could float off in the crystal clear  water, only a few feet away from her.

This was the first impulsive thing she'd ever done in her life. She'd  always been the responsible, stable, reliable person but after being  walked all over for the hundredth time, she packed one bag, hopped on a  jet and ended up on a secluded island off the North Coast of Spain. The  last portion of her trip had been on a small charter aircraft, with  spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. It was unlike anything she'd  ever seen before. She'd been unable to take her eyes away from the  window, as the aircraft circled the island and landed in paradise.

She'd spent every last dime she so strictly saved over the last ten  years, on the mega expensive, all-inclusive resort. As she lay there,  soaking up the sun, she knew every penny of it was worth eating ramen  noodles for the next year, once she got back home.

Her life had been flipped upside down a few days ago and she'd finally  snapped, like many people had predicted would one day happen, if she  continued to let people abuse her good nature. She'd always been the  people pleaser in her group of friends and in the few romantic  relationships she'd been in.

Her last relationship was the reason she was now soaking up the sun and  flat broke. Her mouth stretched out in a pleased grin. She was starting  to get too warm, so she stood up and started walking towards the  inviting water. She was trying really hard not to think about her ex but  the man invaded her thoughts, which caused a frown to pucker her brows.

She had been with her supposedly straight-laced boyfriend for six months  and really loved him, or at least she thought she did. She'd decided it  was time to take the next step in their relationship and had gotten all  dressed up, planning on waiting for him to get home from the office.

She didn't really understand his job. She just knew he owned some  business that developed software. He tried talking about it to her and  she'd nod along, as if she understood but in reality, it had bored her  to pieces.

She had the key to get into his place, from when he'd been on a business  trip the previous month and she'd gone over to water his plants. She'd  forgotten she even had the key but was very grateful, considering she  was going to plan a romantic evening for them.

It was such a cliché because of course she'd opened the door, with  nervous anticipation, only to find the stupid creep in bed with his  secretary. He had, of course, begged her not to leave and promised it  was a one-time thing, that he'd temporarily lost his mind.

Trinity smiled as she thought about his moment of groveling. As she'd  walked out the door, she vowed she was done with businessmen for good.  She was tired of being their perfect girlfriend, who did their laundry,  cleaned their places and anything else they asked. She was done being  the girl everyone could depend on. She was done always playing it safe.  She was certainly done with being a doormat.

She dived into the water and swam out until her arms started to ache.  She turned around, surprised at how far she'd gotten from the shore. She  wasn't worried about it though, as she was a strong swimmer. Even if  she did get tired, she could float on her back for hours. She began the  long trip back to shore and continued thinking about those life changing  days.